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WWJD: The Journey Continues

Thank you Bender/Helper/Impact for sending us this movie to review!

When I was growing up, I used to watch a show called The Hitchhiker which featured a hitchhiker (gasp!) who opened and closed each show, but did not star in the random thriller story in between.  The shows often revolved upon mankind's depravity and sometimes had supernatural plots.  Since I have not seen the original WWJD movie, The Hitchhiker television show is the closest comparison I can make.  

WWJD: The Journey Continues has the same drifter from the original movie, but the main story is completely different this time around.     The movie begins with the drifter catching a ride to a random location.   Meanwhile a young man promises his mother in her final moments that he would take care of his brother.   His adopted brother's prison sentence is nearly finished. Later that night, a church in the midst of being renovated in a rough neighborhood gets robbed.  The pastor, fearing for the lives of himself and his wife, abandons the church and  suggests they hire a pastor with no family to worry about.  Cue in the young man who happens to be a pastor and his parolee brother.  As luck would have it, the pastor's brother is  a carpenter when he's not breaking the law. 

The pastor's brother is not saved and it shows with his quick temper and wanting to pick fights with some trouble-making brothers who vandalize the church. The young pastor has a tight deadline to get the church up and running and financially stable.  Everything is on track until there is a robbery in the church and the pastor's brother pays the ultimate price.  Fortunately, he accepted Christ in his last moments of life.  

The pastor grows bitter and the townspeople take notice.  How can he bring people to the Lord when his faith is shattered?  The drifter comes to town and doesn't get a warm welcome and finds himself chased off by the pastor and the trouble making boys.  He keeps coming back and asking people "What would Jesus do?"  Some townspeople get the message while others take a little more time.

Besides the main message of trusting God, there are many instances of forgiveness. The movie also takes some time to discourage premarital sex.  While WWJD: The Journey Continues is not rated, I would recommend it for teens and older because of the violence and mature themes.  The story is predictable at times but decent.  If you like heartwarming Christian movies, WWJD: The Journey Continues has you covered.

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