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Most Exciting Puzzle Games for Android


Most Exciting Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzles have always been a great wait not only to entertain yourself but to train your problem-solving skills and develop mental agility. Catch the list of the most exciting and educative puzzle games for your Android, and don’t forget to check out
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1. Blendoku 2

How well are you in telling one shade of color from another? Blendoku 2 is a great opportunity to figure it out. The idea of this puzzle is quite simple – you need to put the shades of one color from cold to warm or from dark to bright in the right order. Sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s a big challenge even for the most experienced puzzle fans. But don’t worry! All the levels are divided into packs by difficulty so that you can learn how to play and boost your experience over time. 

2. The Room

The Room is a modern classic of puzzle games. It offers you to test how smart you are by finding a way to solve complex mechanical puzzles. Every level features a new mechanism that doesn’t have anything in common with the previous so that you need to learn from the ground up every time you progress. It’s a great puzzle for developing spatial thinking and logic. 

3. Lumosity – Brain Training 

This game offers you to choose a set of skills you want to develop and supplies you with a selection of quick puzzles that are targeted at those specific skills. All the puzzles are developed in collaboration with neuroscientists from Berkley, Stanford, and Harvard universities, so you can be sure that they really work if you train regularly. 

4. Bridge Constructor

Bridges are complicated architectural structures that require great knowledge in physics from architects. But don’t worry, the bridges in this game are not real. Still, they are really challenging to construct. The game gives you a limited amount of cash and materials so that you have to brain out the most effective bridge construction to ensure it’s safe enough to use the bridge. 

5. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

All the puzzles in this exciting game are based on the real laws of physics and require you to draw objects to release a ball from different traps. You start with a blank screen and need to fill it out in the best way. There can be multiple solutions to one problem, and you get more stars for the best ideas, so it’s very fun to replay one level several times. 

6. Flow Free

Can anything be simpler than connecting dots with lines on a field of cells? If you think so, you definitely haven’t played this game yet! Flow Free offers over 600 levels of varying difficulty in which you have to draw pipes avoiding any crossing. According to developers, this may boost your brain efficiency by up to 15%!

7. Logic Pic – Picture Puzzle

This game is based on the popular Japanese crossword puzzle game that requires you to guess pictures instead of words. The game includes cool pixel-art pictures based on popular movies, video games, animals, and many other topics. You can choose any picture from the start and enjoy meditative gameplay. 

Try to Solve It!

Time to download some cool puzzle games and test your wits! Which of the titles would you try today? Tell us about it in the comments and share this listing with friends.

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