System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, MacOS 9.1 CPU: 500Mhz RAM: 128 MB HDD: 350MB VIDEO: 16MB Direct X 8 compatible card with Open GL support SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8 compatible sound card Age: Teen

It\'s 1942 and you are in the middle of World War II. You are Lieutenant Mike Powell and you work for the OSS. (Office of Strategic Services) You are an elite soldier and specialize in marksmanship and sabotage. There are many German foes out there, so you will get a team of soldiers to help you out. Try to keep them alive! Your missions will take place all over the world so be prepared. For example, you will battle in North Africa, Norway, France, and Germany. There are two separate demos for this game single player and multiplayer, and both are over 100MB. In the single player demo, your goal is to lead a small troop of men through enemy territory and destroy a six-barreled rocket projector called the Nebelwerfer 41. This is not the only enemy weapon you will have to destroy. You will have to use your bazooka to take down some tanks too. Other vehicles and crafts you will encounter in the game include planes, trucks, and boats. So it\'s pretty safe to say that you\'ll be shot at from all angles possible. One nice thing is that most levels offer bunkers for protection. There are many different types of German officers you will encounter. You will be attacked by infantry, motorcycle troopers, grenadiers, officers, hound patrol, scientists, thugs, Gestapo, and frog men. All of these enemies have their strength and weaknesses, and none of them should be underestimated. You will not be fighting alone though. You will get some teammates. The AI is pretty good in this game. Your troopers know to duck for cover and attack pretty well. On the flipside, they don\'t seem to heal themselves and sometimes jump right into open fire. So look out for them and try to keep them alive. The game is also pretty realistic, when they get wounded they will limp and move around pretty slow. Given their pain they will still follow and fight with you until the end. Now that we know what you will be facing and have to work with, let\'s look at the weaponry available. There are bazookas, German and regular grenades, sniper rifles, MP40 sub machine guns, Thompson sub machine guns, bar rifles, colt 45 pistols, and an M1 Garand. Given this artillery, you have a lot of power at your finger tips. All of the weapons have their advantages and disadvantages so choose the proper weapon for each occasion. Also keep in mind that these same weapons will be used against you as well. In the multiplayer portion of the game there are four game styles and eleven maps. The game styles are Free For All, Team Match, Round Based Match, and Objective Based. In this demo you have one map available (Stalingrad) and one game type (Free For All). The full game will have 23 models to choose from. From the few in the demo, I was pleased to see there was a female model available! You can have up to thirty-two players in a game. You can also play on a LAN or online via game spy arcade. From a Christian Standpoint, this game is pretty good. Granted it\'s a war game so there is violence and killing. I was surprised to see there there is little or no blood in this game. The demo didn\'t have any swastikas in it that I noticed. However the full version of the game does. Given that, I was still quite impressed with this game. The game is easy to install, it uses the Install Shield. After the game installs it will ask to install GameSpy Arcade. This is a nice program and is worth installing. Even though the game is not supported in Windows 2000 it ran very well. I did not experience any crashes. For controls you use the standard mouse and WASD configuration. The game uses the Quake 3 engine so the graphics were good. There were some minor imperfections in the maps, a few specks here and there. Nothing major. The models are pretty good, but their faces were not as detailed as other games I have played. A lot of the soldiers seem to look a like. Then again this is a demo so I probably didn\'t see all that there is to see. The music in the game reminded me of the score from Pearl Harbor, it was good. The sound effects seemed pretty realistic like walking on different surfaces, explosions, gun fire etc. The voice acting was good too. The game play is pretty realistic; you have to think before you move and I love how you can use the environment around you for cover. I was afraid this game would be a rip off of RTCW but it\'s not. You are not fighting against monsters. Instead you are faced with many different ranks and types of specialized soldiers, not to mention tanks, boats and planes targeting you as well. Overall, this is a very fun tactical first person shooter. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes challenging FPS games. There will be maps, mods, and skins made for the game, so it should be replayable for a while too.

Final Ratings

Appropriate B- Game Play A Graphics B+ Interface A Sound A Stability A

Overall A-


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