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How Do Tottenham Stack Up Against Liverpool in FIFA 19?

How Do Tottenham Stack Up Against Liverpool in FIFA 19?

It was only the other week that unbeknown to Tottenham, defeat away at Watford was the first loss in a run of three straight games.

Up next to put Tottenham to the sword was high-flying Liverpool who still remain unbeaten in the Premier League this season.

A promise of goals galore was painted prior to the game and although that did not quite materialise, Liverpool did end up winning the game 2-1  

Both Spurs and Liverpool have a number of likenesses, for example, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp and Lilywhites manager Mauricio Pochettino enjoy playing attacking football, neither manager has won a trophy with their club and neither side has ever won the Premier League title despite being contenders.

As both sides are struggling to break their trophy drought, perhaps a title on FIFA 19 is a more realistic goal?

But which side are you better off selecting in order to give yourself the best chance of becoming FIFA 19 champion?

We compare some of the key battles on the pitch and assess who is better.

Harry Kane 89 Mohammed Salah 88

Despite winning the golden boot in the Premier League last season with 32 league goals, Liverpool’s Egyptian superstar finds himself slightly behind Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Kane himself netted 30 times in the league and for the fourth straight season comfortably netted over 20 league goals in a campaign.

Perhaps due to Salah’s positioning as more of a wide striker is the reason why Kane edges this one, however, there is almost nothing in it.

Hugo Lloris 88 Alisson 85

Your goalkeeper can make a major difference in FIFA as well as real life football and Tottenham edge this one as well.

Lloris has been a Spurs stalwart for a number of years and is the Lilywhites whilst Alisson despite a strong season for Roma last year, is still fresh in at Anfield.

A little less experienced as his counterpart works against Alisson in the FIFA rankings this year.

Dele Alli 84 Sadio Mane 85

Two attacking players of undeniable quality but it is Liverpool who edge one back here largely thanks to Mane’s attacking prowess and additional power.

Mane netted ten times in the Premier League last season which is a vital reason why the 26-year-old just edges this battle.

The rest

Aside from those key battles, it is quite an even affair across the rest of the park, however with Firmino and now Naby Kieta in the Liverpool ranks, it is the Reds who have the better forward line.

Tottenham make up for this somewhat with a stronger defence as Dejan Lovren and Trent Alexander Arnold come in at 81 and 79 points respectively whilst Davison Sanchez and Kieran Tripper come in at 84 and 82 respectively.

The contest is close between the two, but the numbers are clear, for defence go for Spurs, for goals, go for Liverpool.

Now its over to you.






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