Bibleman: A Fight for Faith
Developed by: Covenant Studios
Published by: Covenant Studios
Release Year: 2005
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Bibleman is extremely well known by parents of four to twelve year old. Pamplin Entertainment granted Covenant Studios an exclusive license to produce video games based on Bibleman, Cypher, and Biblegirl. A Fight for Faith is their first game. Visually this game looks a lot like the Sims. The team of characters (and yes you can have more than one at a time working for you) can not attack the enemies. Instead they can deflect the enemies shots back at them. There are different missions to accomplish like find all the parts of a machine to break up the deflecting the enemies shots back at them. The game faithfully follows the DVD, and includes some nice video from the episode. Bibleman is a sci-fi superhero Christian television show.


Game Play:

The gameplay is really not my personal bag. I should explain two things: one this is a kids game; and two I am an aggressive video game player. Sitting and waiting to be attacked, only to defend myself is something that rubs me the wrong way. Yes, God is working on me in regards to patience. This is a concept that works good for kids though. Cypher and Bibleman have a very short reach in deflecting of shots, whereas Biblegirl uses a gun that makes deflecting the shots a breeze. This unbalance hurts the game. On the plus side, there is an interesting level in this game that can not be beaten. In fact losing this one level is required to progress. This concept is nice to see to spice up the gameplay.


The graphics have amazing detail, and it shows. It is blatantly obvious to this reviewer that Covenant Studios spent a lot of time on the graphical details. They added a nice touch of being able to click on all objects in the game to have a little description come up. The cut scenes from the episode had the same quality as the DVD. The only drawback this reviewer can see to the graphics is they are a bit small. The angled overhead view is my personal favorite camera angle for playing video games.


The sounds are done really well, and the voices sampled are a nice addition. Sadly, those voices can be used a bit too often in some levels. When you are already frustrated while trying to deflect shots, and you hear the same thing said by the Wacky Protestor (or his henchmen) ? well let us just say it does not help your mood.


The controls a few of the keys on the keyboard (for swapping between team members), but the meat of the action is controlled by the mouse. The controls handled flawlessly. I found no fault at all with the controls.


This game can be played on three different difficulties, but aside from that I can not see a lot of replay in Bibleman: A Fight for Faith. This is a standard action/adventure game where you beat each level, save, and move on. It was fun while it lasted (under four hours for this reviewer). It should take children longer than that to beat it.


The only violence in this game is in returning the enemies shots back at them. When their life is gone, they vanish. There is no blood or gore.

There is no bad language in this game at all. In fact the game even has an alter call in it to give ones life to Jesus Christ. Please note: that alter call is on the DVD episode.

Occult Themes:
Absolutely none.

Sexuality is not addressed in this game at all. Biblegirl has armor that forms to the female body, however this is not sexual (at least not to the reviewer).

Moral/Ethical Issues:
There are no moral, or ethical issues in this game that are detrimental. The Wacky Protestor tries to turn some kids away from God, and Bibleman uses the Word of God to save the kids. A bonus 3 points is awarded for teaching Biblical values.

Closing Comments:
Bibleman: A Fight for Faith gives me mixed feelings. Covenant Studios did so many things right with this game, and it is their first video game ever. I was extremely excited when I installed this game, and started playing it. It took me a few minutes to become frustrated with the deflecting the shots, and dying with Cypher in the first level repeatedly. I was like, this is the Easy difficulty? So, I tried playing with Biblegirl (for a macho man like myself that was a stretch). Biblegirl was so easy that I felt like there was no challenge at all. I took time to enjoy the sounds, and music. I took time to wonder at the really cool level design (especially the maze level). The Wacky Protestor has some lines (about a chrome bumper) that had be laughing. Ultimately the decision is yours ? I only hope that I could give you the tools to assist in your purchasing decisions. God bless you and yours.

Final Ratings:

Game Play: 6/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 7/10
Control: 10/10
Longevity: 5/10

Violence: 9/10
Language: 10/10
Occult Themes: 10/10
Sexuality: 10/10
Moral/Ethical Issues: 10/10

Overall Score: 89%

People in this conversation

  • Guest - Kelly

    PART 1/2

    I don't see why many Christians feel that they need to sacrifice in their art to create a game that they know isn't as good, but maintains Biblical moral integrity in unrealistic ways.

