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8 Music Genres That Everyone Should Listen To

Every person is unique. They have unique tastes, unique opinions as well as unique lifestyles. No two people are identical in nature. But there is one thing that unites everyone. And that is Music. Everyone likes to listen to music.

Well, almost everyone. There can be exceptions of course. They, sure, may not like listening to one genre. Their preference for genres may vary widely. But music is something everybody enjoys. There are some specific genres in music that is a must for everyone to listen to.

So, here is the list and description of 10 music genres that everyone should listen to at least once in their lifetime.

    1. Pop Music:

Pop Music is one of the music genres that is very popular and produces most of the hit songs. Pop Music has a good rhythm and a nice melody. Pop music theory is a formula that is there in most of the songs. Pop music culture started growing in the mid-1950s in the United States and the United Kingdom. Sebastian, a content writer who wrote men's eyebrow trimmer says, “I grew up listening to pop music and it always heals me. Pop is my all-time favourite genre.”

    2. Jazz Music:

It mainly started in the communities of Africa America. Almost all the genres of music can get overlapped by jazz. There is no particular set of instruments for jazz music. Almost any instrument can be used; the only condition is that the instrument must be such that it allows improvisation. Instruments like Guitar, trombone, trumpet, keyboard, drum, and saxophone are used mostly. New York City is considered as the jazz capital. Other places famous for jazz are Chicago, Kansas city. Some famous jazz musicians are Miles Davis, Stan Getz, and Kenny Burrel etc

    3. Indie Music:

Indie music is popularly known as independent music. This kind of music is created independently under different commercial labels. The recording and publishing is done by the artists themselves. There are many indie music artists in India such as Nucleya, The Local Train, Meera Shenoy, Prateek Kuhad etc.

This form has been able to bring about a massive revolution in the music industry. Artists discover and experiment with different styles and create an amalgamation of their own.

During the covid crisis, this form of music has gained popularity. Many channels and programs these days support this form of music. There are many sub genres under it like indie-pop, indie-metal etc. A writer at best flushing toilets named Zoya says, “Indie music is my favourite genre and I recommend Indie music to each and every person out there”

    4. Folk Music:

Folk music is a form of musical engagement that doesn't involve very polished musicians. It usually depicts the stories of ordinary people. These are transmitted from person to person.

Musicians these days do a lot of experimentation with folk music. They blend folk music with contemporary or classical and create new genres. The name has its origin from the German word 'volk' which means 'the people'.

Some examples of folk music artists are Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins etc.

India too has its share in the folk musicians' list. Some Indian musicians who practise folk music are Tetseo Sisters, Maati Baani, Indian Ocean, Masala Coffee etc.

Folk music is a way of telling the daily stories of people's lives. Some also contain ballads that narrate stories of Kings, brave men.

    5. Electronic Dance Music:

This is a very popular form of music. It can be played on different equipment. This is common in dance clubs, night parties etc. Major festivals play this kind of music. Some famous edm artists of the world are David Guetta, Marshmello etc.

In India, Dj Suketu, Dj Pearl, Nucleya are some famous edm players. One has to learn DJing to practise and become an EDM artist. DJs perform live PA in concerts.

DJs mix up various tracks and create another track containing those. Sanchita, a writer at EmbraceGardening says “I am a party freak and hence nothing for me is a better music genre than good Electronic Dance Music.”

    6. Punk Music:

Punk is a music genre that emerged in the mid-1970s. Rooted in 1960s garage rock, punk bands rejected the perceived excesses of mainstream 1970s rock. Punk fashion was originally an expression of nonconformity, as well as opposition to both mainstream culture and the status quo.

Punk fashion often displays aggression, rebellion, and individualism. Some punks wear accessories, clothing or have tattoos that express socio political messages.

Many other underground music genres, such as crossover thrash, indie music, alternative rock, as well as heavy metal are examples of such genres that were influenced hugely by the then punk music style.

    7. Hip Hop/Rap Music:

It is also called the music of rap. It contains rhythms. Emceeing, beat boxing, deejaying, beatboxing are some of its elements. Drake, Jay Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne are some of the artists practising this. It has become very popular in the 21st century.

Many singles and albums of hip hop have been released in the past few years. In India, Raftaar, Badshah, Raja Kumari, Blaaze perform this form of music.

Ronak, who provides CDR writing services says, “I am a part time dancer and a full time writer. Dancing helps me get all my stress out. And I prefer Hip Hop dance as well as music, over any other kind of genres that are out there.”

    8. Classical Music:

This form of music is developed and designed by professionals. 1750 to 1820 is considered the period of classical music. One has to be trained to practice this form.

In India, there are two forms of classical music. One is the North Indian called the Hindustani. The other is the South Indian called the Carnatic. Some famous classical musicians are Zakir Hussain, Ravi Shankar, Shivkumar Sharma etc.

There are 12 forms of swaras which under different combinations form the ragas. One can master this form of music through rigorous practice.

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