Astonia 3 Personal Computer(Internet) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( INDEX )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) A. Update Log B. Introduction C. Tips, Tricks, and need info to play the game D. Labyrinth Quests E. Game Walkthrough F. Channels G. Selfish Players H. Thank You I. Legal Section ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) =|=================================================================|= Version 6.7 =|=================================================================|= 12/18/2002 Initial creation 01/12/2003 Updates through the Second Quest for Kelly(tons of more tips, and tricks added). 02/16/2003 Updated the FAQ through the Gerassimo Quest(Moonies). 03/09/2003 Updated the FAQ through the second Vampire Quest. 07/21/2003 Updated the FAQ through the start of LAB 5, and part of the Swamps. 11/12/2003 Finished the labs, finished Carlos Quest, and finished most of the quests in the Forest. 01/27/2004 Finished the forest, added the channels, added how to defeat a selfish player section, finished arching, and into Exkorden quests. 04/24/2004 Did more of the Exkorden quests(majority of that town is done now). I also added some extremely helpful tips. Going to be taking a couple of months off, so do not expect an update for a little while. Character is currently level 47. 09/25/2004 Finished off most of Exkorden quests(one tower left). Completed the next screen, and made it to the next town - Brannington. Started doing Random Dungeons. Character is currently level 51. BTW I did not catch the name of the player who gave me 500 gold; thank you. ====================================================================== INTRODUCTION: ====================================================================== Astonia 3 is a free internet game to download. The first month is free, and then you pay $9.95 a month to play it. There are a couple of things to learn in order to play the game. ====================================================================== TIPS, TRICKS, AND NEEDED INFO TO PLAY THE GAME ====================================================================== 1. When picking up something or putting it into your pack, press Shift + Left Click(mouse). 2. To give a character an item(example Quest items) press Ctrl + Left Click(mouse). 3. Pressing the Right Button on anything allows you to look at the item/monster/etc. 4. In order to remove a helpful message, press the ESC key. 5. Opening doors can be confusing. Put the mouse cursor on the same space as the door. Left click once, and your character will go up to the door, and open it. Alternately you press Shift + Left Mouse Click to stand in front of the door and open it. 6. Left click on a torch to get some light when it turns dark, or you are in an underground dungeon. 7. Every time you level up, that will grant you one life save. That is if you die, you and your items will be saved, and not left where you died. You will spawn in the area that you spawn in when you log into the game. 8. If you are trying to get through a doorway and someone is in the way, and will not move; type /swap. That will swap your character with their character. 9. Macro Daemon will occasionally appear and ask you a math question. Answer correctly within five minutes and he will go away. This is done to stop people from using Macro's to level up. Macro Daemon will also occasionally give you a great amount of experience for answering his questions right. 10. In order to talk to everyone on every mirror, type /info and then type your message. For example: /info Where is the mad mages? Everyone on every mirror will be able to answer you. 11. In order to talk to one person only type /tell username and then your message. For example: /tell theWyldcard you are really cool. 12. If someone is harassing you, then you can report them. You report them by typing /complain username your complaint. For example: /complain loserboy is harassing me, and using profanity. You will be told that the complaint has been forwarded on to the administrators. 13. If you want to talk to everyone in an area, like say a dungeon for example. Type /area then your message. For example: /area who is down here? Then everyone in the area can hear your message(it comes out in a purple colored text. 14. Pentagram Quests are the best way to level up in this game. What the pentagram quest is(often called pent, pents, or penting) a dungeon with demons at a certain level set. For example level 7 through 14. There are three different colors of pentagrams. They come in red, blue, and green. The pentagrams start in white, and then when you use it(Shift + Left Click), it will turn a color. Depending on how deep into the pentagram dungeon it is, depends on the experience you get. If you get five of the same color you get extra experience. Certain pentagrams are lucky, and those give you extra experience. Getting the pentagram that solves the quest gives extra experience. The key to this is, its random. The colors of the pentagrams stay the same unless you get five of the same color, and then some of them will change color(again random). The demons will occasionally leave behind items. Pick these up, they are either worth a good amount of gold, or they are potions. 15. Governor Missions are given by the governor(his building is the building just to the right of where you spawn at in Aston). The governor will tell you he has a mission for you. At first it will be easy, and progress from there(medium, hard, etc). Examples of his missions are to kill two level fifteen demons. This is done in the pentagram quests. 16. Zombie Shrines in Zombie I, and Zombie II are for getting better skulls. There is the regular shrine, the silver shrine, and the gold shrine; use zombie skulls on the regular, silver skulls on the silver shrine, and gold skulls on the gold shrine. Putting a zombie skull into the regular shrine may get you a silver shrine (it is all random). It will more likely give you an item(torch, healing potion, etc), experience, make you more dangerous for a short time, give you better protection for a short time. The silver shrine will randomly give you a gold skull. 17. Sometimes the text in the game will scroll by too fast, and you will miss something important from an NPC about a quest you are to do. Do not worry. Type repeat. The NPC will repeat what they said, giving you a chance to read it. 18. Tired of typing someone's long name over and over again to send them a message (/tell theWyldcard where you at now man?)? Press the up arrow, and the last message you typed will come up. You can then edit the message. This can save you time in chatting. 19. Tip for those who use Two Handed Swords in dark dungeons. Carry some torches with you. Light them, and then leave them on the ground. You can now use the two handed swords(which have higher attacks), and still see. You can also do what is called walking a torch. This means picking up a torch to see the dark area, picking it up, and then dropping it farther away. 20. Recall scrolls are the best item in this game. If you are in trouble, and may die, left click on a recall scroll and you will immediately be back in the town you spawn at. Always carry one, and be sure that the scroll will work for your level. They only work for certain levels(example level 20, and below). 21. Once your character reaches level 20 you can pick a profession. Professions you can choose are Miner, Dark Warrior, Light Warrior, Alchemist, Thief, Assassin, Clan Warrior, Mercenary, and Athlete. 22. Once you have started penting(pentagram quests), you will notice that occasionally a demon will leave an earth like stone. Take the first earth like stone you receive to Reskin(tavern owner in Cameron). He will give you 375 gold for the first earth stone you give him. After that he will not accept any more earth stones from you. Note your character must also be level 10 or higher. 23. There is a scam that some people run in Astonia 3. They ask you to take their earth stone to Reskin, and they will give you 100 gold. Do NOT do this! If you do this, you will lose 275 gold. Reference the last tip item for more info. 24. There is a way to have your character do certain things in the text part of the game. Type /emote character's name then action. For example: /emote Thewyldcard reads the Holy Bible. It will then show: Thewyldcard reads the Holy Bible. This is a neat trick to show emotions in the game. 25. You can talk to people who are only on your mirror. Type /mirror your message. For example: /mirror Hey anyone in the pents? It will then show: Hey anyone in the pents? in a bluish color. Only people on the same mirror can see it. 26. Getting sick of people on a certain channel. Then type /leave 1. This will leave the Info channel. In order to rejoin type /join 1. If someone is being annoying, you can also ignore that person. Type /ignore loserboy45. This will ignore that user, and you will no longer see their messages. 