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Adventure Time Season 5

Thank you Cartoon Network for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

Unlike previous seasons, the disc set for season five has twice the number of episodes in it. There are fifty-two action packed and wacky episodes in this collection.  There are shows about love, breaking up, getting married and becoming parents.  This season has it all!

Even though Jake and Rainicorn become parents in this season, they are not the ones getting married.  That honor goes to Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig and it's officiated by the king of Ooo.  Princess Bubblegum doesn't like this impostor king and nearly ruins the wedding trying to discredit him.  

Finn still has feelings for Princess Bubblegum and tries to woo her after his relationship with the Flame Princess goes cold.  Speaking of cold, the Ice King makes many appearances this season as he is living with Finn and Jake since they destroyed his ice castle in the previous season.  There are many flash backs regarding him and his attempts at raising Marceline and keeping his sanity while wielding the power of his crown.  True to his corrupted self, he still kidnaps princesses and tries to get them to marry him.  *spoiler alert* When those attempts fail, he marries his foot instead. /*spoiler alert*

In case you haven't noticed, these episodes are just as wacky as ever.  Sadly, in this season there some episodes that go against Christian values and teachings. In the episode “The Suitor” Peppermint Butler uses dark magic and summons a demon to take control of Cinnamon Bun.  Reincarnation is also introduced in the episode “The Vault” where Finn helps solve a mystery from his former life as a girl named Shoko.  The cartoon violence and potty humor from seasons past is still a given.

Christian parents may want to screen these episodes before letting their kids watch them.  If the moral issues are of no concern, the humor is just as wacky and this set is sure to crack many smiles and giggles.  The Blu-ray currently sells for $32 and the DVD bundle is less than $25.  Fans of the show will find plenty of value in owning these episodes.

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