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CENTR Enhanced nootropic and adaptogen sparkling water

 CENTR Enhanced nootropic and adaptogen sparkling water

Thank you Centr for sending us samples of the Enhanced and Enhanced+ beverages to review!

Centr natural beverages are designed to give you clarity no matter the time of day. Their offerings range from sparkling beverages to ones including caffeine or CBD. We were sent a four pack or their Enhanced and Enhanced+ beverages. Both of these have nootropics and adaptogens in them.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers and Adaptogens help your body deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Each 12 oz container has 50MG panax notoginseng & astragalus Mebranaceus, 100MG gamma-aminobutyric acid (Gaba), 250 citicoline, and 12.5MG sceletium tortuosum. The caffeinated version has 60MG of natural caffeine which is equivalent to 8oz of instant coffee.

The enhanced beverages have zero calories and no sweeteners. Between the caffeinated and the standard enhanced version, I found the caffeinated one to have a stronger citrus flavor and enjoyed it more. Both claim to be citrus flavor, but it was much more apparent in the caffeinated version. Since I have the taste buds of a five-year-old, I added a pack of Stevia to both. For what its worth, I do the same for other sparkling beverages.

Along with sparkling beverages, Centr also offers ten packs of power packs for $19.99 Sparkling beverages are price on their site at roughly $4 a can. You can save money by enrolling in a subscription plan, referring friends, or signing up to their e-mail list for a 10% off coupon. Ordering through Amazon save you over $1 a can and you can use free Prime shipping if you have it.

My family enjoyed these drinks, but I’m not sure if I want to pay $3-4 a can though. Centr also sells clothing which is reasonably priced when compared to their energy drinks. Beanie hats sell for $14.99 and baseball caps are available for $33.99. Their hoodies are pricier at $64.99. If you can afford their products, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

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