System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000. CPU: 266mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 64 MB HDD: 125 MB VIDEO: Video Memory 8MB or higher , 3D Acceleration Video Card SOUND: 16 Bit Sound Card Compatible with Direct Sound 56K connection for multiplayer

This Demo is distributed by Real Networks. The demo allows 60 minutes of game play. The full version is $19.99, with that you get music, more levels and LAN network play. You can get the game here. I would like to think of this game as a cross between Unreal tournament and Mech Warrior. When you start the game, you get to choose your anime style pilot. Each pilot has different attributes. Including mobility (how fast you turn), speed, defense (armor/shields), scan (targeting) and load (how much you can carry). It\'s not just about the pilot. You control a mech like robot called an ARM. You can customize your ARM, you can choose it\'s color, weaponry, and armor. It too has attributes to consider. The attributes for the ARM include Mobility (dodging), Basic Speed (with out boost), Maximum Speed (speed of travel with boost), and Booster Energy (how long and how often you can boost). Now that you know your character and ARM, lets talk about the weaponry and items you can get during game play. There are many types of guns like shot guns, lasers and rocket launchers. There is also a variety of items you can pick up during game play. This includes ammo, shields, armor, health, even invisibility. There are two game modes available in the demo. Skirmish allows you to play offline against the computer. You get a partner to help you of course, the AI in this game is pretty good. The other mode is multiplayer where you choose a server and play against actual people. From a Christian standpoint, this game is pretty good. Yes, you get to shoot down other people, but they are robots so there\'s no blood. Just robot fragments. :) One interesting note, this game was developed in Korea, if you go to their website, it has an anime girl with skimpy clothes. The game was easy to install. The graphics were good. Good sound effects. Music is not available in the demo. The game has a nice interface, it\'s easy to learn and use. The game ran well, no stability problems. It ran good in Windows 2000. Over all this is a fun game. For $20, you can\'t go wrong.

Final Ratings

Graphics B+ Game play B Sound B Interface A Stability A+ Offensive Content B

Overall B+

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