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                        Luigi's Mansion



Version 1.1






1.  Blue Ghosts are rare, and finding them will give you emeralds.

2.  The best strategy for all ghosts(especially the green ghosts, and   

    portrait ghosts) is to pull them into a corner, and keep pressing    

    towards that corner.

3.  Mice, and bats can be sucked up without shining the flashlight on    


4.  Before you open a door, check the map('Y' button) to verify it is 

    a real door, and not a fake door that will hurt you.

5.  Remember the rooms that have large red hearts.  You can go back to 

    them over and over again regaining your health.  The baby's room is 

    the first best example of this.

6.  Did one of the Boo ghosts disappear into a room or area that you 

    can not easily get to??  Well then, just save, and that Boo ghost 

    will be back in its original room.

7.  Once the lights come on in the Foyer, the chandelier will no longer     

    fall on you.  You can now suck on it for a lot of cash, do so from 

    the top of the stairs.

8.  Luigi's Mansion has a nice little shortcut in it.  Hit the 'X' 

    button, and then the 'A' button on any mirror in the Mansion.  You 

    will be instantly warped to the Foyer.

9.  There are some golden mice in the mansion that will give you lots 

    of money for vacuuming them up.  There is one in the 2F Hallway on 

    the south end near the exploding ghosts.  I knocked on that south 

    wall in the corner, and the mouse came out.

10. Get all 50 Boos, and you will get a giant diamond.

11. Beat the game, and you get a new option of 'Hidden Mansion.'



A thank you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who discovered a mistake in my 

training section about which button to press.  It now says the right 

button of 'R' not 'Y'.


1.   Gamestart

2.   Training

3.   Gallery

4.   Foyer

5.   Parlor

6.   Anteroom

7.   Wardrobe room

8.   The Study

9.   Master Bedroom

10.  Baby Room

11.  Baby Boss Battle

12.  Back to the Lab

13.  Bathroom

14.  The Ballroom

15.  Storage Room

16.  Hunting Boo's

17.  Washroom

18.  Fortune Teller's Room

19.  Mirror Room

20.  Back to Fortune Teller's Room

21.  Laundry Room

22.  The Butler's Room

23.  Hidden Room

24.  Conservatory

25.  Dining Room

26.  Kitchen

27.  Boneyard

28.  Graveyard

29.  Boss Battle

30.  Courtyard

31.  Rec Room

32.  Tea Room

33.  Bathroom 2F

34.  Washroom 2F

35.  Nana's Room

36.  Astral Hall

37.  2F Observatory

38.  Billiard's Room

39.  Projection Room

40.  Return to Fortune Teller's Room

41.  Safari Room

42.  3F Balcony

43.  Lights Out

44.  Breaker Room

45.  Cellar

46.  Telephone Room

47.  ClockWork Room

48.  Roof

49.  Sealed Room

50.  Sitting Room

51.  Guest Room

52.  Armory

53.  Ceramics Studio

54.  Pipe Room

55.  Cold Storage

56.  The Artist's Studio

57.  Secret Altar

58.  King Boo inside Bowser





The game starts with a little cut scene of Luigi looking at the map of 

his winning a Mansion(thus Luigi's Mansion).  You then see him walk up 

to the mansion, and some crows are watching him.  First thing you will 

notice is there a door right in front of you with a pulsing web on it.  

Do not walk up to this door.  It will only hurt you.  You can open this 

door after you get the key for it.  Okay, now head up the stairs.  You 

will notice a double door in front of you.  Press 'A' to try and open 

the door.  It is locked.  Head back down the stairs.  This opens another 

cut scene.  A ghost will drop a key right in the middle of that circle 

on the floor.  Pick up the key(walk over it).  Head back up the 

stairs(feel like a yo-yo yet).  Now you can open the double doors at the 

top of the stairs.  When you do, another little cut scene will appear 

with Professor E. Gadd trying to get some ghosts.  You two will leave, 

and appear back in the professors lab.



The Professor will explain a lot of things.  He tells you about Mario 

coming here before you.  He gives you the Poltergust 3000, and the 

Gameboy Horror(both essential items).  The professor then will let you 

train in a room.  The concept is simple: hit the ghosts with the 

flashlight to have them show their hearts, then press the 'R' button to 

start sucking up the ghost, and then press in the opposite direction on 

the analog joystick of the ghost to suck it up.  Sounds easy right?!?  

Once you get the hang of it, its simple.  When the training is done, you 

will get the choice of seeing his gallery.  Might as well.



The professor explains about his gallery, and the 21 ghosts paintings 

that were there.  He also explains one of the Gameboy Horror's usages: 

Press 'X' button to view your surroundings.  Walk around the gallery, 

and then come back to the professor.  When given the choices pick 'Go 

Back to the Lab.'  He will then ask where you want to go.  Pick 'The 




You will now be back in the mansion, and in the Foyer.  If you are 

unclear where you are hit the 'Y' button to see your Gameboy Horror 

which will tell you.  Do not step forward into the circle.  If you do 

the chandelier will try to fall on you(Note: you can move out of the 

way, but you must do it quickly).  Talk to the little Toad guy, he will 

tell you about Mario.  He will then let you save.  Head up the stairs 

and suck up the coins on the floor.  Also suck on the two vases, they 

will sometimes give money, or hearts(for health).  You can move the 'C' 

stick up or down(along with left or right) to hit items at different 

levels/areas.  Open the double doors for...



