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The Best Methods For Finding Support For Your Game Idea

The Best Methods For Finding Support For Your Game Idea


If you’ve got an idea for a game, no matter the format, your first issue is finding people who want to play it. If there’s no audience, it’s a game just for you and your friends! And when there’s no fanbase support, there’s going to be little to no financial support. 


That’s why it’s crucial to focus on support generating methods at this point in time. If you’ve got an idea, fleshing it out and testing the waters is the next best step. Once you’re into this phase, you can then use the methods listed below to get the funding you require to turn your game development dream into a reality. 


Release a Demo


A demo is the best way to bring some attention to your game idea. For both board games and video games, setting up a small demo that lasts around 20 to 30 minutes can give people a taste of what you’re bringing out. 


Platforms such as or Steam are great places to launch your demo and let fans find it on their own. Steam even runs Next Fest, which celebrates video game demos, around twice a year. If you have something ready to go when demos are hitting the front page, you could find a lot of support in a matter of days! 


Make a Pitch


Pitching is going to be one of the most nerve wracking ways to get support for your idea. Contact either a solo investor or a big game publisher, write up a presentation, get yourself booked in for an appointment, and then show off all the best parts of your game during the meeting. 


You want your game to shine - that means focusing on the positives above the negatives, and having answers prepared when someone asks where things are rocky in the development process. Don’t hide the issues; let an investor know you’re aware of them and already working on them. 




Crowdfuning is great for modern game development. You don’t have to go through a publishing company and come up with a winning pitch - you just post the game and let it speak for itself. 


Posting pictures of your concept art or investing in the animation of board game trailers are two eye-catching ways to send your project to the top. You offer visitors an insight into what your game offers, truly taking them into the world you’ve created and letting them imagine how cool it’d be to be a part of it. 


Get the momentum going and keep it moving. Log onto any of the popular crowdfunding platforms and start marketing your game idea. Then, make sure you link at least one social media account to it so you can post your development journey, as well as interact with new fans and other game developers alike. 


If you want your game to excel, look for support for it early on. Talk about it, let people play it, and get ready to impress investors.

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