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Thank you Falco Ink For sending us a screener of this movie!

When Joel Evan Green was a one-year-old, he had brain tumors and was only given four months to live.  His parents had a choice.  They could distance themselves and prepare for his death, or celebrate each day of his life.  While the tumors came and went with chemotherapy, Joel lived a few more years and was showered with love each and every one of those days.  Throughout Joel’s treatment, his parents documented their journey for this documentary and their game immortalizing Joel’s battle with “That Dragon, Cancer”.  

Both the film and the game capture the struggles and testing of the family’s faith and hope for saving their son’s life.  Lots of emotions are shown and they’re all genuine.  A couple of swear words are said so keep that in mind for younger audiences.   

It was really neat to see the behind the scenes discussions and work put into the making of “That Dragon, Cancer.”   Ryan and Amy Green worked together on the script and their sons lended their voice talents in the game as well.  While the laughs in the game are Joel’s, the crying is not.  

Though the characters in the game are expressionless, this movie leaves nothing to the imagination and has lots of footage of Joel and his family.  Many videogames promote violence but not too many tell an emotional story.  Too many families have been impacted by cancer and they don’t talk about their struggles.  One of the goals of this game is to break down those barriers and allow people to share, uplift, and mourn together.  At its PAX appearance, many gamers who play tested “That Dragon, Cancer” were moved to tears.  Both the film and game are powerful and worth checking out.  Just keep some tissues handy.

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