Will The Importance Of SEO Be Still There Beyond 2021?


To answer the question, there's a simple answer to it-yes. The old techniques of SEO that used to provide results are now invalid. SEO has developed a lot in recent years, and it needs much more than just having good content. Recently, SEO is more important. It is the most convenient digital marketing policy or strategy that awards long-term investment. An individual should consult any reliable agencies of SEO in Adelaide to receive the proper guidance on search engine optimization.

What is SEO?


The initialism for SEO is Search Engine Optimization. In simple words, it means the process by which one can improve the site to expand its prospects when people seek products or services which are related to one's business in search engines like Google, etc. 

Why is SEO Important?


SEO is the foundation of digital marketing as people do lots of searches every day, every year, most often intending to find out about products and services. When the visibility of search results increases than your competitors, it will provide a crucial impact on your essence. 


In recent years the search results are more developed for helping users to get undeviating results and information that will attract the users and will let them stay on the page rather than them moving to another website. In this case, any professional company of SEO in Adelaide provides a very satisfying guide, and they consider the clients very important.


What Is Organic Traffic, And Why Is It So Important?  


Organic traffic is the most important source of a website visitor. It is the reason why 51% of the visitors come to websites. There are many other factors such as paid search, social, etc, though organic traffic tops the list among them. Investing in SEO will provide long-term benefits. If for once, a page gets the label of top rank, it can enjoy authority for a prolonged period. Hence, we can say that organic traffic is a very crucial part of digital marketing. 


The Rankings Made By Google Has Been Changing


Previously it was not an easy job to rank in Google. It wasn't global-wise or advanced. Google understood the contents present in any website though it wasn't very modish back then. Then, many companies started manipulating their website information to rank in Google's algorithms. Since then, Google has developed and now can decide which site deserves to be the best. Two changes occurred in recent years-


  1. Google algorithm updates


  1. Renovate the search results page of Google.


The most important updates that changed the SEO completely are -


  1. Panda (2011)
  2. Penguin (2012)
  3. Hummingbird (2013)
  4. Pigeon (2014)
  5. Mobile-first update (2015)
  6. RankBrain (2015)
  7. BERT (2019)


Even after this, Google has not stopped. It is evolving day by day. It increases its twerks every year. They are most often minor tweaks that improve its solidity, and customer experience, and satisfaction. Hence, most of the companies of SEO in Adelaide have adapted to the aforementioned tweaks and changes are able to serve customers satisfactorily.



Hence we can see how progressively SEO is improving itself inch by inch. Each day passes, and the users expect to get more changes from it. So, hopefully, this article made it clear how SEO will still be worth it shortly and in 2021. 



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