27. When you press CNTL + Right mouse click on another player a little screen will come up that tells you a lot of good info about that player. This is also your chance to send a message to describe yourself. Type /description . For a cool surprise find me, and read my description :o) 28. Wonder what time the sun will rise, or set? Well then, type /time. This will tell you what season it is, and what time the sun sets and rises. 29. How do I get the harder missions for the governor? You know those advisors around town? Well go to them and pay them for a favor. That advisor will recommend you to the governor. The governor will then have the option of harder missions. The more you pay the advisors, the harder missions you will have access to. 30. One of the true keys to this game is having stat modifiers. Having the highest armor you can wear is great, but it should also have a modifier to some other stats. For example a helmet that has +5 to Hitpoints. The more gear you get that modifies your stats the better. 31. A channel you should check quite often is channel 3. This is the auction channel. People buy and sell gear that you most likely will never run across any other way. This is a great way to get stat modifier gear. 32. Silvering an item is taking the item, and using it with a chunk of silver(usually in the hundreds). This will increase the level of the armor/weapon. This is great to use on stat modifier armor/weapons. If it does not work, you most likely do not have enough silver. My advice is to save your silver for items with stat modifiers already on them. 33. Trading with other characters, and having trouble getting the right amount of gold to do the trade? Well this little tip will solve that. Type /gold. For example: /gold 200. This will put 200 gold in your hand, and you can make the trade easily. 34. Once you reach the level 39 pents, the demons will start to drop fire stones(aka f-stones). Take the first f-stone you find to Reskin. He will give you 750 gold. A nice little chunk of change. 35. If you are having trouble penting -2/3 your level then you may need to try and buy some API pots. API pots can range on their effectiveness and duration. An API pot of +12; for a duration of 60 minutes will run you 250g at most. Look for Player Traders to be selling them in Aston, or on the auction channel. API is for increasing Attack, Parry, and Immunity. Thanks to {Ride} for this little tip. This is mainly for Warriors. 36. There are also LMI pots for Mages. 37. Want to make some good gold fast? Well sell your items to Player Traders. Player Traders are fellow players who have become Master Merchants. They can give you more gold for your items than what the NPC's will give you. For example the going price for earth stones is 50g, and the going price for fire stones is 110g. It depends on the Player Trader; good Player Traders will buy your Large Pot drops, and other drops as well. Extremely good Player Traders will sell you recall scrolls. 38. So you got a Security Pot, and want to know what it does, before you either use it, or try and sell it. A Security Pot will grant you one life save. If you need life save's then use it. If not selling it might be the way to go. I have seen Security Pots go anywhere from 2000g to 4000g. 39. While penting as a Warrior(or Arch-Warrior) it can be helpful to get a bless from a Mage. Whenever you see Mages in the pents, ask them nicely for a bless. The overwhelming majority of them will grant your request. This is helpful to both. With a bless you can go deeper into the pents. This means where the Mage is penting will have less competition. A win-win situation. Please remember your manners, and thank the Mage for the bless. After all you will want more blesses in the future. Don't burn any bridges(in other words). ===================================================================== LABYRINTH QUESTS ===================================================================== Just southwest of where you spawn in(in the town of Aston) is a building. Enter it to talk to the Gatekeeper. You can challenge the Gatekeeper after proving your worth in the Labyrinth Quests. Once you complete a labyrinth quest you can not go back to it. Labyrinth 1 You are required to bring the King's Crown, and the Mages Szcepter. The enemies here are all level 10. Head into the circle mini maze. Go south on the left hand side, until you see a path, and a building in the center. There is a guard blocking the way. Kill him, and enter the building for the King(level 10), and two Guards(level 10). Kill them, and search the King's body, for his crown. Head back to the circle mini maze, head around the south on the left, and this time cling to the north. At (71, 189) is a fire with a key in it. Take the key. Keep following the path, until there is a path to the right with a locked door. Use your key on this door, and you find the Mage(level 10) with two guards(level 10). Kill them, and search the Mages body for his Szcepter. Return to the man that gave you the quest, and give him the two items. He will then make a door appear. Enter this door, and you are in front of the Gatekeeper with the Quest completed. Labyrinth 2 This quest can get entertaining, you can bring no potions with you at all. It is also important that your HPs do not reset in this Labyrinth. Don't worry there are a lot of treasure chests in here with magical combo potions, and later on there are obelisks that restore you and give you the max plus HPs. You must bring the heads of three demons. You are also advised to look for a friend to help in the labyrinth. At the start of the level are some Workers (level 15). Head to the south, and take that door. Then take the right door, and then take the next right door. Now take the south door, and then the left door. Take the next left door, and finally take the north door. There is a magical worker in here so be careful. Kill everyone in this room. One of them has a Key that you need. Search the five treasure chests. Equip the stone weapon of your choice. It will have the same plus attack that the one your using does. Now head back to the beginning of the Labyrinth. At the beginning look at the right wall, you will find a hidden door. Open the wooden door in this room. There are some spiders here. They are pretty easy. Head north, and then take the turn to the right. Finally open the door to the south for a hallway. Kill the eight level 15 workers in this hallway, and take the door to the right. Meet Mathor. Please note the red obelisks in this room, they heal you. Mathor explains about the demons and how to force them to fight you. Step one: Touch the plate with the demons name. Step two: Touch the correct stone plate with the real name of the demon. Step three: Enter the inner square from the opposite entrance Step four: Shout the demons name. Start with the stone slab on the south. Touch it, and the Asfarloth Quest begins. Walk around the inner square, and go through the door to the north. Then take the door to the right. Kill the Cyradeth, and touch the slab in this room. Go back to the room with Mathor, and enter the inner square from the north. Go to the middle of the square(this is very important, it will not work unless you stand in the center). Type: /shout Fao Thals. <---- without the period. You will transported to the demons lair. There are three of them level 17 - level 18. Kill all of them, and one of their bodies has a head. Take the head, and exit out the door. Now lets do the right slab. This is the Beronath Quest. Take the right door from this room, and when given the choice head to the south. Be careful in the fire trap rooms(they shoot fireballs). After a couple of rooms you will reach a lightning ball room, there are also spikes in this room. Head right to the treasure chests, then head right and north around the large statues. Stay south of the orbs. Keep just south of the orbs, and keep going to the right. Once you are equal with the farthest right slab, go south. Stand in front of the