When I first heard about this program, I didn\'t believe it, but they said it. So I gave it a try. It came with a simple Installing package. It is an evaluation version (unless you crack it.. but no need), but it stays fully functional (just the tip of the day sign staying up for a while). I\'ll be going over couple features about this nifty software.


It comes with a little installation package that is less then 1Mb. So even with a 56k modem its no problem to download. There are many different features in such small program. My favorite one is of course, the Clock setter. This feature is basically the main part of the Overclocking. Powerstrip is usually run at the Taskbar icons, at the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking it would look something like this..

==Videocard performance==

By clicking the performance profiles, and going to configure, you will find another window with a clock setter on it.

This picture briefly shows the clock setting part of the program. The Left bar is the Core engine. Thats the engine that determines the FPS (frames) in a game or a 3d application. If your on a stock cool(cooling util that the vidcard camewith), you may not want to get too far with overclocking, because without a proper supply of cooling system, your card will simply burn up. The Right bar is the Memory clock setting. You probably don\'t need to bother with this because it just determines the memory\'s chip(or engine u may say) speed, it doesn\'t not increase your ram capasity. If your an advanced user, u may want to go over all the features, but if your a simple gamer looking for a fine fps, this is the main part that you need to touch. I have tested this on Counter-Strike, on my ATI Radeon 9000 128 pro, and the Fps showed a lot of difference. (Specially when there was that annoying smokegrenade thrown) The Shifting of Fps stopped thankfully, and almost always stayed 100. If your videocard\'s software doesn\'t support turning off the V-sync, its all in the powerstrip\'s performance feature.

==Other features==

Color-If you wanted to tweak your monitor color, go ahead! this is the place for you. This is not necessary for the use of other utilities this software gives. Display-Part where you can fix the Refreshrates. Not necessary if you turned off the V-sync, but incase you want to push your card a bit further. Application-place to put shortcuts or do further videocard tweaks. Not necessary. I suggest you leave it alone if you do not know what your doing. :) In-game/application shortcut feature-You can do this by going to Pstrip\'s option menu. You can up your clock setting inside a game, or inside an application, and finding out the best clock setting for the application you use. You can save the settings also in the Performance profile.


Powerstrip was a life-saver that showed up to me. There are many other overclocking software such as riva-tuner and ragetweak etc. However, i found powerstrip working perfect for all videocards. It supports almost all the videocards out there, from Nvidia\'s GeForce to ATI\'s Radeon series. If your a gamer, it\'s a must-try software. If you have any questions, post in the forum, I\'ll be happy to answer any questions.

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