CCGR:It has been nearly 4 months since our last interview. What has Two Guys Software been doing lately?

TGS: Recently we\'ve been adding some additional features to Eternal War and polishing the game up as a whole.

CCGR: Any changes in the game since we last spoke?

TGS: We?ve been working over and adding additional features to Eternal War. You can now upgrade your character the way you want them to be! By progressing through the game you obtain experience points, which then you can place them into different areas to aid your character. We are planning on having the player the ability to upgrade prayer speed/power, jumping, health, or the choice of a new weapon. We\'ve added alternative fires to every weapon in the game, so putting them all together you get around 16 weapons to use. In addition we have full fledged bots that can work with you in our multi player modes and come quiet in handy in Flood Co-op. We\'ve added new maps, new textures, model dismemberment, we also added some graphical enhances with the engine and are continuously doing so.

CCGR:How does the A.I work? What moves can we expect from them? Are there different difficulty levels?

TGS: This is what Mike, our lead coder on Eternal War had to say on the AI: The A.I. in EW contains many advanced features. Besides the normal things like moving and shooting our demons actually do some thinking somewhere in there too. Each demon has his own method of dodging attacks, some of the smaller demons are quick to jump out of the way of an incoming attack, and some of the larger ones aren\'t afraid and will just keep coming at you. Its quite intimidating when a large Agath or Torment comes charging at you. The demons know when they are hurt and will try to back off and fight at a distance if possible when this happens. They also work well in groups, coordinating attacks against you. Also the demons come equipped with roaming code for use in Flood Co-op mode so that they can find you in any level you throw at them.There are many more exciting AI features in EW but you\'ll just have to play the game for the rest.

CCGR:How does Eternal War: Shadows of Light handle violence?

TGS: Eternal War features a on/off violence mode. Even though Eternal War is not intended for children, if parents want their child to play Eternal War but want to block out the darkness and model dismemberment then they can.

CCGR:There was recently a Christian Game Developers Conference. I saw you listed as a guest speaker. How did that go? What was the reaction to Eternal Wars: Shadow of Light?

TGS: Unfortunately we weren?t able to attend the CGDC for reason that our flights got messed up and things didn\'t work out. We had a slide show presentation of Eternal War however, showing off 15 screen shots of in game action. Two Guys Software hopes to be able to attend next year.

CCGR: Is there a release date for the demo and/or the full game?

TGS: I can\'t place my finger on a specific date and make it public.

CCGR:How many levels are there, and how many will be included in the demo?

TGS:The demo of Eternal War will include:

  • 3 Single Player maps
  • 17 enemies
  • 8 weapons

The full version of Eternal War will include:

  • 17 Single Player maps
  • 10 Multi player maps
  • 17 enemies
  • 8 weapons, each with it\'s own alternative firing mode (16 weapons!)
  • 2 multi player modes (with multi player co-op bots!)

CCGR: Do you have a publisher? Any news on where the game will be available for purchase?

TGS: We\'ve approached many publishers and we get the same comments about Eternal War, they love the fluid motion, strong game AI, good sound quality and other features in Eternal War. However they believed that we are too strong for the Christian market. In essence we feel like we are creating a entire new industry around ?intensive? Christian games, bent on bringing a lot of the aspects that a large majority of the Christian industry doesn?t touch with a 10 foot pole. Suicide, drug abuse, porn addictions, depression, satanic enslavement, etc. and how we should deal with it as Christians in a vivid visual representation.

CCGR:Have the minimum system requirements been set yet? If so, what are they?

TGS: You can never really know a games system requirements until your done. However we\'ve run tests for Eternal War on a 166mhz system, with 64 megs of RAM and a second generation card and it ran pretty good.

CCGR:Is the engine you are using still confidential??

TGS: Yes, we\'ll be releasing the name of the engine probably later on after the release of Eternal War. We are going to open the game up completely and be releasing the engine source, game source and direct gamers to tools in order to help them make their own add-ons for Eternal War. Players then can make new textures, new models, new weapons, new maps, new multi player modes, new enemies, new everything if they want! :-)

CCGR:Thanks for your time and answering our questions. Do you have any comments for our readers?

TGS: I want to thank all the people on the CCGR boards who talked about Eternal War for the last couple of weeks, it was a great discussion and I hope more come out! I have to press again and again that the Christian game industry is still very small and very very fragile. I believe strongly that it?s one of the next generations of Christian evangelistic and entertainment outreaches to people and has a lot of freedom to grow. Please, please, please support companies who are striving hard trying to bring you fun games to play. Pray for us, the spiritual battles behind any ministry is harsh and this is no exception. You can also purchase the games, play them to death, write us emails about what you loved and hated, etc.. I don?t mean this for just TGS, but any Christian gaming company, we are working hard towards the same goal and we need all the support and feedback we can get. Also, thanks for reading this interview, it means a lot to me and the rest of the Rebels. My e-mail is free to anyone who has questions, comments or feedback, I\'m deeply interested in what gamers have to say. E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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