======================================================= TIPS, TRICKS, AND NEEDED INFO TO PLAY THE GAME ======================================================= 1. When picking up something or putting it into your pack, press Shift + Left Click(mouse). 2. To give a character an item(example Quest items) press Ctrl + Left Click(mouse). 3. Pressing the Right Button on anything allows you to look at the item/monster/etc. 4. In order to remove a helpful message, press the ESC key. 5. Opening doors can be confusing. Put the mouse cursor on the same space as the door. Left click once, and your character will go up to the door, and open it. Alternately you press Shift + Left Mouse Click to stand in front of the door and open it. 6. Left click on a torch to get some light when it turns dark, or you are in an underground dungeon. 7. Every time you level up, that will grant you one life save. That is if you die, you and your items will be saved, and not left where you died. You will spawn in the area that you spawn in when you log into the game. 8. If you are trying to get through a doorway and someone is in the way, and will not move; type /swap. That will swap your character with their character. 9. Macro Daemon will occasionally appear and ask you a math question. Answer correctly within five minutes and he will go away. This is done to stop people from using Macro\'s to level up. Macro Daemon will also occasionally give you a great amount of experience for answering his questions right. 10. In order to talk to everyone on every mirror, type /info and then type your message. For example: /info Where is the mad mages? Everyone on every mirror will be able to answer you. 11. In order to talk to one person only type /tell username and then your message. For example: /tell theWyldcard you are really cool. 12. If someone is harassing you, then you can report them. You report them by typing /complain username your complaint. For example: /complain loserboy is harassing me, and using profanity. You will be told that the complaint has been forwarded on to the administrators. 13. If you want to talk to everyone in an area, like say a dungeon for example. Type /area then your message. For example: /area who is down here? Then everyone in the area can hear your message(it comes out in a purple colored text. 14. Pentagram Quests are the best way to level up in this game. What the pentagram quest is(often called pent, pents, or penting) a dungeon with demons at a certain level set. For example level 7 through 14. There are three different colors of pentagrams. They come in red, blue, and green. The pentagrams start in white, and then when you use it(Shift + Left Click), it will turn a color. Depending on how deep into the pentagram dungeon it is, depends on the experience you get. If you get five of the same color you get extra experience. Certain pentagrams are lucky, and those give you extra experience. Getting the pentagram that solves the quest gives extra experience. The key to this is, its random. The colors of the pentagrams stay the same unless you get five of the same color, and then some of them will change color(again random). The demons will occasionally leave behind items. Pick these up, they are either worth a good amount of gold, or they are potions. 15. Governor Missions are given by the governor(his building is the building just to the right of where you spawn at in Aston). The governor will tell you he has a mission for you. At first it will be easy, and progress from there(medium, hard, etc). Examples of his missions are to kill two level fifteen demons. This is done in the pentagram quests. 16. Zombie Shrines in Zombie I, and Zombie II are for getting better skulls. There is the regular shrine, the silver shrine, and the gold shrine; use zombie skulls on the regular, silver skulls on the silver shrine, and gold skulls on the gold shrine. Putting a zombie skull into the regular shrine may get you a silver shrine(it is all random). It will more likely give you an item(torch, healing potion, etc), experience, make you more dangerous for a short time, give you better protection for a short time. The silver shrine will randomly give you a gold skull. 17. Sometimes the text in the game will scroll by too fast, and you will miss something important from an NPC about a quest you are to do. Do not worry. Type repeat. The NPC will repeat what they said, giving you a chance to read it. 18. Tired of typing someone\'s long name over and over again to send them a message (/tell theWyldcard where you at now man?)? Press the up arrow, and the last message you typed will come up. You can then edit the message. This can save you time in chatting. 19. Tip for those who use Two Handed Swords in dark dungeons. Carry some torches with you. Light them, and then leave them on the ground. You can now use the two handed swords(which have higher attacks), and still see. You can also do what is called walking a torch. This means picking up a torch to see the dark area, picking it up, and then dropping it farther away. 20. Recall scrolls are the best item in this game. If you are in trouble, and may die, left click on a recall scroll and you will immediately be back in the town you spawn at. Always carry one, and be sure that the scroll will work for your level. They only work for certain levels(example level 20, and below). 