Pokemon Yellow is an enhanced version of Pokemon Blue and Red. It came out with the original Gameboy and it does offer some color support if you are using a Gameboy color or better.


Your story begins in Pallet Town, where there lives a world famous Pokemon scientist named professor Oak. He has a grandson who will be your main competition throughout the game. Professor Oak issues you each a Pokemon. Your Pokemon is Pikachu who follows you around since he doesn't like being kept in a Pokeball. Your mission is to help Professor Oak add information to his Pokedex by collecting and battling other Pokemon throughout the land.


There are two main goals in this game. The first is to collect Pokemon, hence the catch phrase ?Gotta catch them all!?. The other goal is to win badges from gym trainers in various towns. The badges allow Pokemon of higher levels to obey you and they also provide enhancements to your Pokemon. After you have all eight badges it?s time to face the elite four to prove that you are the best trainer of them all.


You will be battling many wild Pokemon, trainers and a Pokemon gang called Team Rocket. When you engage in battle your default Pokemon will come out to fight. Your options will be to switch to another Pokemon, Run, use an Item, or fight. Each Pokemon has an elemental specialty. For example Pikachu is an electrical Pokemon. Electric will work well against water based Pokemon. All the moves a Pokemon can make are limited by power points. When you run out of them you can no longer make that move until you heal up your Pokemon at a Pokemon center. If you Pokemon loses a battle they will faint and you can bring out another Pokemon to replace them if you have one available.


The graphics are nothing spectacular but each Pokemon does have it?s own unique look. Most of the trainers and Rockets you fight use the same graphic for that particular group. The battle animations are decent. Even though I?m impressed by the colorization of the game, the towns are a bit bland in color.
Graphics: 7


The sound is pretty good. There is no talking in the game, other than Pikachu. The Pokemon make unique noises. The music is very nice and there are melodies that will get stuck in your head. The towns have their own tune and there is battle music, cave music and music when you ride your bicycle.
Sound: 9
Stability: 5


The controls in this game are pretty simple. Battles are straight forward. You can customize the order of your Pokemon. Controls/Interface: 5
Game Score: 46/50


The pokemon only ?faint? in battle. They can also be burned, frozen, paralyzed or poisoned. Pikachu screams when he faints.
Violence: -2.5
Blood: -0
There is no blood.
Gore: -0
There is no gore.

Someone might have said ?crap?, but I can?t remember.

Language: -2

Sexual Dialogue/Innuendo: -0


Sexual Content/Nudity:

Some of the girl swimmers wear bikinis and some of the guy swimmers wear Speedos. Other than that this is a clean game.

Sexual Content/Nudity -3.5

Sexual Content: -0


In one of the towns there is a burial tower for pokemon where trainers that are labeled ?channelers? are. They use ghost type pokemon, and are some are supposedly possessed by the spirits of the dead pokemon before you battle them. Also, there is a pokemon in the burial tower that you have to battle, when you get done with the battle it says that it?s spirit was calmed and that it passed on to the afterlife. There is a person in the tower who practices white magic to make a healing area for you. Most pokemon ?evolve? when they get to a certain level often times this is a drastic evolution that changes the appearance and powers.
Occult/Supernatural: -3

Occult/Supernatural used by Player:

There are psychic pokemon in the game, but they use their own mind to do their attacks, and are in no way occult, there are also some ?psychic? trainers who seem to think that they can predict the future, also, their animation shows them levitating poke balls.

Occult/Supernatural used by Player:-3.5


There is a ?Game Corner? where you can buy coins and use them to play the slots.




Gross humor:-0


Traditional/Family Values/ Decision Making:-0


This is a fun RPG game and I can see why so many people play it. There is a lot of replay value if you have friends with Yellow, Red, and Blue games you can trade Pokemon. You can also level up Pokemon you caught in Pokemon stadium or Colusseum.

Final Score: 80%


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