Sometimes, being a gamer, I wondered if there would be a videocard driver, that can actually speed up, be safe to use, support all the retail video drivers, and even overclock your VPU (visual processing unit). I\'ve found it, and it\'s all in one, Omega Videocard Driver. My current videocard is ATI Radeon 9600XT, as an upgrade from my previous Radeon 9000 Pro. It\'s an awesome videocard, and I played well in CS with about 95-100 fps average. Then again, I wanted to push it a bit in case of smoke grenade sprite spamming, and for some graphically intense maps. I found my way to the Omega Corner website, which told me that they had a driver that could speed up and overclock at the same time, while using the same core specifications as the original driver. I didn\'t believe it, until i found that ATI retailers actually encouraged users to get the omega driver. All you do is download the driver and install. No hassle, just install. I actually got a better score on a benchmark testing, just by installing the driver. It proved it all. I even tried overclocking using the \'Radlinker,\' the Overclocking Util included in the driver. It even went further up the score through benchmarking. My average fps went up about 97-100, not much since its already a great card, but for some gamers who want to push their computer a bit further, or for those with low/medium end cards, would definitely want to try this videocard. Hopefully this software is the thing for you! Until then, -FlashoN P.S. :/ Sorry guys, I couldn\'t obtain webspace to upload the pictures i made. no images this time. If you have problems/questions, feel free to ask/email me.


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