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Fast RMX
Developed by: Shin’en
Published by: Shin’en
Release date: March 3, 2017
Available on: Switch
Genre: Racing
Number of players: Up to 8 players online or locally, 4 player split-screen
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Price: $19.99

Fast RMX is one of the few Switch launch titles that retails for less than $20.  For that meager price tag you get to race through thirty futuristic tracks riddled with various obstacles to keep things interesting.  Besides the challenging tracks, you’ll have to manage your racing machine’s phase/color to take advantage of the numerous power strips to give you a significant speed boost.  If your vehicle is in the wrong phase, it will slow you down instead.  Orbs are scattered throughout the course and collecting them will fill up your boost meter which not only increases your speed, it also lets you knock into your opponents and cause them to spin out of control for a short period of time.  

In the championship and multiplayer modes your racing vehicle can withstand a fair amount of damage.  If you get knocked off course, you’ll be respawned at the cost of a slight time delay.  In Hero mode, your vehicle’s shield and boost share the same meter.  Do you speed up at the expense of zero defense or do you forgo the boosting abilities to withstand a bump or two from your opponents?  If you get hit too much or leave the track, it’s game over.

Fast RMX

Strong Points: Fast and futuristic racing with unique tracks and obstacles to avoid; plenty of people to play online against
Weak Points: Like many Switch games, the graphics are good, but not great
Moral Warnings: Vehicular violence

The Championship mode has three different difficulties: Subsonic, Supersonic, and Hypersonic. At first there are a handful of cups and vehicles to race in.  The racing machines are rated by their acceleration, boost, and top speed.  As you complete and rank in cups, more cups and vehicles will become available.  The multiplayer and Hero modes can utilize unlocked racing machines.

Playing with up to eight players online is quite fun.  Finding people to play against is not an issue. Finding people worse at this game than me is another story.  Depending on how you place in the race you can get points added your profile.  The top three players with the most points in the end are awarded first, second, and third place.  The same point system is used in the single-player races as well. I like how the game keeps track of your personal best track records for you too.

Fast RMX
Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 86%
Gameplay - 17/20
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 8/10
Stability - 5/5
Controls - 5/5

Morality Score - 96%
Violence - 8/10
Language - 10/10
Sexual Content - 10/10
Occult/Supernatural - 10/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical - 10/10

The tracks take place in all sorts of futuristic environments including cities, jungles, under water, and in space.  There is a fair amount of detail, but sadly I’ve been spoiled by the superb graphics in other popular racing games like the Forza series to appreciate the visuals in this title.  For a Switch game it looks good though.  

Most of the tracks have serious obstacles to avoid like turbines, electrical discharges, dense fog, and giant sand worms. Like many arcade racers, you can expect many jumps, twists, and turns as well.  Many tracks have phase shortcuts that propel you into the air if you have your vehicle in the proper phase/color.  If you’re mismatched, then you can pretty much expect to fall short on the long jump.  Phasing is accomplished by pressing the X button and the A button accelerates.  The trigger is used for boosting.

Overall, this is a family friendly game though there is some aggressive driving, especially in boost mode.  Fans of F-Zero and arcade style racing games should definitely consider adding this to their Switch game collection.  The price is quite reasonable for this fun launch game.


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