CCG: Okay last we heard from Xrucifix you released your first game Eternal War: Shadows of Light for free on our site and it has been downloaded nearly 700 times. What has been happening with Xrucifix lately and how is the latest Eternal War game coming along?

Xrucifix: We\'ve been doing good. We decided to release Eternal War: Shadows of Light because we felt it was time to do so, it was a heavy feeling on my heart and now we\'ve seen the game nearing 700 downloaded and all the new mail we\'ve been receiving it was, in my view, a good choice.

The new game is coming along good, we\'re nearing the end of our second milestone. A lot has changed over time, a lot of starts that dropped off and a lot of things that didn\'t work out. With what we\'re working on now it\'s the farthest we\'ve gotten and I\'m satisfied with the results so far.

CCG: How many milestones are there?

Xrucifix: There is 5 major milestones and mini-milestones within each major one.

Ahh okay. According to your site the game won\'t be released until it\'s fun. What kind of game is Eternal War?

Xrucifix: The game won\'t be released until it\'s fun, we keep internal milestones to keep ourselves in check and responsible to the product.

Since it\'s original announcement Eternal War has changed genre focus from an FPS to a Brawler (also known as a beat-em-up). Primarily due to the strong currents in the FPS market, we didn\'t want to release an inferior title onto the marketplace so we changed focus in order to deliver what we believe will be a strong market contender. What released details on the game, haven\'t overly changed. We\'ve merely changed the way it plays.

CCG: What is your target audience and what platforms do you plan on releasing this for?

Xrucifix: The target market for Eternal War will be adults specifically, we deal with a lot of heavy topics and keep real to the subject matter. The most readily released platform by us will be on PC with console platforms being in discussion between us and our publisher. We\'ll announce more on our console platform distribution at a later date.

CCG: Poor Mac users, though technically they have boot camp now.

Xrucifix: We\'ll see how things go, we’re open to all options.

CCG: Any plans for online or multiplayer play?

Xrucifix: We pioneered internet based multiplayer in Christian games, so yes, multiplayer returns, full co-op support.

CCG: Sounds like fun. What are your plans for distribution? (Obviously selling on your website). Many gamers use Steam or GamersGate are you considering their services?

Xrucifix: Eternal War is divided up in many episodes, we\'re developing on them all and don\'t plan on releasing until they\'re all completed. As to avoid any release delays that have plagued episodic games in the past. For the PC platform we plan on releasing all the episodes via digital distribution networks. We\'ve signed onto an upcoming distributor which will be launching this year and we plan on supporting other distribution services as well.

For the console releases, we would like to release the episodes over three networks; XBLA, PSN and WiiWare. Depending on how development of those ports and release unfolds.

We plan on releasing a special limited edition physical box set of all the episodes, plus some other goodies. After the final episode is aired and directly from us. Depending on how the console developments unfold all the episodes may be released at once via a retail release. We’ll announce more on those developments in the future.

For customers wanting a physical copy of the episodes, we\'re considering a purchasing method directly from us similarly what we\'ve done in the past (with DVD case and game). That hasn\'t been finalized however.

CCG: Have you determined a price point yet?

Xrucifix: The cost of each episode is going to be very economical, we\'re floating around the $10-$15 range currently. With full multiplayer co-op per episode, achievements and plenty of unlockables, including a special playable demo of the next episodes content. We believe players will be pleased with the bang for their buck.

Wow, very cool. How long have you guys been working on it?

We started pre-design the Summer of 2007

CCG: What would you like to tell our readers about Eternal War? Describe the game experience.

The action people enjoyed in Eternal War is getting brought over and increased exponentionally. Depending on the episode you\'re playing you control one of three characters in the game, each one having a separate identity within the game, combos, special abilities and playing styles. You face hordes of demons while trying to save pieces of the shattered mind of Kaleb (the suicidal teen you were sent to help), you can engage in dialog with the shattered pieces of Kaleb and teleport them to Willpower encampments. The Willpower are parts of Kalebs mind trying to retain sanity during the chaos the demons are causing. Depending on the players dialog choices in the game it will determine what ending will occur and how we proceed with the series from that point on.

CCG: Sounds a little RPGish, very cool. The artwork looks amazing, tell us about the music.

Xrucifix: We haven\'t left the Brawler genre untouched, while we retain the core values of the genre, we also mixed in some other elements to try and break things up a bit.

Each episode of Eternal War will have a main title song performed by industrial metal group Virginia Creeper (, you can listen to \'The Second Death\', \'I Used To Be\', \'Devil Inside\', \'Deny Yourself\' and \'Why Do I Do What I Do\', with more coming soon. The ingame level music will be performed by industrial electronic group Ikronix (

CCG: I like the ikronix music, Virginia Creep isn\'t my style. ;) But cool regardless. Will there be a demo?

Xrucifix: We haven\'t decided yet.

There\'s a lot of fuss and talk about DRM. What is your take on it and do you plan on implementing it in Eternal War?

Xrucifix: We plan on having Eternal War DRM free as much as we can. If a digital distributor has a DRM free distribution option then we\'ll choose that. We won\'t be using any DRM for games purchased from us directly.

CCG: What is Xrucifix\' plans and your overarching vision for Christian-based game development?

Xrucifix: We plan on developing fun games, Eternal War has been in development for some time and we may touch on that and release the nitty gritty development story behind it, however we\'re firm on our stance of releasing it "When it\'s Fun". I think developers who want to develop any game, especially Christian-based games, need to firmly keep that in mind. We\'re certainly trying our best to do just that and we hope players enjoy what we release in the future.

CCG: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Any closing comments for our readers?

I enjoy reading comments and speaking with fans and critics alike, you can reach me via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. While I may not reply to everything, I do read all of it.



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