For: N64 (this game is also available for the computer, but I\'ve never played that version)
ESRB Rating: T for animated violence
Learning Curve: 60 Minutes

Story Line

Star Wars Rogue Squadron takes place takes place between Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back; you play as Luke Skywalker, the leader of Rogue Squadron (aka Rogue Leader/Rogue One). Luke and Wedge Antilles have put together this elite Squadron, from the best pilots the Alliance has to offer. This game takes you from the hot deserts of Tatooine, to the prisons of Kessel, and onto the snowy plains of Hoth (sorry for the spoiler), while fighting Imperials all along the way. You will fly Y-wings, X-wings, A-wings, V-wings, and Snow Speeders. You will take on the Alliance\'s hardest missions and hopefully come out of them alive. (Ok yes, we all have seen the Return of the Jedi but it just sounded good.)


There may be games out there for the 64 with better graphics than this one, but I have always found these graphics to be quit satisfactory. Well I guess I can\'t really say that about the true graphics, you have to understand that I have always played the game with the Expansion Pack (except for a few times). Though for one of the first games to use the Expansion Pack I have to give it props.


Music got a little annoying to me, so I turned it off. Now that is not to say that the music wasn\'t good, I mean it is your run of the mill Star Wars Music. Just once you\'ve played the game as much as I have you get a little annoyed at the same song being played after you beat the mission. The voices for the characters are good, and I think pretty accurate to the movie (though I haven\'t sat down with both of them at the same time). And all I have to say about the rest is: laser fire is laser fire and explosions are explosions.


Well in my case it was the second game I purchased for the 64 so I kind of grew up on the controls. In my defense I will say that the first game I purchased was Star Fox and the controls where easy enough to overlap. And hey, if you don\'t like the control setting try one of the other three settings.

Replay Value

As I have stated, I\'ve played this game a lot, and there are manly three reasons why I have played it so much. One is because in each mission it gives you medals for how well you did (none, bronze, sliver, and gold). The second would be kind of an add on to that because if you get all bronze medals you get a secret level, and the same goes for silver and gold. Last would have to be because the more medals you earn the more ships you can fly in each mission (except for the Speeder missions witch I don\'t like that fact). The only thing that made me a little upset was the fact that there where no co-op missions, and there was no multiplayer mode. Some other things that made it more interesting where the cheats. One cheat did let you play a hidden (that is different from secret) mission with two players, but it wasn\'t the best. Also the cheats let you fly a Tie Interceptor and the Millennium Falcon. One of the most interesting cheats was the one that let you fly a Naboo Starfighter, and yes for all of you in disbelief this game did come out before The Phantom Menace.


Well let\'s get the basics out of the way. This is a flying game where you are suppose to shoot down the enemy, so yes there is killing. The only thing this game shows though is an explosion. I guess the only really big thing that got me was that they showed Storm Troopers (or little men) and a few civilians that you can shoot, and in defense of that I will say that they do not show blood but only an explosions and a scream.

Basic Line

I\'m a Star Wars fan so I loved the game, and the Star Wars people thought it was good enough to make at lest two sequels to it. From me as a Christian I would have to say God has not convicted me of anything wrong with this game, and I don\'t recall anything spiritually off base with the game.

Final Ratings

Appropriateness 90% Game play 85% Graphics 80% Sound 85% Controls 90%

Overall 86%

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