Suck up the money on the floor.  Walk up to the purple candles, and suck 

on them, until all six go out.  The paintings will then get mad at you, 

and then you will have to fight three yellow ghosts.  After you defeat 

them, the lights will come on, and a small treasure chest will appear.  

Open the chest for a key.  Try sucking on everything in the room for 

money(even the chandelier).  Use your key on the door in the upper right 

hand corner of the room.  Open the door for...



You will be instantly locked into the Anteroom.  Be careful to not touch 

the doors(if you do, you will lose money and health).  Suck up the 

yellow ghosts, and the lavender ghosts.  When you get them all, the 

lights will come back on, and the doors will be unlocked.  Again suck on 

all of the furniture in the room for money, and health.  Head to the 

door on the left hand wall, open it for the...


                             WARDROBE ROOM

Be very careful in this room, there are yellow ghosts, and green ghosts.  

Green ghosts throw banana peels that can make you fall down.  Stay away 

from the cabinets on the north side of the room until you are sure you 

have gotten all the other ghosts.  The right side cabinet has a Blue 

Ghost in it.  The left hand side cabinet has a Yellow Ghost in it.  

After getting that Yellow Ghost(and all the others) the lights will come 

on.  Don't forget vacuum on everything in the room.  On top of the coat 

rack is a key.  Start vacuuming while facing the key, and press down on 

the 'C' stick to have the vacuum raise up to bring the key down to you.  

Take the door on the left hand side of the room to step out on a little 

balcony.  Talk to the toadstool guy there, and he will let you save.  In 

case you have not noticed yet, when you get a key, the Gameboy Horror 

instantly comes up, and shows you the map, and puts the key over the 

door it will unlock.  Once you get to that door, and start to try and 

open it, Professor E. Gadd will page you on the Gameboy Horror. He will 

tell you that some portrait ghosts are coming up, and they are harder to 

catch.  He tells you to press the 'X' button near their hearts to get a 

clue as to how catch them.  Now you can open the door, and you will be 

in a hallway(Note: you must start being careful, check the map to make 

sure any door you open is a real door, and not a fake one that will hurt 

you).  Suck up the money on the floor, and suck up the mice so they do 

not hurt you.  Take the first door on the north side to enter...


                            THE STUDY 

This is the first portrait ghost.  Before bothering with him, be careful 

of the flying books that will come at you from the far north right 

corner.  You can suck them up, so no worries.  Suck on the chair in the 

upper right corner, and when the Blue Ghost appears, stop sucking, and 

shine your light on him.  The portrait ghost is in the rocking chair on 

the left hand side.  Stand just in front of him on the south side side.  

Start your vacuuming, and when he yawns quickly move in behind him.  You 

will surprise him, and start sucking him up(he has 100 health).  Try and 

work him to the lower left hand corner of the room, that way the flying 

books will miss you, and anything he throws at you will miss you.  After 

beating him, the lights will come on, and a chest will appear.  Open the 

chest for a key.  Leave the study, and head to the end of the hallway, 

and open the last door on the north side to enter...


                       MASTER BEDROOM

The portrait ghost here is combing her hair in front of that mirror.  

Walk right past her, and vacuum on the right hand side drapes.  When 

they open a draft will enter from a hole in the window.  She will 

shriek, and that is the time to shine your flashlight on her.  Her heart 

will appear, and you can start sucking her in(she will also have 100 

health).  Again try and pull the ghost into a corner, and keep pressing 

into the corner.  If she escapes she will close the drapes, so you have 

to repeat the process to finish her off.  A small chest will appear that 

has a key in it.  I am gonna stop telling you to suck on all the 

furniture(it should be a habit by now).




                        BABY ROOM

After saving, head to the second door in the hallway on the south side. 

The baby is in its crib.  In the upper corner is a small dresser with a 

lamp on it.  This houses a Large Red Heart(will heal 50 of your health 

points).  The first thing to do is to suck on the Rocking Chair, and 

make it rock.  This will make the baby come to the Rocking Chair.  He 

will then want to play with you, be careful because he likes to launch 

his teddy bears at you, but you can just suck them up, so no worries.  

Go over, and suck on the ball near the crib, and get it stuck on your 

Poltergust 3000.  Line up the baby, and then hit the 'R' button to shoot 

it at him.  When you do, he will cry, and this will start the Boss 



                      BABY BOSS BATTLE

You will now be in what looks like the baby crib, and the baby will be 

HUGE.  Oooh and he is not pleased with you.  He launches rocking chairs 

at you, just avoid them(avoid them by going right or left).  He will 

then send 4 large bouncing balls at you, avoid them, but look for one 

that is left.  Walk up to the one ball that is left, and suck it up.  

The baby will then throw a fit.  Hit him with the ball, and his heart 

will appear(he has 100 health).  Start sucking him up.  If you are quick 

you can drag him to the north far left corner, and the baby ghost will 

stay there awhile before breaking free.  If you are not quick, then the 

baby goes in a clockwise square pattern, dragging you along.  If he does 

the latter then just press in the opposite direction while you are being 

dragged.  He will then bounce around the crib trying to hit you(real 

simple to avoid him).  Then the series will reset itself.  Once you 

defeat him, you will return to the room, and a giant chest will 

appear(along with the lights being on).  Open the chest for a key. Once 

you grab the key the good Professor will page you.  He explains that you 

have to return to the lab, because the Poltergust 3000 gets full after 

getting a Boss. 


