I think I finally found a clean role playing game! It\'s fun, challenging and worth the $10 a month. You, along with thousands are called to the land of Dereth. The scenery is beautiful and the monsters are unique, it\'s not your typical orc\'s and goblins.

The character creation is really complex, you chose your race, facial features, clothing colors, and your specialty, you can go with warrior, thief, alchemist, mage etc or custom. They put a lot of thought in designing this game. There is a complex alliance system, kind of like multilevel marketing, except with experience points. Also the magic in this game is really unique, spells lose a little power the more they are used, so it\'s recommended to create your own spells and not tell others so they remain powerful. The players in this game are friendly and are willing to help others out. It\'s great.

From a Christian standpoint, this game is pretty good. There is magic use but you don\'t have to use it. There is a way to enable player killing but it is not easy to do and is not the default. Other than that I didn\'t find anything wrong with this game. The game itself was easy to install, If you are not a member of the gaming zone you have to download and set that up too. When you first log into the game there is a big update on a 56k modem it takes about 30-45 minutes to get, after that the game runs quick and stable.

The graphics are great and it has nice video card support. The game play is good and thorough, it doesn\'t officially end and you can always find new quests and monsters. They do update the land so that always adds a twist. All in all this is a great adventure.

Final Ratings:
Appropriate: 4/5
Interface: 5/5
Game Play: 5/5
Sound: 3/5
Graphics: 5/5
Stability: 4/5
Overall: 87%

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