Graphics : B

Suikoden\'s graphics are very pleasant. I found the lack of any cutscenes sorta disappointing, but the graphics were definitely very well done for its era of playstation gaming.

Story : B

The story is the pretty basic good vs. evil scenario. Your good friend has a rune that the the evil mistress of the kingdom wants for supreme power. He gives it to you just before he is taken away. You now must seek out support and build your resistance in your quest to stop the evil mistress furthering her plans for domination.

Sound : B

I found the sound to be very nice. Its not Final Fantasy compositions by far, but its fits in nicely with the story.

Gameplay : A

Suikoden has over 108 characters to choose from to fight with. Some characters require you to do certain \'fed-exing\' jobs before they will join. Because of so many options to use in your party, replay value is great. Combat is turn based and never got old.

Appropriateness : B

The only thing I could find wrong with this game is the runes .. Where equipped runes allow you to cast magic. Swearing was a minimum if at all.

Final Ratings

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