                         BACK TO THE LAB

The professor will show you the Ghost Portrificationizer.  Is that a 

real word?  Long enough though.  This machine will convert the ghosts 

from ghosts to paintings, and he also mentions that this can go the 

reverse direction too(foreshadowing hmmmmmm).  We get a nice little 

scene watching the machine work, and the portrait ghosts that we have 

accumulated soo far.  Then you are back in the lab, and get to return to 

the Mansion.  Walk up to the double doors in front of you(with the 

pulsing web on it).  When you get close, the pulsing web will disappear, 

and then you can use your key to open the door.  Welcome to Area 2.  Be 

careful of the hanging ghosts in the hallways, and the bats on the 

ceiling.  After walking through the doors, goto the right, and then take 

the first hallway that goes away from the screen, and finally take a 

left at the end.  This hallway will swing around away from the screen, 

and at the end of it will be another door with a pulsing web on it.  

Take the last door to the left.  This will be the...



There are two lavender grabbing ghosts in here.  If they grab you, then 

move the stick left and right to break free.  After defeating them, the 

lights will come on, and the Professor will page you.  He will tell you 

about the grabbing ghosts and how to break free(Thanks a lot, after the 

fact).  There is a key up on the top left hand wall.  Suck it down.  

Notice on the map where it goes to.  Exit the bathroom, and then try the 

door just to the south.  It will say: "Err umm occupied."   Now head 

down the hallways to the door the key fits to for...


                            THE BALLROOM  

There are masked ghosts here.  Suck off their masks, and then hit them 

with your flashlight, then you can suck them up.  After getting all the 

masked ghosts, then a dancing couple(100 Health) will appear.  You need 

to surprise the man from behind.  The best way I found to do this is to 

hang out on the edge of the rotating dance floor, and turn around fast 

when they are behind you.  Another tactic is to stay on the edge of the 

rotating floor, and go around and around hoping to hit it just 

right(this works sometimes).  After getting them, the lights will come 

on, and a small chest appears.  Open the small chest for a key.  The key 

goes to the far right corner door in this room.  Open the door for...


                            STORAGE ROOM

After sucking up the Pink, and Red Ghosts, the lights will come back on.  

Hit the 'X' button to search the entire room.  On the same wall as the 

door is a red button, right below the button is a hanging sign that 

says: "Don't push."  Walk up to it, and push it(by Pressing 'A').  The 

left hand wall rolls off, and locks much farther down.  On the back wall 

will be a Danger Poster.  Suck that poster off the wall, to reveal 

another red button.  Press that button now.  There is a nice cut scene 

with a lot of Boo ghosts.  The professor pages you, he tells you all 

about the Boo ghosts(they freed the portrait ghosts).  He also tells you 

that the Boos are more powerful together and to get them one at a time.  

The professor reveals that your Gameboy Horror has a special feature, a 

Boo Radar.  When you are in a room with a Boo it will blink Yellow, when 

you are near a piece of furniture that the Boo is hiding it, it will 

blink red, when a room has no Boo in it, it will be Blue.  Also note, 

that Boos will not be sucked in towards you like other ghosts, you must 

follow them around while sucking. 


                           HUNTING BOO'S   

I have a separate list of all the Boo Ghost's names, and their health 

with their related room.  Search on BOO GHOSTS.  Boo Ghosts will hide in 

all forms of furniture.  Sometimes they will throw little balls out at 

you, and other times they will throw bombs at you.  Once anything comes 

out of the furniture back off.  If its the Boo ghost, and he is trying 

to hide in another piece of furniture you will see him before he can.  

Use your 'C' stick because the ghosts like to move up and down a lot.  

Once you catch your first 5 Boo Ghosts, the professor will page you.  He 

will suggest you go to the Washroom to freshen up after working soo 

hard.  Remember the room just south of the bathroom, that said err umm 

occupied?  That is the Washroom.  You can now open the door.



Walk into the Washroom, and you will see a Toadstool guy crying in the 

corner.  Talk to him, and he will tell you that he is crying because he 

dropped something important into the toilet.  Tell him: "Don't worry 

about it."  Use your vacuum on the toilet to get a key.  Use the key on 

the appropriate door for...


                         FORTUNE TELLER'S ROOM

 Shine your flashlight on the crystal ball, until it shines real 

brightly, and the fortune teller appears.  When she appears, talk to 

her.  Her name is Madame Clairvoya. When you bring her dropped items she 

will tell you about them.  Open the door on the right wall for the...


                             MIRROR ROOM

You will be instantly locked in.  Use to the mirror to see any ghosts 

that are trying to sneak up on you from behind.  After defeating all the 

blue hugging ghosts in this room, a treasure chest will appear.  Open 

the chest for Fire Element Medal.  The professor will page you, and tell 

you about your medal.  You can now go near fires, and make fire 

elementals come out, and after sucking up a fire elemental, you can 

shoot fire out of the Poltergust 3000 by pressing the 'R' button.  Get a 

fire elemental from the fire in the far right corner, and then light the 

candles in both corners to open the door.  


