In Pokemon Red you go around catching pokemon (little cute monster things) and using them for fighting other trainers. The main goal is to beat the top four pokemon trainers in the world.


You start off with one pokemon and try to catch more to add to your collection. Watch out though! Other trainers are out there, if they see you, they\'ll challenge you to a pokemon battle. This is actually a good thing. If your pokemon defeats the other pokemon, it gets experience points. The more experience points it gets, it levels up. If it gets up to a certain level, it evolves, unlocking new attacks for it. The idea is to raise your pokemon to get tough so you can take on Gym Leaders. Gym Leaders are the best of the best when it comes to pokemon battles. If you beat a Gym Leader, he gives you a badge. The badge unlocks new abilities. If you beat enough Gym Leaders, you get to take on the top four pokemon trainers in the world.

How do I win a battle?

Winning a pokemon battle requires both strategy and strength. If your pokemon is a higher level than the one you\'re fighting, you have an advantage. Also, the types of pokemon fighting has a big effect on the battle. For example: If a water pokemon is fighting a rock pokemon, the water pokemon is most likely going to win. Another factor in the battle is the types of attacks you use. Each pokemon can have as many as four different attacks. You can also delete one attack to get another, so choose wisely. Each attack is special in it\'s own way. Some attacks paralyze pokemon, letting you attack them for a number of turns. Some attacks are devastating on some pokemon, while on others you wonder if you even hit them.


The graphics are okay. The game is old, so the graphics aren\'t up to date, but I thought they were fine.


From what I\'ve seen, most Game Boy titles have music that drives people crazy. It gets into your head and you can\'t get it out. I enjoyed this game\'s music though. There was one thing that annoyed me with the music. If a trainer sees you and challenges you to a battle, a weird sound comes announcing the battle. This is okay at first, but when you\'re in an area with a bunch of trainers and you have to hear that every two seconds, you\'ve got a problem. The battle sounds are okay.


This is where the game fails, BIGTIME! First, there is evolution. You can keep your pokemon from evolving by pressing B during the process, but I don\'t think you\'d want to. When a pokemon evolves, it unlocks new attacks. Secondly, there are psychic pokemon. They use their minds to produce physical attacks.

Overall Rating: 73%

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