    I guess they don't want to contribute to the influence of sin upon a child, and I can understand that.

    However, some Christian gaming companies really should step outside the Christian-only sphere for a bit and put some real artistic creativity into gaming ideas. I'm not talking graphics, I'm talking some interesting gaming concepts and ideas that they wish could be implemented, only they'd do it with respect to Christ and in the knowledge that whatever they produce should be something that they can show to Christ.

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  • Guest - Kelly

    PART 2/2

    I mean Christianity is a life faith. It's not a faith that asks you to go about extreme ends to prove yourself. It doesn't call people to be great men and women or knights or kings. It only calls you to be yourself wherever you are and in any walk of life . . . well, at least until God calls you to a specific path such as ministry, in which case, one's life would then be fully devoted to that. However, in the mean-time God just merely calls us to be who we are and to live for Him in what we do.

    A gaming company could easily produce secular gaming with an emphasis on honoring Christ in how they make their games. I.E. whether or not to add sexual elements, homosexuality, cussing, taking God's name in vain, the kinds of deeds the player is forced to accomplish in-game, the storyline, the over-all putting of parental concerns at the forefront of game-making, whether or not Bible verses are in the game like in Fallout 3, which I thought was a rather nice touch.

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  • Guest - Big Swinging D

    This gets a higher score than Oblivion. Yeah, that's a great joke. Not because it is Bibleman v. Oblivion, but because there is no religious slant whatsoever in that argument. That's obviously why Bibleman received game of the year, right?

    All sarcasm aside, more kids will pick up and enjoy Oblivion than even think about playing Bibleman.

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  • Guest - Altguy96

    52/50? That's some great math right there.

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  • Guest - William

    I don't see why videogames can't teach Christian Values without going into some kind of christian bubble and only targetting those already in the faith.

    Like why not take Fallout 3 for an example, where you make a sacrifice similar to that of Jesus and are given morale choices, etc

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  • Guest - Mike

    So when playing as the black man who doesn't get a name like bibleboy or something to go along with the the theme of the names(because we wouldn't want kids to think people of a different color or equal to the white christian hero). It is pretty hard even on easy, but then when the macho man makes the huge stretch to believing that a female could do the same things as a manly man it is extremely easy. Seems a little bit weird to me. Let me know was their experience gain from vanishing bad guys or teaching "bible values" like, stoning gays and getting your father drunk to commit incest with him or money drops, because I wonder if bible girl gets less than Bibleman. I would also like to know that if Cypher got wiped if he "returned fire" to anyone who was white.

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  • Guest - Hannah Kim

    This is why when I grow up, I would design a Christian allegory--the protagonist is a blonde, jet black-eyed Russian 16-year-old girl named Maria Vetter/GodGirl. She has very light blonde hair and eyes that are very black in color, and she's of Filipina descent. As a girl, Maria never understood the importance of God's Word. In a small town in the big city of Moscow, Maria got poor grades and didn't really seem like she cared. In her darkest night on a trip to the Philippines, Maria prayed to God as a prayer of repentance. Reading the Bible, she read: "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid." Shocked by God's truth, Maria realized talking back to her teacher was completely dumb. Then...when she turned 16, as she grew in the milk of God, she became GodGirl.

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  • Guest - Str N Gaming

    Wow, just wow... I had no idea games like this existed, thank you for this.

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  • Guest - what?

    This **** is "fun"? Whattabuncha bullsauce. :(

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  • Guest - ANonBiasedGamer

    This game is awful. Lets take the bibles out of it and say its actual armor or items or magical script that is not the bible, would you give this game such a good score then? Of course not, your bias to give God games good scores and refuse to look deep into the game and give it a correct score appropriate to its gameplay value.

    This is a game released in 2005, it looks like an early 90s DOS game, lets keep in mind Age of Empires 3 and battlefield 2 were released in the same year, and look at those games.

    Secondly, the characters are just stupid, the combat is awful its simply reflect enemy shots as they shoot at you every 10 minutes. The games puzzles are just Bible guff that doesnt add anything to the game at all.

    The music is bad, just a 30 second loop in the hub room and just the same in the seperate levels.

    This game is bad, and your an awful review site obviously being biased towards Christian games even if there god damn awful.

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