                    BACK TO FORTUNE TELLER'S ROOM

After getting the fire medal, and filling up your fire gauge, you want 

to head back to the Fortune Teller's Room.  Light all four candles in 

all four of the corners.  Once you do that, a key will appear on the far 

right pillar.  Vacuum the key down to yourself.    Take the key down the 

hall to the corresponding door to open...


                             LAUNDRY ROOM

Defeat the lavender ghost, the red hugging ghost, and a pink hugging 

ghost that are in here.  After defeating them a small chest will appear.  

Open it for a lot of cash.  Suck on the washing machine in the left hand 

upper corner and (Mario's Hat) will come out.  Grab (Mario's Hat).  Do 

not try and open the door on the north wall.  Open the door to the south 



                            THE BUTLER'S ROOM

At first glance this room seems worthless.  The butler is not here.  He 

is walking around in the hallways near the Washroom.  Go there, and look 

for some floating candles.  Light those candles with some fire.  The 

butler will freak out, and return to his room.  Follow him, and once he 

sits down, shine your flashlight on him to show his heart(he has 100 

health). Once you defeat him, a chest will appear with a key in it.  Hit 

the 'X' button to search the room.  In the right hand corner is a mouse 

hole.  Press the 'A' button to investigate it.  Once you do that, it 

will open a secret entrance to another room.  Walk into the draft to be 

in the...


                            HIDDEN ROOM

Suck up all the yellow bats on the ceiling.  There are some Ice Ghosts 

here.  You must hit them with fire, then your flashlight to make their 

hearts appear.  The chests that have Ice Ghosts are: middle one, left 

hand chest(on the carpet), left hand chest on the back wall, and the 

right hand chest(on the carpet).  After beating them, a chest will 

appear with a lot of money, and some emeralds in it.  Emeralds are worth 

more money.  Exit the room the same way you entered it.  Now take the 

key from the Butler's room to open the...



Turn on all the instruments in this room except the piano(do this by 

walking up to them, and pressing 'A').  When all are playing, walk up to 

the piano.  Melody will introduce herself.  She will play a song for 

you, and ask which Mario game it came from.  If you do not remember, 

then select (Super Mario Bros. 3).  That is the song she played.  She 

will then challenge you to a battle with music sheets.  Vacuum up the 

music sheets, and then hit her with your flashlight.  Her heart will 

appear(she has 100 Health).  Vacuum her up.  A small chest will appear 

after defeating her with a key in it.  Take the key down the hall to 

open the...


                            DINING ROOM

 The first thing you have to do in this room is to vacuum up all of the 

banana peels.  Next, get a fire elemental.  Then light the candles on 

the table.  Now suck up the fat mans food.  Get it down, and then look 

for the two serving ghosts.  Get them both, and eventually the fat man 

will run out of food.  He will then start spitting at you.  Avoid him, 

until he pants, and grows tired.  At that point, shine your flashlight 

on him, and start vacuuming him up.  Once you defeat him a small chest 

will appear with money, and a diamond in it.  The left cabinet has a 

blue ghost in it.  Open the door to the left(and be sure to have some 

fire on you) for the...



Suck up all the flying pots and pans that decide to try and hit you.  

Once they are all gone, open up the refrigerator(but stand on the left 

hand side of the fridge, that way you do not get hit from the opening 

door).  An Ice Ghost will come out of the fridge.  Hit him with fire, 

and then shine your light, and finally vacuum him up.  A large chest 

will appear, and open it for a new medal.  The professor will page you, 

and tell you about the Water Element Medal.  Very similar to the fire, 

but now you can get water.  So get a water elemental from the sink.  

Hose down the door that is on fire.  Now you can open it for...



Hose down the plant on the right side in the dirt.  It will open to a 

nice flower(eventually).  Then wake up the ghost dog by running by him, 

and calling to Mario.  The ghost dog will start chasing you around.  Get 

him to chase you in the dirt, and call to Mario to wake up Mr. Bones.  

Shine your light on Mr. Bones, and vacuum him up.  Once you got him, 

then a ghost bone will be left for the ghost dog.  The ghost dog will 

start chewing on the bone.  Shine your light on him to vacuum him up(he 

has 100 Health).  Once you vacuum him up, use the same trick on his dog 

house that you did on the Hidden Room(Press 'X' to view, look at the 

doghouse, and then press 'A').  Walk up to the draft in front of the 

doghouse to be in the...



You are now in the graveyard.  The green gutter on the right hand side 

has a red ruby in it.  Hit all the tombstones, some will have hearts, 

and one near the middle will have three Mr. Bones come out at you.  Once 

you vacuum them all up, the last tombstone will start shining.  Walk up 

to it for a BOSS BATTLE.


                             BOSS BATTLE                            

Vacuum up one or more of the black ghosts, and then shoot the black orb 

that you have at the purple ghost(the only one with a shadow).  He will 

be surrounded by a black orb, now is when you start vacuuming him up.  

It is easier to beat him, if you suck up most of the black ghosts before 

going for him, that way there is less things that can hit you while 

vacuuming up the boss.  Once you defeat him you will be back in the 

Graveyard with a large treasure chest.  Open the chest for the key to 

the next area.  The professor will page you, and its time to empty the 

Poltergust 3000.  Now you can head back to the Mansion, go through the 

double doors, and work your way to the door with the pulsing web on it.  

