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Strange Magic

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Strange Magic is a CGI animated musical that borrows from Shakepeare's "A Midsummer’s Night Dream" and Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's "Beauty and the Beast." After seeing George Lucas's attempt at romance in Star Wars II Attack of the Clones, I wasn't expecting much.  I began watching this movie with three of my kids and one of them left half way through to read a book instead. Of the two that remained to the end, only one liked the movie.   My son wasn't a fan of it.  Then again, George Lucas was inspired by his daughters to make Strange Magic.

The movie begins with a fairy princess, Mary Ann, preparing for her wedding day.  Along the way of her collecting materials for her fiancé's boutonnière, she runs into her husband-to-be kissing another fairy.  Not surprisingly, the wedding was called off and her father, the king, wants Mary Anne  to make amends with her ex, Roland.   Instead Mary Anne vows to be independent and swears off love entirely.  

Mary Anne is not the only one uninterested in love.  In the nearby Dark Kingdom, the wretched insectiod King Bog has forbidden anyone to fall in love and use of love potions is forbidden.  To ensure that his ban remains in effect, he sealed away the sugar plum fairy who is the only one that can concoct love potions.  

Roland, still set on getting the crown and a powerful army, conspires with an elf to get a love potion.  The elf agrees to the plan because he loves Mary Ann's boy crazy sister, Dawn.  While they manage to get the potion, things don't go as planned.  I won't spoil any details but I think it's safe to say that the movie's plot is not very hard to predict.  In the end, everyone in the movie learns that love has to be true and not rushed.  

While I recognized many of the songs sung in this movie (I Gotta Feeling, Sugar Pie Huniebunch, Fools Rush In, Tell Him, Wild Thing, Love is Strange),  they didn't have much significance for my kids. The only song my kids knew was Lady Gaga's Lovegame being used as a marching song by Roland's army.  

My kids were obviously not into the music, but the animation was well done.  The story is predictable and unoriginal.  Since only one of my kids actually enjoyed the movie, I can't really recommend it.  If you see it on sale it may be worth considering though.

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