Game Info:

Roblox Adopt Me!
Developed By: NewFizzy and Bethink
Published By: Roblox
Released: July 2017
Available On: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Android
Genre: Simulation, MMORPG
ESRB Rating: None Specified but recommend by roblox 13 and above, account setting has parental filters
Number of Players: Single to multiplayer with free private servers
Price: $0 to infinite

Raise and dress cute pets, decorate your house, and play with friends in the magical, family-friendly world of Roblox Adopt Me! 

Roblox Adopt Me! is not a parent's dream and may harm a child's innocence due to the nature of monitored and unmonitored online play. It is best played with parental guidance and filters, if at all. In it you control either parents or babies and pets.

Journal: Afternoon login on day 48 of Roblox Adopt Me!
I have decided to be on the kid’s team instead of the parents team. This allows real-live strangers to put me in my virtual bed at night. I have many needs as a baby. I get dirty and need a shower or bathe in a hot tub in my clothes, of course, in this ‘family safe’ game. Eventually a book icon pops up and I need to go to school. I am currently saving up to buy a motorcycle to ride with my pet frog I’ve named Happy Hopper.

Roblox Adopt Me!

Strong Points:  Chat in game, in game house editing and decorating, pet player customization, pet trading is addictive. Fun simple co-op.
Weak Points: Clothing choices, graphics dated, some items can only be purchased with real money used as credits.  Some pets take awhile to level up, magic used.  (See Deut. 18:10)
Moral Warnings: Note to Parents practice online child safety- children giving out personal info, having unknown users in game, witchcraft, text can have bad language.  Scams\misplaced trust; scary looking or provocative costumes. 

2 Peter 2:19

19b … “For you are a slave to whatever controls you.”

In school kids can ‘steal’ an apple from the teachers desk or write anything on the school chalkboard. Some words deemed inappropriate are filtered out. The player attire can have custom names and clothing and look like different beings and objects from cars and girls to puppies, demons, and unicorns. The clothing does not show private parts, but players can wear clothes the same color of their skin to give the impression of them being naked. Though players can wear pins to name their orientation.

After taking a nap, I was able to collect a check for my income and noticed I’ve become sick and my character will need to go to the hospital. Masks are not needed but optional in this virtual world.

No one dies or looses health. Needs include eating, drinking (no alcohol), going to the park complete with playground equipment and obstacle courses nearby, and going to the hospital , camping involving roasting marshmallows and tents, pool party, and being bored.

Magic is Optional in this game though players need to be wary of the sleight of hand in this game as both real and virtual money may be used. Trading scams are often used by real life players in the game such as telling other players they are poor or having a one way trust trade agreement in order to steal a pet. Once a parent avatar, played by real live person, threatened to kidnap my avatar to keep me from leaving their virtual home.

Roblox Adopt Me!
Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 72%
Gameplay - 16/20
Graphics - 5/10
Sound – 7/10
Stability - 4/5
Controls 4/5

Morality Score - 44%
Violence - 10/10
Language – 5/10 (Custom text)
Sexual Content - 2/10
Occult/Supernatural - 3/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical - 2/10 (Someone discussed cutting themselves/personal problems in real time text)

Thankfully players can come and go from servers game environments as they choose and jump to be let go from parents. Players have the option to be invited to families and selectively choose friends to be with on the roblox platform, much like facebook. This can give the players feelings of emotional attachment to other players in the game. They also have the options to only trade with friends, or disable trading which helps prevent scamming.

Pets are a big part of this game and the spirits of 4 pets can be combined in game to create a legendary neon pet. Magic is also needed in the game to have a pet be ridden or flown. Parents in the game are able to pick up and drop babies.

Many groups of items can be purchased in game. From housing and furniture to buy and sell. Vehicles such as wooden trains, bikes, hang-gliders, off-road jeeps, and even a banana with wheels each feel different to drive. Toys are available to collect. Some give the players special abilities such as a propeller or zeppelin shaped balloon to help the player float.

Roblox Adopt Me! is a free alternative to commercial Animal Crossing type of games. Parents can be diligent in protecting the orphaned, fatherless, and widowed.

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