Walk up to it, and the web will go away.  Open the door for...



Be sure to water the plants(that are around the fountain), because the 

far right one has an emerald.  Hit the birdhouse for (Mario's Letter). 

Open the outhouse from the left hand side, that way the swinging door 

does not hit you.  The toadstool there tells you to go into the well.  

Might as well go down into the...


                         BOTTOM OF THE WELL

Walk to the far right.  A little cut scene will of the last room, and 

Mario inside a painting will occur.  When the scene ends, walk back to 

the left, and a hanging ghost will appear.  Hit it with your light, and 

then vacuum it up.  A key will drop down.  Grab the key, and climb the 

ladder, on the far right wall is where the key goes to.  Open it for...


                              REC ROOM

Hit the bodybuilder with a body bag.  He will then try and hit you.  Hit 

him with a second body bag to knock him down. Run over to him, hit him 

with your light, and then vacuum him up.  A chest will appear, open it 

for a diamond, and a lot of cash.  Head out of the door on the south 

wall.  Go up the stairs, and spray water on door with fire on it.  Enter 

that room for...


                               TEA ROOM

Get the two hugging ghosts, and be careful of the flying plates.  The 

far right wall has a blue emerald in it.  Use the floor plates to go 

from the floor to ceiling, and visa versa(go to the right corner to get 

to the ceiling, and then walk over to just above the treasure chest, to 

the one that returns you to on top of the table).  Open the chest for 

the Ice Element Medal.  Get an ice elemental from the ice chest on the 

right table.  Leave this room, and head to the west, and open that door.  

Be careful in this hallway, there are a lot of ghosts here.  Walk to the 

end of the hallway, and open the last door to the left for...


                           BATHROOM 2F

Open the curtain, and then hit the fat lady ghost with some ice.  Hit 

her with your light, and then vacuum her up.  A treasure chest will 

appear.  Open that chest for a key.  Go to the room just to the south 



                           WASHROOM 2F

Be sure to bring water in with you to this room.  A fire ghost is hiding 

in the toilet.  Open the toilet to get him to come out, then spray him 

with water, then hit him with your light, and finally vacuum him up.  A 

treasure chest will appear.  Open it for a lot of money.  Now head out 

of this room, and a little north, and open the door on the right for...


                            NANA'S ROOM

There is a Blue Ghost in the far right chair.  Hit the table and knock 

out the three balls of yarn.  Nana will start to rotate around the room, 

and when she is facing you, she will shoot needles at you.  You will 

need to suck up the balls of yarn one at a time, and shoot them at Nana.  

You must hit her will all three, otherwise she will vanish, and you must 

start the room over again.  Once you hit her with all three, hit her 

with your flashlight, and vacuum her up.  A chest will appear, open it 

for a key(to the twins room next door to the baby room).  


                            ASTRAL HALL

Head out of Nana's Room, and head back down the hall, and when you 

encounter the hallway to the south, take it.  Open the first door on the 

right hand side to enter the Astral Hall.  Be sure and bring fire with 

you to this room.  Light all the candles, and then stand in the middle 

of the circle.  Get all the masked ghosts, and the yellow ghosts, then 

the hugging ghost, and the masked ghosts.  Exit to the door on the right 

hand side.  


                          2F OBSERVATORY

Walk up to the telescope and press 'A'.  You will look at the stars, and 

the moon.  The wall to the right will fade away.  You will be able to 

see the stars, and the moon.  Falling stars will routinely fly right by 

the pathway to the right.  Walk onto the pathway, and vacuum up a 

shooting star.  Turn to the left, and up a little.  You are aiming for 

the moon.  Release the shooting star and hit the moon.  The moon will 

explode, and a path to the right will appear.  Walk to the end of the 

path for (Mario's Star).     


                         BILLIARD'S ROOM

On the first floor(is where the key found in the 2F Bathroom) just south 

of the 1F Washroom is where the Billiard's Room is.  There is a ghost in 

this room playing Billiards.  Wait for him to hit the three balls, then 

vacuum one up, and then hit the ghost with it.  Once you hit him with 3 

balls, he will start panting.  Hit him with your light, and vacuum him 

up.  If you lose him, you only need to hit him with one more ball, and 

he will start panting again.  A chest will appear, open it for a 

diamond, and lots of money.  Take the door on the right hand side for...


                          PROJECTION ROOM  

Get all the purple hugging ghosts, and be sure to turn the projector 

on(either by pressing 'A' or vacuuming it up).  After getting all the 

purple hugging ghosts, a chest will appear.  Open it for (Mario's 

Glove).  If you turned the projector on, suck on the white screen for a 

bit, pull on it, and then release it.  A message from a Boo Ghost will 

appear.  It says: "Get outta here."


                           THE TWIN'S ROOM

Head to the foyer, then up the stairs, and take the left hand door.  

Take the first door to the south for the Twin's Room.  On the far right 

hand side of the ceiling is a mobile with a plane and car on it.  Stand 

under it, and start vacuuming, walk around in circles to make the mobile 

go in circles as well.  Once it goes around three times, the twins will 

appear.  They challenge you to a hide and go seek game.  Exit the room, 

and once they say okay, come back in.  Vacuum on all five of the boxes.  

