System Requirements Windows XP/2000/Me/98/Mac OS X 300MHz, G3, G4 or G5 100MB HDD space 64MB RAM, 128MB for Mac 4MB video card memory


Mandy is doing a school report about computers and she has asked her friend Michael to help her out. Michael tells her all about computer games since he plays them non-stop. During a session of Firewall Defender Eugene interrupts them and offers to let them try out his new invention that lets them play the game from inside a computer. Michael jumps on the opportunity while Mandy cautiously accepts. This invention is completely safe because there are safety protocols in place. The adventure truly begins when Michael deactivates the safety protocols and they have to face Seepi-Yu to escape from the computer world. In a nutshell this game is Adventures in Odyssey meets Tron.

How do they escape?

There are seven mini games that you have to beat in order to defeat Seepi-Yu. Many of the games have classic arcade game roots like Missle Command, Snake and Pac-Man. I enjoyed some of the games more than others and I like the fact that there?s an arcade mode letting me going back to play the mini-games without the story line cut scenes. Each game had four levels and four waves of increasing difficulty before moving on to the next level. There is a Hall of Fame that keeps track of your high scores.

How hard are the games?

Some of the games I was able to beat on my first attempt and others took me many tries. For seasoned gamers they can easily complete this title in a couple of hours. On the other hand, some of the games will pose a real challenge for young children. Many of the games require fast reflexes but others require thought. There are some logical games that will get you thinking in binary!


The characters are cartoony but the mini-game graphics have a different feel to them. Many of the games require fast reflexes so sometimes it?s hard to determine, for example, the antivirus from the virus, as the shape is the same but the colors are inverted. Other than that I have no complaints as the graphics do the job.


The voice acting is well done in this game. Each mini-game has it?s own background music and chatter between Mandy and Michael. Sometimes the music is repetitive but it?s not annoying.


When you die one too many times in a mini-game it will set you back at level one wave one which is good. But often I found that the difficulty or speed did not revert back to the easier level, and this happened on several mini-games for me.


This game teaches many good moral lessons including Responsibility, Respect & Loyalty, Value of Time, Choices & Consequences, and Moral Character. I find nothing offensive in this title.

Final Thoughts

The mini-games in this title were quite fun but the overall amount of game play will depend on the audience. I can see younger children struggling with some of these games and those who are skillful feeling gypped after beating this title in a couple of hours. I do like the replay ability of the mini-games. The moral lessons are great and I can see kids having fun while learning good values. You can purchase this and other fine Christian games at Covenant Games.

Game Play 15/20 Graphics 7/10 Sound 7/10 Interface/Controls 4/5 Stability 4/5 Appropriateness 53/50 (+3 for teaching good Moral lessons)

Final Score: 90%

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