farthest right slab(facing the door you came in), and touch it. Now head back to the room with Mathor. Walk around the inner square, and enter from where Mathor is standing. Stand in the very center again, and type: /shout Breth Ona. <--again without that period. You will transported to the demons lair. Kill the three of them here, and take the head from one of them. Exit out the door, and its time to do the last one. Touch the northern slab to start the Cyradeth Quest. Now enter the right hand door, and this time take the north path(when given the choice). You will enter a dark area to the left. Continue through here until you see your first slab on the northern wall. Touch it, and head back to Mathor's room. Walk around the inner square and enter from the south. Walk to the center of the square. Type: /shout Ch Dae Tye. <--remember not the period. You will be transported to the demons lair. There are two magical workers(level 15) here, along with the three Cyradeths(level 18). Kill them and get the demons head. Head back to the beginning of the Labyrinth, and give the three demons heads to the man who gave you the quest. He will open a doorway for you. Take it, and the quest is done. Labyrinth 3 Labyrinth 3 deals with light and darkness. I lost my notes on this, so I am writing this LAB from memory. Once you enter the doorway, there will be a door to your north, right and south. Take the door to your south. Kill the monster in this room. He has a potion of infravision. It allows you to see in the dark. Take it. In fact, kill him a couple of times to get a few spares. You will need at least one spare, probably two. Now head out to that door in the previous room that was to the right. You are now in a large room. Be sure and use your infravision potion here. To the right is a door that is guarded. Ignore that direction for now. Instead head north and take the door to the right there. Head north and south through a couple of rooms. At one point you will be in a hallway with two doors to the right. Take the southern right hand door. Once you can take no more right hand doors, start heading to the south, and finally take the first left door you come to. Keep heading to the left through a couple of rooms, and eventually you will reach a room in the dark with a treasure chest. Open the chest for the special item(Staff). This is the only thing that can kill the boss of this labyrinth. Sweet! One problem though, you can not expose this item to the light. So the way to get the item to the boss is to: 1. Drop the item in the shade(dark areas). 2. Kill the enemies in a room. 3. Then turn the lights out. 4. Grab the item, and go to the next room. 5. Repeat the process. Okay, now that you have the concept there are some shortcuts as well. On your way back to that big room where we ignored that door to the right; go through that first room. Next in this little antechamber room, head to the farthest northwest point of the room. There is a hidden dark passage that heads to the right(paralleling the rooms you came through). Leave the item in this hidden passage, kill the guard at the end, turn out the lights, go back grab it, and hurry to the next room. When you have finally gotten the item back to that big room in the beginning; take that door to the right. You are in another decent sized room, with two guards and a door to the right. The boss is in this room. However he has four guards, and the lights on. There is a secret passage in the northwestern corner of this room that has two doors into the bosses room. Take this hidden passage, leave the item in the dark(note opening doors brings partial light into another room or hallway. Entice the boss into this dark passage. Use the item on him twice, and he dies. A gate will appear. Take it, and quickly. If you miss the gate you have to do it all over again. Otherwise congrats on beating labyrinth 3. Labyrinth 4 Yellow berries - 45 seconds of oxygen White berries - light for a limited time Brown berries - allow you to speak under water Labyrinth 4 is under water. Which means the environment is out to get you. Your HPs will quickly count down to zero(and you will die), unless you eat yellow berries. You can pick yellow berries, and put them in your pack, and immediately eat them(gives you oxygen). You can also put the berries in your pack, and watch them shrink/shrivel, and generally disappear if not used quickly enough. The true trick to this lab, that many do not realize is you can build extra time for yourself. Go to three bushes, and eat all of the berries on all three bushes. You have built more than 45 seconds. There is a limit to how much you can build up; I never did find the exact number(I would guess around three minutes). There are also monsters down here: Crustaceans(level 23), Beasts(level 25), and a Large Crustacean(level 35). Unless you are cornered, do not kill any of the monsters, just run away. It is faster that way, and since oxygen means time, it is very essential. I only fought when I had to. Always remember the clock is ticking. Also note, when you are out of oxygen your character will not make any sounds(normally heard when getting hurt). Also note if you try and talk without a brown berry in your mouth, you will lose oxygen(/tells work fine though). Okay onto the LAB. First off get yellow berries. Work your way to the southwest corner of the screen. There is a cave there. Be sure and get a white berry before entering the cave. There are Beasts(level 25) in this cave. Enter the cave, and take the only other door. Then take each door to the south, and keep walking south, until you hit a wall, and there is a door to your left(at the end). Enter that door, and then take the next door to be outside. Grab some yellow berries, and head a little north for another bushel of berries. There are some brown berries here. You can store brown berries in your pack with no degeneration of the berries. So grab a couple of them. Now work your way back out of the cave, and head to the east. You will notice a building with two Guards(level 84). I do not know if the password changes or not. You can try my password and see if it works. If you are wrong, I have no idea what the guards might do to you(they most likely could kill you in one hit). Only walk up to a guard. Eat a brown berry and say Name. That was my password. If it does not work, then you will have to do the rest of the quest. To the right of the guards are some berries. Grab a white one, and head to the east. You will be in a darkened area. Continue on to the east, and you will notice a wall with some berries to the northeast just a bit. There is an opening to the wall to the southeast a little bit. Eat the berries, and head to the southeast for the opening to the wall. You will notice a Large Crustacean(level 35) in a clearing. Get some berries to your northeast. Right by the Large Crustacean(level 35) at coordinates (239, 19) is a body with the first half of the password. Okay head back to the dark area where I told you there were some berries. Work your way north until you can head east again, and eventually south(first chance you get). You will see two Swamp Beasts (level 25) guarding a prison. Kill both of these Swamp Beasts, and search their bodies for keys. Take the key from both of them. Then head inside the prison. There is a Prisoner(level 25) at coordinates (170, 7). Hand him a key, and he will give you the second half of the password. Now head back to the guards, and stand in front of them. Eat a brown berry and tell them the password. They will let you pass. Enter the door right past them, and take the gate out of here. Congratulations you just finished Labyrinth 4. Labyrinth 5 Labyrinth 5 is in a cemetery. Good news, the area is not out to get you. Bad news, the enemies are harder to kill, and some impossible to kill without Holy Water. If you are strong enough you can kill the Skeletons (level 30) without any Holy Water. The Undead (level 30) are a lot harder to kill without Holy Water; the reason is the Undead regenerate their health while fighting, and fast. There are basins of water throughout the labyrinth. Grab bowls of water(by clicking on the water basins), and take it to the Chapel(building in the middle of the labyrinth). Right beside Herald is a spot to use your water on. It will make your water Holy Water. Sweet! Be sure and talk to Herald about the lowdown of this labyrinth Okay after filling up on Holy Water head over to the administration building. It is to the north