21. Once your character reaches level 20 you can pick a profession. Professions you can choose are Miner, Dark Warrior, Light Warrior, Alchemist, Thief, Assassin, Clan Warrior, Mercenary, and Athlete. 22. Once you have started penting(pentagram quests), you will notice that occasionally a demon will leave an earth like stone. Take the first earth like stone you receive to Reskin(tavern owner in Cameron). He will give you 375 gold for the first earth stone you give him. After that he will not accept any more earth stones from you. Note your character must also be level 10 or higher. 23. There is a scam that some people run in Astonia 3. They ask you to take their earth stone to Reskin, and they will give you 100 gold. Do NOT do this! If you do this, you will lose 275 gold. Reference the last tip item for more info. 24. There is a way to have your character do certain things in the text part of the game. Type /emote character\'s name then action. For example: /emote Thewyldcard reads the Holy Bible. It will then show: Thewyldcard reads the Holy Bible. This is a neat trick to show emotions in the game. 25. You can talk to people who are only on your mirror. Type /mirror your message. For example: /mirror Hey anyone in the pents? It will then show: Hey anyone in the pents? in a bluish color. Only people on the same mirror can see it. 26. Getting sick of people on a certain channel. Then type /leave 1. This will leave the Info channel. In order to rejoin type /join 1. If someone is being annoying, you can also ignore that person. Type /ignore loserboy45. This will ignore that user, and you will no longer see their messages. 27. When you press CNTL + Right mouse click on another player a little screen will come up that tells you a lot of good info about that player. This is also your chance to send a message to describe yourself. Type /description . For a cool surprise find me, and read my description :o) 28. Wonder what time the sun will rise, or set? Well then, type /time. This will tell you what season it is, and what time the sun sets and rises. 29. How do I get the harder missions for the governor? You know those advisors around town? Well go to them and pay them for a favor. That advisor will recommend you to the governor. The governor will then have the option of harder missions. The more you pay the advisors, the harder missions you will have access to. 30. One of the true keys to this game is having stat modifiers. Having the highest armor you can wear is great, but it should also have a modifier to some other stats. For example a helmet that has +5 to Hitpoints. The more gear you get that modifies your stats the better. 31. A channel you should check quite often is channel 3. This is the auction channel. People buy and sell gear that you most likely will never run across any other way. This is a great way to get stat modifier gear. 32. Silvering an item is taking the item, and using it with a chunk of silver(usually in the hundreds). This will increase the level of the armor/weapon. This is great to use on stat modifier armor/weapons. If it does not work, you most likely do not have enough silver. My advice is to save your silver for items with stat modifiers already on them. 33. Trading with other characters, and having trouble getting the right amount of gold to do the trade? Well this little tip will solve that. Type /gold. For example: /gold 200. This will put 200 gold in your hand, and you can make the trade easily. 34. Once you reach the level 39 pents, the demons will start to drop fire stones(aka f-stones). Take the first f-stone you find to Reskin. He will give you 750 gold. A nice little chunk of change. 35. If you are having trouble penting -2/3 your level then you may need to try and buy some API pots. API pots can range on their effectiveness and duration. An API pot of +12; for a duration of 60 minutes will run you 250g at most. Look for Player Traders to be selling them in Aston, or on the auction channel. API is for increasing Attack, Parry, and Immunity. Thanks to {Ride} for this little tip. This is mainly for Warriors. 36. There are also LMI pots for Mages. 37. Want to make some good gold fast? Well sell your items to Player Traders. Player Traders are fellow players who have become Master Merchants. They can give you more gold for your items than what the NPC\'s will give you. For example the going price for earth stones is 50g, and the going price for fire stones is 110g. It depends on the Player Trader; good Player Traders will buy your Large Pot drops, and other drops as well. Extremely good Player Traders will sell you recall scrolls. 38. So you got a Security Pot, and want to know what it does, before you either use it, or try and sell it. A Security Pot will grant you one life save. If you need life save\'s then use it. If not selling it might be the way to go. I have seen Security Pots go anywhere from 2000g to 4000g. 39. While penting as a Warrior(or Arch-Warrior) it can be helpful to get a bless from a Mage. Whenever you see Mages in the pents, ask them nicely for a bless. The overwhelming majority of them will grant your request. This is helpful to both. With a bless you can go deeper into the pents. This means where the Mage is penting will have less competition. A win-win situation. Please remember your manners, and thank the Mage for the bless. After all you will want more blesses in the future. Don\'t burn any bridges(in other words).

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