LEGO Star Wars is the latest LEGO game, and I would rank it as the top LEGO game yet. It?s presentation of the Star Wars universe is innovative, and makes for some fun puzzles. The ability to have a friend play with you is the proverbial icing on the cake. The demo covers the Battle Droid Control Ship from Episode 1.

Graphics: A

The graphics are somewhat blocky, and the entire game is cel-shaded. These would be shortcomings in any other game, but in this, they just make it more accurate. The actual effects are good, as are the various lighting effects. Some may not like the constant blocks and solid colors, but they are necessary for this to be LEGO Star Wars. Therefore, the graphics get an A.


The gameplay for this is similar to that of other platform-style games. The demo involves running around, fighting battle droids, and solving puzzles. The levels are designed pretty well, and capture the feel of the Episode 1 Battle Droid Control Ship. After the demo is won, you can go back through and re-win the game in freeplay mode, which opens up various other options, such as playing with other characters.

Building Studs

Throughout the game, you find various building studs, which are 1x1x1/3 round LEGO bricks. These are used for extra lives. I thought that that was nice touch. They also can be used to build things to access other areas in the full game.

Multiple Characters

At parts of the game, there are control panels that can only be accessed by other characters. For these, you just walk near them, hit a key, and then you control them. Your previous character then follows you around, until you are ready to switch back to them.

Two Player

The two-player mode is same-screen. One player plays Qui-Gon, the other plays Obi-Wan. At any time, the second player can join or drop out of the game, when he isn?t playing, the AI controls the second character.


In the demo, there are two weapons in the main game, your lightsaber and the force. Your lightsaber is very powerful at close range, and by alternating which direction that you are moving, the attacks change. The force throws droids back, and destroys them. Once you unlock freeplay mode, you are able to use blasters.


The only enemies are the various types of battle droids, including destroyer droids. The AI isn?t that bright; they don?t use cover that much, and generally just charge right at you. The destroyers are a pain to take out, because of their shields.


The sound is good, consisting of all of the Star Wars sounds that are in every Star Wars game. The only thing that bugs me is that the characters talk in gibberish. This is a complaint in all of the LEGO games.


The game is perfectly stable. No crashes for me whatsoever.


There is very little wrong with this game. First off, there is violence. However, you are killing droids, which are essentially robots. They generally get hacked into pieces. And lastly, there is the whole force issue. Some are offended by it, others are not. If you are, you probably don?t want to get this, as the force powers are necessary to win it.


This is another fun Star Wars game. It is very innovative, and much more fun than the other Lego game. A great game for the kids, if the violence doesn?t bother you.

Game Play: A+ (Great gameplay, good two player) Graphics: A- (Blocky and Cel-shaded, but it is needed for the game to be a LEGO game) Sound: A- (The sound in the game is great, though the voices get tedious after a while) Interface: B (The interface could have used a little work. Keys don?t have descriptions) Stability: A (No crashes) Offensive Content: B (Killing battle droids, and The Force)
Appropriateness Overall Score = 45/50 Killing non-human, fictional beings (-3.5 pts) Fairy tale type magic is used in game by player. (-1.5 pts)

Gameplay overall score = 45/50

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