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Do'h! moments in gaming

Sometimes we make things harder on ourselves than they have to be.  This is true in gaming as well.  I buy many of my games used and they often don't include the instruction manuals with them.  (Yes I do read them if provided).  I also tend to avoid reading FAQs unless I'm stuck. I'm more than halfway through Kingdom Hearts and I JUST started to equip the abilities on my party.  One of my blunders that I still beat myself up over is that I beat Super Princess Peach without using the healing ability.  Apparently when I tried to use it I was at full health and never could get it to work so I just never bothered with it.  It made the game a little bit harder but it was still fun.     

So those are a couple of my stupid gaming moments.  Feel free to share yours to help me feel better!  

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