Two of them will vibrate, those two are the ones that the twins are in.  

Press 'A' to open those two boxes.  The twins accuse you of cheating, 

and start attacking you.  Go after the twin in the car first.  Vacuum 

away his car, and then shine your light on him to vacuum him up.  Once 

you get him, go after the twin in the little airplane.  Use the same 

strategy; vacuum away his vehicle, and then shine your light, and start 

vacuuming.  A chest will appear after beating them, open it for (Mario's 




After bringing the fortune teller all five of Mario's items, she will 

tell you that she is ready to go back into her painting.  All you need 

to do is vacuum her up.  It is pretty easy, to nab her.  A small chest 

will appear, open it for a key.


                           SAFARI ROOM

Head up to the third floor, and open the door on the south side for the 

Safari Room. The right table in this room has a small box on it, open 

that box for a large heart.  After beating the water ghosts(use an ice 

attack), and the green banana ghosts a chest will appear.  Open the 

chest for a key.   




                           3F BALCONY

Walk up to the Boo's in a circle, and a nice little cut scene will 

occur.  All of the Boo's will combine, and bounce around trying to hit 

you.  Have the Big Boo chase you towards either the right or left side 

where unicorn statues are.  He will pop apart into all the Boo's.  Grab 

an ice elemental from the unicorn statues, and freeze the Boo's, then 

vacuum them up.  When there are less Boo's you will have to vacuum the 

Big Boo towards the unicorn statue, because it will start to avoid it.  

Once you defeat Boolossus, a chest will appear.  Open it for a key.  The 

professor pages you, and you have to empty out the Poltergust 3000.  


                          LIGHTS OUT 

Go to the 3F Balcony, and head to the far left side, and go near the 

door.  Your key will open the way to Area 4, but before you can open the 

door, a little cut scene will happen, with lightning hitting the 

mansion, and the light are out everywhere.  The professor will page you, 

and mention about finding the breaker box.  There are ghosts everywhere, 

and lots of them.  Now you have a choice here.  You can enter through 

the door, and head down the hallway, and enter the last door on the 

right for the Telephone Room, or take a shortcut.  If you go to the 

Telephone Room, a phone is ringing, answer it to talk to Toad, and then 

another phone rings, and answer it to talk to the professor.  The 

professor tells you to find an old Cranky ghost that likes to look at 

himself in the mirror.  Head down to the first mirror that you can find.  

I think the closest is the 2F Bathroom.  Use the mirror warp hint/trick 

to get back to the Foyer.  Head to the Wardrobe Room, and wait for the 

Cranky Ghost to practice his scare face.  When he does shine your light 

on him, and then vacuum him up.  As soon as you get him a chest will 

appear, with a key to the basement.  Use the mirror trick again to get 

back into the Foyer, and then head down to the basement, and use the key 



                           BREAKER ROOM

Vacuum up the little mice ghosts.  Walk over to the breaker, and press 

'A'.  This will turn the breaker back on.  The lights will come on, and 

a treasure chest will appear.  Open the chest for a key.  Take the key 

across the hall to open the...



Vacuum up the sand piles on the floor.  If you need to quickly get from 

one side of the room to the other, note where the reverse tiles are(to 

go from floor to ceiling, and back).  Each barrel has a lavender ghost 

in it.  Once you vacuum up both of them, a small chest will appear.  

Open the chest for a key to the 3F.  Head up to the third floor, and go 

to the telephone room(I describe how to get there in lights out).  


                           TELELPHONE ROOM

Open all the coffins in this room.  Two of them have Mr. Bones in them.  

Shine your light on them, and vacuum them up(that should be pretty 

standard by now).  After getting the two Mr. Bones, a chest will appear.  

Open it for lots of money.  Take the door in the far right corner for...


                          CLOCKWORK ROOM  

On the far right, the far left, and on a table on the lower left are 

coo-coo clocks.  Press 'A' while near each of them to turn them on.  

Once all three are turned on the three toy soldiers will come alive.  

Vacuum on the winder(on the back of each toy soldier), making it rotate 

faster, and faster until it comes off.  Once it comes off, you can shine 

your light, and vacuum up that soldier.  Each toy soldier has 100 

Health.  After getting all of them, the middle house will open up 

revealing an elevator.  Take the elevator up for...



Get all of the masked ghosts here, and when you only have one left, get 

a fire elemental from the fire.  Once you get all the masked ghosts, 

then two ice ghosts will appear.  Use the fire on them, then shine your 

light and vacuum them up.  Once they are gone, then a treasure chest 

will appear on the left hand side chimney chute.  Use the ladder to get 

to the treasure chest.  Open the chest for a key to the 3F.  Then climb 

down the ladder, and head over to the chimney chute on the right hand 

side.  Climb that ladder, and walk off the plank into the hole.  You 

will land inside the...


                            SEALED ROOM

The big chest on south side, near the right has a blue ghost in it.  The 

big chest on the far right north has a lot of ghosts in it.  All of the 

rest of the chests have money in them, as do some of the vases.  Once 

you get all the ghosts then a chest will appear(as if there weren't 

enough chests in this room).  Open it for a key.  Vacuum off the sheet 

on the far right wall to reveal a mirror.  Use the mirror warp trick to 

exit this room, and return to the Foyer.  Head to the second floor, and 

use the key you just got for...


