System Requirements Win98/ME/2000 Pentium III, IV, or Athlon at 450 MHz or better 128MB of RAM 100% DirectX 8 or OpenGL Compatible 3D Accelerator with 32MB of RAM Sound Card 1.2 GB free uncompressed hard disk space I was shopping at Menards a while back and found this game in the $6 bargain bin. This game came out in 2001, and I figured I would pick it up. I?m glad I did too, as it?s a fun racing game.

Game Play

Forget about racing with your typical 2 seater race car, this game is about racing SUV?s and trucks. Feel free to take short cuts by going off road - who cares if you get your truck dirty! Dodge the trains and tractors that get in your way and race across a variety of maps. You?ll be racing in junkyards, beaches, forests, canyons, deserts, and many more. There are over thirty maps to choose from!

Game Modes

There are a variety of racing modes available in this game. You can do a Quick Race to get the feel of a track. There is Time Attack mode where you race the clock as well as other trucks. Free Roam lets you go wherever you want. There is also a Career mode where you keep track of your scores on the different tracks, as well as try to make the ultimate race truck. Last but not least there is Multiplayer mode.


Multiplayer mode has your basic Internet and LAN modes. You can play via direct IP/Network or through GameSpy. This game is still played even though it?s a couple years old. At the time of the review there were roughly thirty players online.

Racing Options

You must first decide on your vehicle. There are many manufacturers to choose from: Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Infiniti, Jeep, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota. Many SUV lovers will be thrilled to see their truck/SUV listed here. There are three attributes to consider when choosing your truck: Top Speed, Acceleration, and Handling. Make sure you have a little of everything. I personally liked the Dodge Dakota. (funny, I?m not normally a fan of Dodge.) As I mentioned earlier there are thirty tracks to play on. The scenery and music vary in each one. You can control the weather conditions. You can race in rain, fog, dense fog, and sunny weather. You can play in the afternoon or at dawn. No night racing here.


The graphics are a little dated by today?s standards but they are still very good. The scenery is pretty and the objects around the maps look pretty good. The sun rays and sky looks great if you race in the dawn mode. The vehicles of course are nicely detailed and look like the real thing.


The engines roar and you hear the gears shifting. Typical racing sounds will be heard in this game. I liked the music tracks for each map. The music is usually a fast paced techno style and very fitting for this game. It definitely adds a nice touch.


You can use the keyboard or joystick. Force feedback is supported and highly recommended. You can feel different movements when driving on sand, gravel or in water. It?s great! You can fully customize the controls to what works for you.


There is nothing wrong with racing. Some of the maps had statues of various religions. One map had some Buddhas in it, and another had Obelisks. I realize that they are part of the scenery and that you don?t have to get out of your car to worship them but they are there nonetheless.

Final Thoughts

This is a great racing game that you may find in your local bargain bin. If you see it, it?s worth buying. This game is the one that made me upgraded my joystick to the MS Force Feedback and I am glad I did! Especially since MS quit making them!

Final Ratings

Graphics B+ Sound A Game Play A Appropriateness B+ Interface A- Stability A

Overall 92%

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