of the Chapel. You can not open the door. Instead open the door just to the right to be inside the building. Take the next door on the right hand side to be in a hallway. Take the door on the right again (the one on the left hand wall to your north is locked). In this room is a Skeleton(level 30). Have some Holy Water ready in case you are not strong enough to handle him on your own. After killing him, take the next door on the north. There are two Undead(level 30) in here. Definitely have some Holy Water ready. Kill them, and one has a key on him. Take the key and head back to the locked door. Open this door for a giant library. There are two doors on the far left hand wall. Take the southern one. There are three Undead in here. You should only have to face two at a time(at most). Remember the drill? Holy Water, and attack. Dispose of them, and take each door to the left. There will be a Skeleton (level 30) in each room; the last room has two Skeletons. In that last room there is a piece of paper on the table. It tells you that Eldrick is the first grave on the second row, next to the northwestern chapel isle. Take the door to the north, and kill the Skeleton (level 30) there. There are two notes there. One tells Henry is buried in the first grave on the last row of the southeast entrance section. The other note tells you John is buried in the sixth grave, sixth row in the southeast section. Head back out of these rooms, and in the last room, take the door to the north. This will tell you that John's wife is buried to the left of him. I do not know if the graves changes per player or not. However if they don't here is the coordinates of each grave: Elias cap (173,191); Elias boots (206,232); Elias hat (191,222); Elias Belt (204,232). After you have the four items, head to the building to the behind the church. Put the four items on, and then walk into the building to meet Daemon(level CI). He will recognize you as his master and let you in. Be careful in this building, your holy water, magic, and warcry do not work. If you do not have all the items and try and get by; he will kill you. I have verified this. Go through the door, and then through the next one. There is an Undead(level 30) patrolling this area, to your left, and south is a room, and to the far side of this square room is another door. Go to the right, around (167,146), and then head to the south. There is a secret path through the wall. Go through the left hand side until you reach the red carpet, then head to the right side. Now go south two times, and then to the left. Now use the Shift button, and put your mouse on the left hand side wall. There is a secret door there. In the upper left hand side of this room is a coffin with blood on it. Open that coffin. Elias skeleton (level 30) will pop out. Kill him, and search his body. You will get his amulet. Put the amulet on. Now you can use your holy water/magic/warcry. Head back to the room with the patrolling Undead (level 30). Go to that room in the far side, middle of the room. In here are 11 coffins. The middle one is the one you want. However, you should open some of the coffins first and kill the Skeletons (level 30), and Undeads (level 30). The reason for this is, as soon as you open the middle one, all the enemies that have not recently been killed, will come out at once. Trust me it is better odds. Get Arathas Ring off of his dead body. Go back to Herald, and give him the ring. He will open the gateway for you. ARCHING or SEYAN Now that you have completed all five labs, you are given the choice of either arching or becoming a seyan. The choice is yours. Becoming a seyan gives you a mix of a warrior and mage. However, you will be returned to level 2. Arching will keep you at the same level, and give you a new skill. The Warrior gets the skill Rage. A rather handy skill. You must defeat the Gatekeeper (level 46). You also need to pay 100 gold to try. The good news is if you lose, you will not lose a life save; just the 100 gold. Once you defeat him, you will now be able to see your cape on your character in the game. This also gives you a higher respect level from fellow gamers. ===================================================================== GAME WALK-THROUGH ===================================================================== 1. Lydia's Quest 2. Gwendylon's Quest 1 3. Gwendylon's Quest 2 4. Reskin's Quest 5. Gwendylon's Quest 3 6. Gwendylon's Quest 4 7. Nook's Quest 8. Mad Mages Quest 9. Mad Knight's Quest 10. Reskin's Quest 2 11. Yoakin's Quest 12. Seymour's Quest 1 13. Seymour's Quest 2 14. Seymour's Quest 3 15. Smuggler Quest 1 16. Smuggler Quest 2 17. Smuggler Quest 3 18. Kelly Quest 1 19. Creepers Death Run 20. Kelly Quest 2 21. Gerassimo Quest 22. Sir Jones Quest 23. Sir Jones Quest 2 24. Kelly Quest 3 25. Clara Quest 1 26. Carlos quest 27. Imp Quest 1 28. William's Quest 29. Hermit's Quest 30. Imp Quest 2 31. Exkorden 32. Thief Guild Master Quest 1 33. Thief Guild Master Quest 2 34. Thief Guild Master Quest 3 35. Thief Guild Master Quest 4 36. Sanwny Quest 37. Cervik's Quest 38. Under the Library 39. Skeleton's Lair 40. Zombie Lair 41. Forest to Brannington 42. Yoatin's Quest 43. Aristocrat's Amulet ===================================================================== LYDIA'S QUEST When you start the game, you are told that Lydia needs your help. You are also told that she is to your north. She is in the building to your northwest. Open the door, and then go to the next door straight ahead of you. You are now inside Gwendylon's tower. Take the first door to your left to meet Lydia. She will tell you a sob story about some thieves stealing from her while she was drunk(serves her right for getting drunk). So leave the building the way you came in. Head a little south, and then take the path to the west. You will come to thieves house. Open the door, and enter. There are four doors to choose from. Pick the lower left door. A thief(level 2) will attack you. Kill him. Press Shift + Left Click to search his body. There will be a key on him. You can transfer any item from a dead monsters pack to your pack with just a left click. Now do the same thing in the lower right room, and the upper right room. You kill those thieves (level 2) for two reasons: Killing all the bad guys in a dungeon grant you the choice of which attribute to increase; and to increase your levels. Now take the upper left hand room. Two thieves(level 2) will come at you. Stand in the doorway so you can take them on one at a time. After killing them and getting their items, take the other door in the room. One thief(level 2) will attack you, kill him. Now take the other door in this room. In this final room there will be a chest. Press Shift + Left Click to get the item from the chest. Press Shift + Left Click in an empty space in your pack. Return to Lydia, and give her the item from the chest(CTRL + Left Click). Lydia will tell you to visit her father. GWENDYLON QUEST 1 Lydia's father Gwendylon is in the room just north of Lydia's room. He tells you that the skeletons have a magical item, that he wants you to get. Leave Gwendylon's tower, and take the path to the east. Enter and you will be in Skellie I. Walk around the crypt and take the door to the south. Walk to the down and to the left a little bit for a hallway going south. Take the hallway down and around, at the end will be two doors. Take the north door, and kill that Skeleton(level 2). He will have key 3 on him. Head back to the main hallway, and this time head to the right. Go all the way to the end(there is a long hallway with a lot of doors, each one has a skeleton or two for you to kill). At the end of the hallway open the door at the end on the right side wall. Kill the skeleton(level 2), and then head to the upper left side of the room for another door. Kill the skeleton here, and then take his key 1. There is also a mushroom in this room. Come back to the main hallway, and now take the hallway to the south. At the bottom part is a door to your left. Open that door with your keys (just click on the door). Enter this area, and continue to the left. There will be a hallway to your south. Take it, and in the final room on the right will be a skeleton(level 2) that has key 2 on it. Head back up north, and continue on to the left(note to your north is some rooms, and skeletons). At the end of the hallway you want to take the room to the south. Enter and kill the skeleton(level 2). Take the door on the right, and kill that skeleton(level 