                            SITTING ROOM

Light the candles on the north wall on both sides of that painting, and 

four yellow ghosts will appear.  Vacuum up three of them, and then get a 

water elemental.  Vacuum up the last yellow ghost, and then two fire 

ghosts will appear.  Spray the fire ghosts with water, and then shine 

your light to reveal their hearts.  Open the door to the right for...


                             GUEST ROOM

This room is upside down, and the girl sleeping on the bed wants to be 

left alone.  Spray her with some water, and she will sit up and yawn, 

when she yawns then shine your light on her, and vacuum her up.  Be 

careful of the flying teddy bears.  Once you get her, a treasure chest 

will appear on the floor(but since the room is upside down, you can not 

reach it).  Exit the room, there will be a lot of shaking, then head 

right back into the room.  You can now get to the chest as the room has 

righted itself.    The chest has a diamond and a lot of money in it.  

Head up to the 3F with the key we have had for awhile, to open the...



Open all the baskets in this room, some have ghosts and some have gold 

in them.  You also want to shake all of the plates of armor, but do this 

very carefully.  You want to shake the plates of armor from the back, or 

the side where the weapon is not.  Some of the plates of armor also have 

ghosts in them.  Once you get all the ghosts, then a small chest will 

appear, open it for a key to a basement room.  Now head to the door in 

the far right corner for...


                           CERAMICS STUDIO

Check all the vases in this room for money, or emeralds.  Be sure and 

immediately grab an ice elemental.  The middle upper north vase has a 

painting ghost in it.  He challenges you to a game, accept his 

challenge.  It is a pretty simple game, you must freeze him 7 times out 

of 7 tries(I have never lost this game).  Stay near the bottom vases, 

and he will always appear in the top vases, then run over and freeze 

him.  Once you win, you can vacuum him up.  A chest will appear with a 

diamond and a lot of money.  Head down to the Basement now, with your 

key to...


                            PIPE ROOM

Vacuum up all the hugging ghosts in this room to get the lights to come 

on.  Grab an ice elemental, and then freeze the river of green liquid. 

Walk over to the upper left corner, and turn the red handle(by pressing 

'A').  This will turn the water off.  Now head to the upper right hand 

corner, and open the treasure chest for a key.  Head just south of this 

room and use your key on the room just south for...


                            COLD STORAGE

Grab a fire elemental, then light the two firewood piles in the upper 

right hand corner.  Then thaw out the ghost in encased in ice(by using 

the fire).  Shine your light, and then vacuum him up.  Be careful of the 

falling icicles.  Once you get him, a small chest will appear, open it 

for a key to the 3F.  Take the key to the 3F to open...


                         THE ARTIST'S STUDIO

As soon as you enter you find out that the artist ghost in this room is 

angry with you.  One at a time his paintings will come alive.  First 

three yellow ghosts, then three pink ghosts, then three blue ghosts, 

then three red ghosts, then three masked ghosts, then three green banana 

ghosts, then three purple hanging ghosts.  Phew!  Once you defeat all 

the ghosts, the artist ghost will talk to you again, and he is shocked 

that you have gotten all of his creations.  Shine your light on him, and 

vacuum him up.  Once you got him, the last painting with a treasure 

chest on it, will open up, and throw a key on the ground.  Grab the key 

for the last door/room/area in the basement. 


                           SECRET ALTAR   

Head down to the basement, and use the key you just got from the 

Artist's Studio to release the pulsing webbing on the door to the Secret 

Altar.  There is some good money in this room so do not rush to King 

Boo.  In the chandelier right above you is an emerald.  The right two 

incense pillars have two money/gold bar in them.  Once you got all that, 

walk towards King Boo for a nice little cut scene, and you will be 

sucked into the painting of Bowser. 


                          KING BOO INSIDE BOWSER

The Boo King is inside Bowser.  Try and stay 2 pillars away from Bowser 

when he throws the three spike balls at you, that way he will charge you 

instead of jump.  If he jumps, then avoid the three spike balls, and 

keep moving(since Bowser is targeting you).  Walk up to the closest 

spiked ball, and vacuum it to your Poltergust 3000.  When Bowser drops 

his head, release it, and hit him in the head.  The head will fly off, 

and King Boo will come out.  The Bowser head is floating around, and 

shoots ice at you.  Start vacuuming up King Boo, and move in a circular 

pattern to avoid the ice being shot at you.  You should be able to get 

100+ of his health points each time, so it should only take five times 

to get him.  At times Bowser's head will be put on backwards, and he 

will run around confused for a bit.  When this occurs, just avoid him.  

