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5 Ways To Achieve A Professional Instagram Profile

5 Ways To Achieve A Professional Instagram Profile


I use social media daily to keep up with friends and family, and of course, to grow my business. With 800 million current active users, Instagram is clearly a favorite! From posting stories and captions to growing our followers, Instagram is a great community. Of course, the downside to having an active life on social media is that whatever you post today will remain online forever.


If you care about public perception, take a look at my top five tips below to help you create a sleek and professional Instagram profile.


  1. Make It Clean


It's crucial to keep your profile posts on Instagram clean and professional. That means you should limit what you post, and definitely don't keep up anything that has you partying, clubbing or otherwise acting wild. If you wouldn't want your elderly grandmother to see it, it probably shouldn't remain on your profile. After all, the goal here is to look classy and make yourself look good for the future relationships you build.


  1. Captions Do Matter


Apart from your photos being important, your captions are next on the list. Objectively, what do your captions say about your pictures? It's crucial to clean up the text and make sure that they are professional, clean, and concise. Hashtags that are immature, rowdy or have foul language have no place on a curated profile.


  1. Stick To One Filter


In the name of professionalism, make sure you stick to only one filter type on your profile. Have a running theme throughout your profile because it can look messy if you don't. For example, if you constantly replace your photo backgrounds and turn them white, do this for all of your photos consistently.


  1. Keep It Natural


Don't go overboard and change how you look by using Photoshop. You don't want to make yourself look fake or as if you're trying too hard. Remain true to yourself, and you will still get plenty of likes.


  1. First Impressions Matter


When posting or doing anything on social media, think of it as building your personal brand. In most instances, your profile is going to become the first impression that people have of you. In short, consider how you look to strangers, visit to reach more of your target audience. If you don't think that your current profile highlights your best assets, consider further editing.


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