2). Now take the next door also on your right to the third room. Kill the skeleton(level 2) in the third room, and take the door to your south for the fourth room. Kill that skeleton(level 2), and finally take the door to your south to enter a new hallway. The room to your south has two skeletons(level 2), and a treasure chest with a healing potion in it. Take the hallway to the north, and then it winds to the left, and finally south again. The door at the end of the hallway is where we want to be. It is a room with 2 skeletons(level 2), and one skeleton speller(level 2). Use your Warcry in this room(Alt + X). The enemies will come to you, and since you are standing in the doorway, they can only attack one at a time (with the exception of the speller slowing you down). The treasure chest has a healing potion in it, and the skeleton spellers body has the magical quest item you are looking for(magical skull). Be sure to get a mushroom or two while in this room(and do not sell one of them). Take the magical skull back to Gwendylon. He will reward you, and tell you that he has heard rumors of a second skull. GWENDYLON QUEST 2 After bringing Gwendylon the first skull, he will tell you he has heard about another skeleton infested area nearby. He suggests you check it out at the tavern. To get to the tavern, exit the tower, head to the right, and then up. Go by Fred(your local trader), and head up and to the right some more. After you have gotten by Fred, and the building just to his north, head to the left a little, and enter the Tavern. Talk to Reskin, and Terion. They will tell you that there is a path behind the tavern going to the west. Leave the tavern, and get behind it. Follow the path to the west. There will be a skeleton in front of the house. Kill him, and search his body for the Woods key 1. Enter the house (Skellie II). Go down the hole by pressing Shift + Left Click(mouse). The area is split in half by a fence. Take the right hand south side. Go to end. There is a door at the end, take it for a room with a skeleton(level 2) in it. Take the door on the other wall, and enter a room with a skeleton(level 2), and a skeleton(level 1). Kill them both. The skeleton(level 1) is manning a device that emits blue orbs. Leave these rooms, and now take the left hand side to the south. Kill the skeletons(level 2) in each room. The last room that skeleton has the skull that you are questing for. Take that, and time to leave. Get the skull back to Gwendylon. He will pay you for it, and then tell you there is a third place with skeletons, and he has no idea where to find it. RESKIN'S QUEST While in the tavern Reskin will offer you a quest. He is low on beer, and needs supplies. He needs one mushroom, one berry, and one flower(of any kind). Behind the tavern is the berry, and flower. If you listened to me on Gwendylon's Quest 1, you should have a mushroom. Give the three items to Reskin. He will give you a generous amount of gold per item. He will also offer if you find any new flowers to give them to him. Search around town, and the woods you can find new flowers. Take them to him for some gold. GWENDYLON'S QUEST 3 After Gwendylon requests you find the third skull, head back to the tavern. Talk to the patrons again. Terion is again a wealth of knowledge. He tells you that Yaokin thought his back room floor was hollow, and there was skeletons down there. Yoakin's house is just south of Fred(the trader). Enter his house, and head to the back room. Press Shift + Left Click to enter the Skellion III. There are four rooms down here. Each of these rooms have five skeletons(level 5). Be sure to stand in the doorway so you can take them on, one at a time. In the third room one of the skeletons has the magic skull. Take it to Gwendylon. He will reward you, and tell you that he found out that the skulls had been made in his tower. He requests you find the fourth skull. GWENDYLON'S QUEST 4 Head to the right from Gwendylon's room. Stand between the two torches. The wall will open up to your right. Walk over and through. Head down in the hole; you will now be in Skellie IV. There will be one room to enter. Enter this room for a Guard(level 6). Kill him, and then take the next door. You will now be in a hallway. The right hand side rooms both have a treasure chest that requires a key. Head to the end of the hallway, and take that door. There will be another door to your left. Take it for a large room. In this room is one Dorugin(level 8), and Moakin(level 8). Kill them both. Moakin has some wonderful armor, and weapons on him, and the skull. He also has the key to the chests that were in the earlier rooms. Go back to those rooms, for a couple of other nice items(two handed sword, and a staff). Take the skull to Gwendylon. He will reward you nicely. NOOK'S QUEST While you are doing the fourth Gwendylon quest, Nook will ask for help. He will let you know that thieves stole his hat. He can not reward you, but would appreciate his hat back. The thieves meet at night behind the Brotherhood of Knights building(northeast building in Cameron). The directions given are rather misleading by the NPC's. Walk around the northeast building in Cameron, and hug the wall. Eventually the wall will head towards the south. Keep hugging the wall, and then as it heads to the right again, continue to the right through the woods. Near the end of the screen there will be a hole. Enter the hole for Robber's outpost. Each of these rooms on the right and the left have on Robber (level 7) in them. Enter the second room on the left hand side. Go into the next room, and finally take the door on the right hand upper side for a Robber(level 7) who has key 1 to the Robber's Place. Leave these rooms, and head back to the main hallway. Head to the far end of the hallway, and take the room at the far end. There will be two Robber's (level 7) in this room. Kill them, and one of them has Nook's hat on him. Enter the room at the far left of this room, and there will be two treasure chests. In the upper left hand corner of the room is a pedestal with fire in it. Shift + Left Click on that item(Use it). A door on the bottom wall will appear. Enter this secret room for three treasure chests. The three chests contain: a pile of coins, leggings, and a healing potion. Take the hat back to Nook to complete the quest. He gives you a lot of attribute experience, so you can level up a lot of stuff. MAD MAGES QUEST Head to the tavern, and go near Guiwynn. She will tell you about some strange going ons with the mages southeast of there. She will give you key 1 of Brotherhood in Cameron. Head to the southeast and open the door to the south. You will now be in the Mad Mages. Open the door to your left for a long hallway. In each room on the left is a Mad Made(level 8). In the third room that Mad Mage(level 8) has key 2 for the Brotherhood in Cameron. The door at the end, and on the right has two Mad Mages(level 8) in it. Kill those two mad mages, and one of them will have a quest item in it. Potion of Happiness. In this room there are two doors to choose from. Take the north door. You will be in a small hallway with three rooms. The first room on the right has a mad mage (level 8) with Key 3 for the Brotherhood in Cameron. The other three rooms have mad mages(level 8) in them. Head back to the room with the two mad mages, and this time take the door to the right. You will be outside. Take the door to the south. The room will have two mad mages(level 8) in it. Since it is close quarters their spells do more damage. Kill these two, and take the small room to the right. There is a mad mage(level 8) here who is holding key 4 for the Brotherhood in Cameron. The chest has a small amount of silver in it. Head back outside, and take the door on the far right. You are now in a long hallway. The third room on the right from the bottom has key 5 for the Brotherhood in Cameron. Be very careful of the upper room on the left. This room has 4 mad mages(level 8) in it. When you kill the four mad mages, one of them will have the recipe for Happiness potion. The two chests have two rings of defense in them. Take the Potion of Happiness to Guiwynn, and she will ask you to return for the recipe. Give her the recipe and the quest is complete. MAD KNIGHT'S QUEST Once you complete the Mad Mages quest Logain(in the tavern) will walk up to you and tell you about the knights going mad. He gives you the key 1 to the Knights in Cameron. The entrance to the Mad Knights is just a little north