This Christian game is fun. The graphics and sound are good. I like the idea behind it, you are a Christian warrior who has to free your mentor and brethren from the evil Roman soldiers. To do this, you must convert them with the sword of the spirit. This game isn\'t violent, you don\'t see any blood. In fact I didn\'t realize I died at first. You blast those roman soldiers with your sword and convert them. I wish converting people was this easy in real life! When you find yourself low on health, read bible scrolls. This game is great for kids! The game is easy to install. The graphics and scenery are good. Sound effects are good too. The voice acting is so-so. The game is stable, I had no problems running it. However there is a patch available. The controls are easy to use. There is no multiplayer in the demo. The only complaint I have is, I wish the AI was a little smarter. But I would highly recommend this game to any child or Christian. You can get it at CovenantGames.com.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 5/5 Interface 5/5 Game Play 4/5 Music/Sound 3.5/5 Graphics 4/5 Stability 4/5

Overall 85%

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Cheryl Gress

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