Game Info:

 Colony Defense (PC)
Developed By: Mana Bomb Game Studio
Release Date: March 2010
Available on: PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Tower Defense
ESRB Rating: N/R
Retail price: $4.95

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With no clear back story or indication of who you are, you find yourself defending thirty-four planets from unprovoked alien attacks.  We’re not talking a couple hovering UFOs here; there are swarms of alien fleets gunning for your helpless colonies.   You must quickly erect and deploy defense turrets in strategic locations since money is scarce.  As you destroy enemy ships, you’ll earn some money back to build more defenses.  You’ll need them.

You’re only allowed a limited number of breaches into your bases before you lose.  If you successfully defend the colonies from the attackers, you’ll be awarded talent points.  You can spend the talent points on upgrading your weapon range, firing rate, lowering the build and upgrade costs and so on.   If there are no casualties you’ll earn an extra talent point.  Fortunately you can always go back and try again if you’re not happy with your score.


Strengths: Low price, Challenging game play.

Weaknesses: Not very flashy, obvious Xbox 360 port

Moral Warnings: Some language in the text


When you start a level you’ll have about twenty seconds or so to rotate the planet to locate your colonies and enemy spawn points.  The aliens are limited to only travel on the specified paths but these paths get pretty complex as you progress in the game.  I like to place my turrets near cross roads and the enemy spawn areas.  As you level up, you’ll have access to bigger and better defense systems including an orbital ion canon.  When you first begin the campaign, you\'ll only have access to get laser turrets and flame throwers.

The enemy will take different routes and can be unpredictable at times.  Be sure to add variety in your arsenal since the alien spacecrafts get immune to your defenses.     When the aliens get immune you can upgrade your weapons or recycle and replace them with different types of defense systems.

Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score: 70%

Game Play: 12/20

Graphics: 7:10

Sound: 7/10

Stability: 5/5

Controls/Interface: 4/5

Moral Score: 87%

Violence: 7/10

Language: 6.5/10

Sexual Content:10/10

Occult/Supernatural: 10/10

Cultural/Ethical/Moral: 10/10


The 3D graphics are not that flashy but they get the job done.  Some of the planets have weird textures and sometimes you can see where the textures begin and end.  My only nitpick here is that you can obviously tell this game is an Xbox 360 port with the Xbox controller buttons showing up in the menu buttons.

There is no voice acting so you have to read some text before each level starts.  The background music is decent and pleasant to listen to.  The sound effects consist of weapons firing and alien ships blowing up.


Maybe it’s better that there’s no voice acting; there’s some harsh language in some of the dialogue.   Other than that, there are the obvious explosions from the alien vessels being destroyed by your defense systems.  Like many RTS games, there’s no blood or gruesome details shown.

I had no problems running this game on my system.  It’s a pretty straight forward Tower Defense game where you have to protect yourself from hordes of enemies.  There’s no multiplayer or varying difficulty levels.  With thirty-four planets to defend, you’ll get your $5 worth of game play.  If you like Tower Defense style games, I would check this one out if you don’t mind the language.


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