and east from the mad mages. Enter the building. There is a door to the north, and west. The western door leads to a hallway with three rooms in it. The three rooms each have one Mad Knight(level 10). The northern door leads to another hallway with five doors in it(two on the right, two on the left, and one straight ahead). The first room to the left has a Mad Knight(level 10) in it, and leads to another room with another Mad Knight(level 10). This second room's Mad Knight has key 2 for the Knights in Cameron. The first right hand room has a chest with a magical potion in it. The other rooms have Mad Knights (level 10) in them. The door that is at the end of the hallway leads to a room with three Mad Knights(level 10) in it. Kill the three of them, and take the door to the left. This room has a whopping six Mad Knight's(level 10) in it. One of these Mad Knight's has key 3 for the Knights in Cameron. Head back to the room with three Mad Knight's, and this time take the door to the right. There will be one Mad Knight(level 10) in here, and he will have the Recipe on him that drove the knights mad(this is also the quest item). Take the recipe to Logain, and he will tell you about how Losain made the recipe, and he will give you a key to Losain's house. RESKIN'S QUEST 2 I am not sure exactly when this quest comes up. I found it after doing the Mad Knight's, but the level of the characters seems a little light. It may be a new one. Reskin tells you that his neighbor is bothering him. He also tells you of a secret door on the wall between the barrels. Walk directly through the two barrels. No secret door opens, this is just walking through the wall. There are two doors with Thief Guard's (level 7). Behind the desk is Asturin(level 7). Kill the three of them, and then take the back room for a Thief Guard(level 7). In the room is a hole. The hole leads to the Thieve's Guild. The thieve's guild can be a bit confusing at first. I am only going to give directions for the quest. There are some treasure chests around other places in the guild, but give you a minimal amount of silver. Take the door to the right, and kill the Guild Thief(level 10). Take the only other door(to the right), and kill that Guild Thief(level 10). Again take the only other door to the right. You will be in a large room. To your south on the left hand side is a door. You can open it for a Guild Assassin(level 10). I mention this because you want to be sure you can kill one of these guys. Head to the bottom of the long room and take the south door(only other door not mentioned). You will be in another large room. Head to the door at the south, and open it for two Guild Assassins(level 10). After killing them, take the only other door. You will now be in a long hallway. The middle door has the Guild Master(level 11). Kill him for the Key 1 for Thieves Guildmaster's Quarters. Head back to the hallway, and now enter the first room in this hallway. Enter this room, and take the room on the south wall for a room with three treasure chests in it. The chests contain: Dagger of minor flash, 13 gold, and some armor. Leave the Thieve's Guild, and talk to Asturin, he will back down and apologize. Head back to the tavern, and Reskin will thank you. YOAKIN'S QUEST Talk to Yoakin, and he will tell you that there is a large bear harassing travelers, he has a bounty on this bear, and asks you to bring him proof of your kill. Head out of Cameron, and take the north path through the woods. Near the end of the screen will be a Mama Bear(level 13). Kill her, and get her tooth. Take the tooth back to Yoakin for 5 gold, and some experience. SEYMOUR'S QUEST 1 Once you have the key to Losain's house, leave Cameron, and head through the forest along the northern path. Be sure and Shift + Left Click on the teleporter at the edge of town. Be careful of the Mama Bear(level 13) near the end. Exit the screen, and you will enter a new screen. Walk into town, and talk to Seymour(okay its more like listen). He will ask you to search Losain's house in Cameron, find a skull, and bring it back to him. Instead of turning around, keep heading into town. At the first major intersection go to the right. Then head to the north, and after the shops will be the Aston teleporter. You can go back to the Cameron teleporter from here. Faster travel than going through the forest. Once you are back in Cameron head towards the tavern. Walk past the door, and along the northern wall there will be a door. Open the door, and prepare yourself for the next room. In this room is two Mad Skeletons(level 10), and a Mad Speller (level 10). The chest in this room has some silver in it. Enter the hole in the floor. Welcome to Zombie I. This dungeon will wind around, is half lit, and filled with Weak Zombie's(level 11). There is pretty much only one path. There are occasional side paths that are dead ends. Later on there are Fire Zombie's (level 12), and Lightning Zombie's(level 12). Farther on still there are Zombie's(level 12). Each Zombie you kill search for a Zombie skull. Once you find a Zombie Skull head out of this dungeon, and back to Seymour. Give Seymour the Zombie skull, and he will reward you. You will achieve the rank of a Private. SEYMOUR'S QUEST 2 Once you complete the first quest for Seymour, he will give you another one. He will task you to search Losain's house in Aston on the western side, and to find a Silver Skull. Head a little north of Seymour, and take the first door to the left. Enter Losain's house, and enter the door on the north wall. You are in a hallway with two doors, take the first door. You will notice a hole in the floor. Enter the hole, and you will be in a room. On the far side is a table with a journal on it. Read the journal for some interesting info about Losain. On the wall near the ladder is a hidden door. Go through it for Zombie II. Kill the Zombie(level 12) right there. Take the path, and then at the intersection take the first south that heads back towards where you came in(the path forward, and then south heads to Zombie I, and Cameron). Be careful here two Weak Zombies(level 11), and one Zombie (level 12) can getcha. The point of this quest is to take the Zombie skulls you get and use them in the Shrines(Shift + Left Click). It is random(as far as I can tell) as to what the shrine gives you. A shrine can give you experience, increase your HPs for a short time, a torch, or a healing potion. I got the Silver Skull on the 5th try. Other players told me it took them twenty tries. It's all random. Take the Silver Skull to Seymour. He will give you experience. Before going back to Seymour, it would be wise to get at least one gold skull. SEYMOUR'S QUEST 3 Once you complete the second quest for Seymour, he will give you a third. He wants to know what became of Losain, or Losain's whereabouts. Head back into Zombie II. Continue on the south path I mentioned in the last quest. Like Zombie I, Zombie II winds around, and has a lot of dead end side paths. A trained eye can tell the side paths. For the most part when given the choice head south, and to the right. Do not head north, or to the left (unless the main path is going that way). After a little bit, you will arrive in a four way intersection. Head south, and then at the end will be a room with three shrines. One accepts Zombie Skulls, one accepts Silver Skulls, and one is golden colored(accepts Golden Skulls). In front of the Golden Skull Shrine is a dead body. Search Losain's dead body for a Note. Take this Note back to Seymour. He will thank you with experience, and tell you to go see Kelly, and to check in with the governor from time to time. SMUGGLER QUEST 1 Go to the house a little south and across from the University in Aston (138,244). Go down the hole there, and talk to the Imperial Commander. He will ask you to bring him 'the contraband book.' Go through the door, and kill the four smugglers (level 15) in this room. Continue on through a couple of rooms, until you reach a large room with three more smugglers (level 15). Kill them, and one of them has a key on him. Take the key to open the chest in this room for some gold. Now grab the book off of the table, and get back to the Imperial Commander. He will tell you that he needs you to bring him one of each of the four contraband items: Pearl Necklace, Emerald Necklace, Crimson Ring, and Leopard Cloak. He will then give you the second quest. SMUGGLER QUEST 2 He will tell you that he needs you to bring him one of each of the four contraband items: