This interview is with Fredrik Wester, executive VP at Paradox Interactive.  He is very involved in Majesty2, since he is a huge fan of the first game and decided that they were to develop the sequel.

Tell us about yourselves and the company. When did you start the company and why?

- Paradox Interactive was started in 1999 with the mission to develop strategy games. We have since then grown into a publisher of games, this year we will publish around 8-10 titles for an international audience.

Can you tell our readers about your games and philosophy behind them?

- The games from our internal team is history-based strategy titles where each title discover a new period of history. On the Publishing part of the business we are doing different kinds of game, but of course the most important thing is that the games should be fun to play. A lot of our published games have also been strategy games.

Tell us about Majesty 2. How long have you been working on it?

- Majesty 2 has been in development for almost 2 years, it has been a long process of thinking about how we want the game to be and then actually implementing it. For the implementation part we have a Russian studio (InoCo) who is doing a fantastic job with the game.

Have you implemented everything you wanted in Majesty 2? Is it everything you hoped it would be or better?

- You can never tell until the game is actually finished whether it fulfilled all our wishes, but it certainly looks very promising from the playable versions we have tried so far. We wanted to keep the gameplay that made the original game so unique and addictive and at the same time add lots of content and things for the gamers to look forward to.

What shall we look forward to in the future?

- We are always looking to find new challenging games so you can hopefully look forward to a lot of good games from Paradox in the coming years. For Majesty 2, we are planning to add content over the first year after release to keep the gamers coming back to the game discovering new things.

Do you have any questions or comments to our readers?

- We are really happy to be working on a game with such a good following as Majesty. Our expectation is to create a great game!


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