CCGR:Well, you finally did it! So how long did the whole process take?

TGS: We started to really pound on the game about 9-10 months ago, previously it was just planning, trying to obtain people to help us out, asking permission for certain media, etc. With 3-4 guys, with a bunch of free time, I think we did pretty well.

CCGR: What did you learn from developing Eternal War: Shadows of Light?

TGS: Few points to note:
+) Your faith will be completely rebuilt
+) That game development is fun, frustrating, satisfying, hard and you can?t do it entirely yourself.
+) You can never please everyone, you do one thing and someone doesn?t like it, you do another thing and someone else doesn?t like it. You can?t really develop games for people, because in the end you?ll have this big mess of unrealistic ideas to develop in an unrealistic amount of time. Stick to your design and go from there.

CCGR: What would you do the same?

TGS: The things that I really like about Eternal War is that it?s a quick ?pick-up-and-go? type of game, when I have 15-20 minutes of free time, I can whip up a game, blow some demons away, save and quit without having to really worry about anything. The story style, a lot of people have commented how good it is. Multiplayer rocks, especially with bots.

CCGR:What would you do differently?


+) Announced the existence of Eternal War much later on
+) ?Maybe? not created it as a first person shooter, when we first started I thought it would be a great idea to have a intensive action game and it has turned out pretty well, so I?m happy with it.

CCGR:What advice would you give to aspiring Christian game developers?


+) Talk to God
+) Listen to God
+) Do what God says
+) Don?t let anything stop you

CCGR: Who did the voice acting?

TGS: I did the voice of Mike (we were going to get someone else to do it, but it never panned out well), and a few other people did voices for the demons.

CCGR: Any correlation between Mike and the archangel Michael?

TGS: Actually no, we\'ve been asked this question a couple of times and even though they seems pretty close, there\'s no connection between the two.

CCGR: How has the reaction been to Eternal War?

TGS: So far we?ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, a lot of people are very pleased with the game, quiet a few have been e-mailing me saying it?s the best Christian game to date.

What is the future for Eternal War?

TGS: We\'re planning on creating small add-ons for the game. Right now we have Capture the Flag planned for multiplayer (full bot support with 4-5 maps hopefully), and some possible additional baddies, weapons and the like for single player.

CCGR: Sequels, Porting to other OS\'s, Expansions?

TGS: Sequels are an option, but we probably wouldn?t make the next Eternal War a first person action game. Pretty much after we released the demo we got a e-mail from a programmer who would like to port the game to Linux, which would be great and we?re looking into that. If any Mac porters are reading this, send us a e-mail and see if we can work something out for Mac users.

CCGR: What can we do to spread the word out?

+) Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone you can!!!
+) If you have a website, link to our site with a little info on it.
+) If you want your local store to have Eternal War on the shelves, email us as much information on them as you can and we\'ll see if we can arrange something.
+) Distribute as many copies of the Eternal War Demo as you can, anyway you can
+) Benefits for this is if someone mentions that you introduced them to the game and they bought it, we may reward you with a free Two Guys Software t-shirt or something.

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