Pearl Necklace, Emerald Necklace, Crimson Ring, and Leopard Cloak. Time to get those four items for the Imperial Commander. In that first room one of the four smugglers, one of them has a Pearl Necklace on him. Now head back to the big room where you got the book from. Take the right hand door, and then the north door. Kill the smuggler (level 15) and he has an Emerald Necklace on him. Head back to the room with the book in it, and now take the north path. You will wind up in another large room with a table. Kill the smugglers (level 15) in this room, and one of them has a Crimson Ring on him. Three items down, one to go. Head north, for a large room with water in it. There are some smugglers (level 15) in this room, kill them, and then take the door to the right. This is a long hallway. Take the first north you come to. Now take the left hand door. Kill the smuggler (level 15), and then enter the south room. There are two smugglers (level 15) here. One of them has the Leopard Cloak on him. Head back to the Imperial Commander, and give him the four items. He will then give you the third quest. SMUGGLER QUEST 3 The Immerial Commander now requests you kill the leader of the Smugglers. So now head to that long hallway right after the water room. Go to the final north room. Prepare yourself, there is a Mage Bodyguard (level 15), and a Warrior Bodyguard (level 15). Kill them, and enter the room to the north for the Smuggler leader (level 29). That is right, level 29!!! You better be strong enough. Kill him, and take his key. You can open that treasure chest for some gold. Head back to the Imperial Commander and he will reward you with experience. If you want to, you can explore the rest of this dungeon. Aside from some chests, there is not a lot else of interest. KELLY QUEST 1 When you go and see Kelly she will give you a quest to kill the Large Creeper in the Sewers, and bring her the head as proof. Like usual the NPC gives you wonderful directions. Leave Kelly's office and head towards where you spawn in (in Aston). Continue along this road, and you will pass the governor's office. Keep going, and you will notice some vegetation to your character's right. Enter near the middle, and you will enter the Park. Walk down the path in the park until you reach the park benches. Go north from the middle park bench, and you will notice a hole in the ground in the grass. Enter this hole. This area is a total and complete maze. There are Stone Creepers(level 15), Ice Creepers(level 15), and Fire Creepers(level 15). The regular stone creepers attack, the ice creepers freeze you, and the fire creepers shoot magical fireballs at you. The real problem in this dungeon is the creepers swarm you, and they respawn faster than anything else(up to this point in the game). From the ladder, walk around the corner, and select the south path. Then at the next intersection head south again. Now hug the south wall, and take the last north. The path will swing left, and go south again. Take the first right you come to, and then go north. It will head to the right, and then south. In the next room take the first north you come to. In this room there is a little enclave to the upper left hand side. The Large Creeper(level 16) is there. Kill him, and take his head back to Kelly. She will give you experience, and another quest. CREEPERS DEATH RUN This is an optional quest. In fact I have not found a NPC that gives it. There is a nice item to get at the end of this quest though. Head south from where you killed the Large Creeper. There are a few rooms to the south, and then a snaking hallway. It will then open up into a larger hallway. Two fire creepers(level 15) await you at the end. Continue on this hallway and you will reach a point where an Ice Creeper(level 15) is on the other side of some rocks. Stone Creepers will rush you at this point as well. Once you beat them, head on to the south, and eventually to the right again. There is a hallway with many little hallways going to the north. Step into each one, one at a time to kill the Creepers(no more than three, a mix of Stone, Ice, and Fire Creepers). Finally at the end you will go through the hallway to the right. This is a huge room with stalagmites all around. There are also a lot of Creepers(Fire, Ice, and Stone) in this room(I killed them too fast to count). Remember they spawn back fast too. Continue on through this room to the right. At the end you will be in a little room with a small room to your north and south. Each of these rooms has a treasure chest. The south room's treasure chest has some gold in it. The north room's treasure chest has a Belt of Immunity +4. Go ahead and equip the belt. KELLY QUEST 2 The second quest Kelly gives you is to find these strange shrines in the Underground Park that is in the northern part of the forest in the southern corner of Aston. Head to where Seymour is at the entrance of Aston. Head south just a bit, and then head to the right side. Right click on squares on the ground and find: "The Woods (222, 214)." There is a hole right there. It is very difficult to see(since branches hide the hole). Once you go down the hole you are in the Underground Park. Prepare yourself for Weak Collector's(level 16) and Supervisor's(level 16). The Weak Collector's will use Warcry on you, and the Supervisor's cast magically attacks. Leave the ladder and head to the south, it will turn to the left, and at the intersection head to the north. The path will then twist to the left, and head that way for awhile. Eventually it will turn south, continue to the south, and it will turn to the right. Take this right path all the way to the end, and then head to the south. Take the first left you come to, and continue down the left until you find the first shrine at (182, 79). After the first shrine you can head back to Kelly and get some experience. There are more shrines to go though. From the first shrine, continue to the left. You will then enter the Underground Park II. The enemies get tougher now. Prepare for Supervisor's(level 17), and Collector's(level 17). Continuing from the first shrine to the left, and it will turn to the north. The path will then turn to the left. Continue down to the left, until it turns to the south. Continue on south, and take the first left. Continue along the left path until it turns south. Go south just a bit, and take the first left that comes along. It will turn north, and finally left for the second shrine at (144, 166). Head left from the second shrine for Strong Collector's(level 18), and Strong Supervisor's (level 18). Continue left from the second shrine and you will enter Underground Park 3. Underground Park 3 is the worst maze in the game thus far. There are all kinds of twists, turns, and dead ends. Take the first south you come to, and then take the first right, and then take the first south. Now take the next south you come to. Eventually you will come to a left, take it. Then take the first north you come to. Now take the first left. Then take the first south you come to. Then take the first right you come to. From here take the first north, and finally take the first right to enter a room with the third shrine. The coordinates are (145, 226). Head back to Kelly, and get your experience. She will tell you that holes are popping up everywhere. She wishes the Seyan were still alive, and Ishtar could teach us. GERASSIMO QUEST Just south of where you spawn to, in Aston is a building. On the left hand side of the building is an entrance. Enter it to meet Geronimo. He tells you a really interesting story about moving the telescope. Enter the upper of the two rooms to meet Gerassimo. He tells you a story of being attacked by monsters while in the garden. He also requests that you get his notes back from these monsters. Accept the quest, and leave this building, and head just south for the garden. There is a hole in the garden at coordinates (208,168). Enter this hole for the Moonish Caverns. Be prepared for some tough enemies in this dungeon. They range from Young Moony (level 18, level 19), Moony (level 19), Moony Warrior (level 19, level 20), Moony Guard (level 21), and Moony Elite (level 23). All of these enemies can cast Warcry. From the ladder, take the south door. Now take the next south door. Work your way to the left, and once you start heading north, take the first door to the left. In this small room take the only other door. In this room take the second south door. In this room, take the south door. In the