Once you defeat King Boo, you get his emerald crown.  The professor will 

page you, and you get to bring Mario back to the lab.  You get a nice 

ending, and finally get to see Mario.  Enjoy the ending :o) 



 ~~                         BOO GHOSTS                             ~~

BamBoo                      Parlor                   30 Health

Bootha                      Anteroom                 50 Health

GameBoo Advance             Wardrobe                 30 Health

TaBoo                       Study                    50 Health

Boolicious                  Master Bedroom           30 Health

TurBoo                      Baby Room                50 Health

Boo la la                   Ball Room                60 Health

Game Boo                    Storage Room             50 Health

Kung Boo                    Mirror Room              40 Health

Boogie                      Laundry Room             40 Health

GumBoo                      Hidden Room              40 Health

PeekaBoo                    Butler's Room            40 Health

Boomero                     Conservatory             40 Health

Booligan                    Kitchen                  80 Health

Boodalicious                Dining Room              80 Health

Booregard                   Rec Room                100 Health

Mr. Boojangles              Tea Room                 50 Health

Showerbody                  2F Bathroom             100 Health

Limbooger                   Nana's Room             100 Health

Boonswoggle                 Astral Hall             100 Health

Boohoo                      Billiard's Room          50 Health

Shamboo                     Projection Room          50 Health

Booris                      The Twin's Room         100 Health

Booigi                      Fortune Teller's Room    40 Health

Little Boo Peep             Safari Room             100 Health

Boolossus                   3F Balcony               15 Boo's

Boo B. Hatch                Breaker Room            200 Health

Borripedas                  Cellar                  100 Health

Boomerang                   Telephone Room          300 Health

Six O' Clock Boos           Clockwork Room          300 Health

Booliva                     Sitting Room            100 Health

Boonita                     Guest Room              100 Health

UnderBoo's                  Armory                  150 Health

Tamboorine                  Ceramics Stuido         200 Health

Boofant                     Pipe Room               300 Health

Boolderdash                 Cold Storage            150 Health

Bootique                    Artist's Studio         300 Health

King Boo                    Roof                    500 Health



Yellow Ghost                  10 Health         Area(1)

Blue Ghost                    10 Health         Area(1)

lavender Ghost                20 Health         Area(1)

Green Ghost                   40 Health         Area(1)

Nevill                       100 Health         Area(1)

Lydia                        100 Health         Area(1)

Henry and Orville            100 Health         Area(1)

Chauncey (BOSS)              100 Health         Area(1)

Purple hanging Ghost           0 Health         Area(2)

Yellow hallway Ghost           0 Health         Area(2)

lavender grabbing Ghost        0 Health         Area(2)

Masked Ghost                  20 Health         Area(2)

The Floating Whirlidas       100 Health         Area(2)

Pink Ghosts                   20 Health         Area(2)

Red hugging Ghost             20 Health         Area(2)

Blue hugging Ghost            20 Health         Area(2)

Pink hugging Ghost            10 Health         Area(2)

Shivers(Butler)              100 Health         Area(2)

Ice Ghosts                    20 Health         Area(2)

Melody Pianissima            100 Health         Area(2)

Serving Ghosts                10 Health         Area(2)

Mr Bones                      30 Health         Area(2)

Spooky(dog)                  100 Health         Area(2)

Mr. Luggs                    100 Health         Area(2)

Bogmire(BOSS)                100 Health         Area(2)

Biff Atlas                   100 Health         Area(3)

Fire Ghost                    10 Health         Area(3)

Nana                         100 Health         Area(3)

Purple Hugging Ghost          20 Health         Area(3)

Green Banana Ghost            40 Health         Area(3)

Ice Ghost                     30 Health         Area(3)

Madame Clairvoya             100 Health         Area(3)

Biff Atlas                   100 Health         Area(3)

Nana                         100 Health         Area(3)

Miss Petunia                 100 Health         Area(3)

Slim Bankshot                100 Health         Area(3)

Boolossus                    100 Health         Area(3)

Uncle Grimmly                100 Health         Area(4)

lavender ghost                20 Health         Area(4)

Yellow ghost                  10 Health         Area(4)

Mr. Bones                     30 Health         Area(4)

Red Hugging ghost             20 Health         Area(4)

Clockwork Soldiers           100 Health Each    Area(4)

Sue Pea                      100 Health         Area(4)

Jarvis                       100 Health         Area(4)

Sir Weston                   100 Health         Area(4)

Vincent Van Gore             100 Health         Area(4)

King Boo                     500 Health         Area(4)



                         MARIO'S ITEMS

1.    Mario's Hat        Fortune teller tells you that Mario still 



2.    Mario's Letter     Fortune teller tells you: "Look out for Boos         

                         Luigi."  Mario is imprisoned in a painting.


3.    Mario's Star       Fortune teller tells you to beware King Boo,

                         he is a Boo with a crown.


4.    Mario's Glove      Fortune teller tells you about the mysterious 

                         powers of the Boo's.  When Boo's gather in 

                         numbers, so does their power.  The Boo's fear 

                         the Poltergust 3000.


5.    Mario's Shoe       Fortune teller tells you that Bowser is hidden 

                         somewhere in the mansion.




Small  Red Heart                   10 Health

Middle Red Heart                   20 Health

Large  Red Heart                   50 Health






                        THANK YOU


First and foremost I would like to thank my Savior and Lord Jesus 

Christ.  Without him nothing would be possible.  

Secondly, I would like to thank my wife for all of her love and support.

Third, I would like to thank my parents for all of their love and 

discipline throughout the years.

Fourth, I would like to thank my brother.

Fifth, I would like to thank Nintendo for making this game.

Finally I would like to thank CJayC for creating this site, and 

publishing me.  God bless you CJayC.


I am Biblically correct, not politically correct.


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