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CCGR: So what's been happening since Eternal War? Did it sell as well as you hoped?

After the release we got a lot of feedback about the game; what people liked/disliked and any problems they ran into (which obviously we fixed). One thing we weren?t really expecting was the large media flow that?s been going on since the release. We?ve gotten press from major newspapers, magazines, TV news casts, radio and the internet, it?s a bit overwhelming.

CCGR: Tell us about your new title! What is it called? How long have you been working on it? When is the release date? What is the story?

So many questions at once; 2a) What is it called? Current working title; Eternal War: Nightmares 2b) How long have you been working on it? Several months. 2c) When is the release date? Sometime between 2005/6. 2d) What is the story? It?s a completely re-done, re-mixed story that was behind Eternal War: Shadows of Light. We were surprised to see the large amounts of positive feedback we got from people/press about the story but they wanted it expanded on, they wanted more. So we?re taking the key elements of the story and expanding them greatly.

CCGR: What kind of game is it? How violent? Can it be turned down/disabled?

It?s a First person shooter. A bit more violent than Eternal War: SOL. Currently no violence switch (it isn?t so bad that the game really needs one).

CCGR: Many people described Eternal War as \'dark\' how is the new game in comparison?

A lot darker. This is where we?ll probably get the most flak from the Christian gaming community but we?re not to concerned about that. This time around we?re going to approach the story more authentically to sources. We?ve been doing research into the real-life effects that abusive use of drugs, porn, suicidal, rage and occultic influences have on people. It?s not a basic ?messed up kid who needs help? story again, we?re aiming more for a chaotic conflict zone, each zone having it?s own type of chaos that you have to help John overcome. So the game will be a lot more darker but also a lot more powerful in message.

CCGR: One thing that Eternal War (as well as many starting games) was lacking in was a pretty engine. How does the new game look? Care to tell us what engine you will be using?

Brand New Engine. It?s more or less our own, and we?ve been going crazy on graphics. In order to tell the much more powerful story we need the proper graphics backing it up. In our current build (July 21st, 2004) we have; +) Normal maps (which takes a 2d image and lifts it into 3d) +) Bump maps (the little brother to Normal maps, these are similar but to a smaller scale and are best used for little details) +) Detail maps (approach a texture surface and it doesn?t block up, it sharpens) +) High resolution light maps (for more realistic and bolder lighting) +) Terrain support (for large outdoor areas) +) Curved surfaces +) Alpha maps (for transparency effects) +) Multi-layered texture support (for cool effects) And we are currently implementing a lot more features (skeletal animation, real time physics, etc.) as well that we?ll show off in the future.

CCGR: Do you have screenshots we can peek at? Will there be a demo? CCGR would love to host it. If there\'s a demo when will it be available?

Sure thing! The demo probably won?t be out for awhile, we?re debating if it will be out before or after the full version game is completed.

CCGR:Will there be multiplayer? If so what game modes?

Yes. Since Eternal War: Shadows of Light is and still remains the only Christian game with multiplayer we wanted to carry it into our next project, user feedback helped a lot in deciding what to do this time around. Right now we have Free for All, Team Free for All, Capture the Flag and Cooperative modes already completed.

CCGR: What kind of characters and enemies will there be in this game? If it\'s a FPS what kind of weapons do we get to use?

Characters; The game will be divided into 3 zones, each being different but relating in someway. For each zone the player will be able to pick from 3 completely different angels, each with a different special ability and a different Spirit Sword (and Shield); Mike; Solider. Mike will be the medium class character, your loyal and faithful standby that you?ve seen in Eternal War: Shadows of Light. Raquel; Powerhouse. If you want tough then Raquel would be the best choice. She?s a hot headed, heavily armored, in-your-face character ready to stomp some demonic hide. Shin; Stealth. The non-gender (?it?) character of Eternal War: Nightmares, Shin deals with speed, quietness and keeps to itself. Enemies; Your old faithful enemies from Eternal War: Shadows of Light will be back with a new host of demons they brought along. We?ve taken the original concepts behind our enemies and completely re-did them. A few enemies that will returning back; Necromancer, Teneb, Torment and much more. To get the details on them from the last game, visit The ANVIL; http://www.twoguyssoftware.ca/~theanvil/ Weapons; Along with returning enemies comes returning weapons, all redone. You?ll see a lot of the ?Angelic Power? weapons return (Trinity Blast, Frozen Shards, Smite, etc.) along with some new ones and we?re also expanding on a new line of weapons that we think people will be surprised to see but will have a blast playing with them.

CCGR: Any questions or comments for our readers?

I?ll probably pop around on various websites and ask for feedback from time to time.

CCGR: How is married life?

For those who don?t know, I recently got married on June 12th (2004). It?s been great. :-)

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