Game Info:

Developed by: Thomas Bowker
Published by: Thomas Bowker
Released: March 17, 2014
Available on: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
Genre: Puzzle
Number of players: 1
Price: $2.99
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LYNE is a deceptively simple game to learn. If you've ever played “connect the dots,” you have an idea as to how to play this game. Or a rough idea, at least, because the game is a lot more challenging than it lets on at first.

The game consists of a series of shapes on a simple grid. The size of the puzzle varies based on the challenge. One to three colorful shapes will be on the grid, and you need to connect each shape with a single, continuous line. Each of the colored shapes may only be used once in the line, and the lines are only allowed to intersect through the gray, octagonal shapes. In addition, the octagons have a number of diamond-shaped holes which indicates how many lines need to pass through it. If all the shapes are connected, and all the holes filled, the puzzle is completed, and the challenge moves to the next puzzle.


Strong Points: Simple to learn, some challenging puzzles
Weak Points: Repetitive
Moral Warnings: None!

There are a total of 26 sets, each with 25 puzzles. As each set is completed, you receive “triangles,” which unlock more sets. You also can receive triangles for completing daily challenges. In addition to the sets, accumulating triangles also unlocks different color pallets. Even if the 26 sets are completed, the daily challenges allow you to continue to play. For those that enjoy these puzzle challenges, LYNE has enough to keep players happy for quite some time.

The games can grow repetitive after too long. Fortunately, the game can be played in short segments. It can be a nice way to relax, especially after a tough day at work or a particularly frustrating challenge. 

Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 82%
Gameplay - 16/20
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 8/10
Stability - 5/5
Controls - 5/5

Morality Score - 100%
Violence - 10/10
Language - 10/10
Sexual Content - 10/10
Occult/Supernatural - 10/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical - 10/10

The game doesn't have a soundtrack, but connecting the shapes leads to a pleasant, flute-like sound. It's a bit musical sounding that helps with the relaxed atmosphere. The graphics are colorful, and the variety of pallets makes it easy to find a color combination that is pleasing to use. 

There are a couple other reasons to consider the game. For starters, the price is only $2.99, which is a very attractive price for a simple game that can lead to hours of fun. Secondly, if purchased on Steam, there are achievements for each of the sets, which are identified by letter. A player who wants to use the “Achievement Showcase” on their Steam profile can use the letters on the achievements to spell out words. 

There aren't any issues to be worried about in terms of moral issues. The design of the game doesn't even allow for questionable content. 

The game is a fun and affordable puzzle game that enthusiasts will find entertaining for quite some time. The potential fun of the Steam achievements serves as an additional perk for the game. I recommend the game for any casual gamer or those who like intellectual challenges.

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