next small hallway take the room to the south. In this darkened room take the south door, for a long hallway. In this hallway walk up it, and take the second door to the south. In this room there will be two Moonies Elite (level 23), they are guarding the door on the far side of the room. Kill them, and enter this door to the south. There are three different Moonies in here. Kill the farthest one away, and search his body. This one has the Notes Quest item on his body. Take the Notes back to Gerassimo. He will give you a lot of experience, and 25 gold. SIR JONES QUEST When you spawn into the town of Aston, head to left along the main path(going towards the town entrance). Just before the end of the road is an open building with Thomas standing there. He will tell you that Sir Jones wants to see you. Enter the door to the north of Thomas, and walk the dark hallway for another door to your north. Enter this door to meet Sir Thomas. He will tell you that you are Strong, and he needs help with the monsters underneath the Graveyard. He asks you to accept. Say Aye to accept. In order to complete the Quest you must kill the toughest creature in there. The Graveyard is northeast of this building in Aston. It is surrounded by an iron fence. It is large and impossible to miss. The entrance is in the middle south of the Graveyard. Enter the Crypt(building in the graveyard). In the second room is a hole. Enter this hole to be in the Lower Crypt. Take the first door, for a room with a fire trap. Be careful of this fire trap. Take the door on the right for a small room with a spike trap. Take the door on the right for a long hallway. Be careful there are fire traps on both sides of the hallway. The following little map illustrates the way to traverse this hallway. It is a pain, but if you are set on fire, only a bin of water in this dungeon will extinguish it; that or using a scroll of recall so you leave the dungeon(if you were near the dungeon entrance walking out of the dungeon will work as well). WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW W W W W WD-----------------------XW W |W W |W WFF |W W |W WX-----------------------XW W| W W| W W| FFW W| W W| W W| W WX W WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW LEGEND: W = Walls D = A door FF = Fire Traps X = Where to click the mouse to move your character - = Path your character walks | = Path your characters walks SIR JONES QUEST CONTINUED There are Lesser Vampires(level 21) in this area of the dungeon. From the main hallway with a lot of firetraps, head south, and the first left door has a long hallway with a lot of doors. The northern door that is third from the end has a chest with gold in it. The third from the beginning north door has a book in it with some good explanation into the head Vampire in this dungeon. Head back to the main hallway with all the fire traps. Head back to the door you entered this hallway from. From here, head to the north, and take the first left you come to. This will be another hallway with a some doors in it. The next to last room has an open book in it, that talks about killing lesser vampires, and a Vampire Lord. Head back to the hallway now, and continue to the north. The second left has another long hallway with rooms in it. The last south door in this hallway has a chest with gold in it. The next to last north door has a book in it. This book tells a riddle. Head back to the main hallway with firetraps in it. Go to last right door. Enter this room for 5 coffins. Each crypt has a Vampire (level 22) in it. Walk to the entrance of the next room. You can see crosses in the previous room on the wall. Go room to room. On the fifth doorway you will see on of the crosses is sideways. Go to the corresponding coffin. You will get a part of the Sun Amulet. Now head back to the main hallway with the fire traps. The next to the last door on the right(which has two suns on each side of the door) is the door to take now. There is a dark room with some nasty Spike traps in it. Make sure your defense is high enough, and you have over 20hp. Also walk a couple of spaces at a time. Take the door at the end of the room for another main hallway(Main Hallway 2). There are Lesser Vampires (level 21), and Vampires (level 22) in this area. Take the only other door going to the left. Kill the Lesser Vampires in this room, and take the door at the south wall. This room has two fire traps, and two bins of water. It also has a coffin. The bins of water are here for a reason. You can not get to the coffin, or back without getting set ablaze. Use the water to douse the flames. Use the coffin for another part of the Sun Amulet. Merge the two pieces together. Shift + Left Click to hold one piece, and then Left Click on the other piece. Head back the Main Hallway 2, and take the room with the two Suns around the door. It is the next to last one on the right. Go through this Spike Trap infested dark room for adoor to another hallway. The same rules apply to this spike trap room as the last one. Now we are in a third main hallway(Main Hallway 3). This area has Lesser Vampires (level 21), and Vampires (level 22). The next to the last room on the left has a chest with some gold in it. Straight ahead from where you entered Main Hallway 3 is a door with suns on each side. Enter this door for a small dark room. Go through this room for a large room with a water basin in it. Take the only door there is, and then again take the only door. Hey someone rolled out the red carpet for you. Walk the red carpet, and enter the door. Prepare yourself. Here is the Vampire Lord (level 24). Instead of dying he goes in a puff of smoke. Use the upper part of the coffin for the last piece of the Sun Amulet. Leave this room. Put the Sun Amulet completely together. And put it on. Head back the room, and once the Vampire Lord respawns you can kill him. You get all your experience right then and there. Head back to Sir Jones and have a little conversation with him. SIR JONES QUEST 2 Upon reporting the death of the Vampire Lord to Sir Jones, he will give you another quest. To find a more powerful monster in that dungeon, and he has heard word of a hidden door in the Vampire Lord's room. Head back to the Vampire Lord's room. You can walk through the western corner wall. The coordinates are (224, 134). Walk to the end of the hallway, and enter the door(that looks exactly like the rest of the wall) to the north. Here you will face a Strong Vampire (level 24). In fact all of the rooms in this area have one Strong Vampire (level 24). There is no light in this area either. If you carry a two handed sword(like I do), here is a tip: Drop a torch on the ground one space behind the door you are going to open. Then stand in the doorway. Pick up the torch, and move it to one space behind the next door. Okay from that first little room, go north, right, right, north, north, left, north, north, left, north, north, right(this room has a chest with gold in it), right, south, south, right, north, right, south, south, right. You are now in a large hallway. The north door has 4 vampires in it: one Air Vampire(level 23), one Fire Vampire (level 23), and two Strong Vampires(level 24); the coffin has the Dagger of Bear in it. The south door in the hallway has four Strong Vampires (level 24); the coffin in this room has the Dagger of Beaver. The right door from the hallway leads to a second hallway(Hall 2). The south door has one Fire Vampire(level 23), and three Strong Vampires(level 24); the coffin has dagger of weasel in it. The north door has two Fire Vampires (level 23), one Air Vampire(level 23), and one Ice Vampire(level 23); the coffin in this room has Dagger of Ox. Now take the right door from the second hallway for the third hallway(Hall 3). The south door from Hall 3 has three Strong Vampires(level 24), and one Air Vampire(level 23); the coffin has Dagger of Dog. The north door from Hall 3 has two Fire Vampires(level 23), two Strong Vampires(level 24), and the coffin has Dagger of Raven. Again go to the far right hand door, and you will enter the fourth hallway(Hall 4). The south door from Hall 4 has three Strong Vampires(level 24), and one Ice Vampire(level 23); the coffin has Dagger of Owl. The north door from Hall 4 has one Air Vampire(level 23), one Ice Vampire(level 23), two Strong Vampires(level 24); the coffin has Dagger of Cat. Once again take the right hand door from the hallway to reach the fifth hallway(Hall 5). The south door from Hall 5 has two Strong Vampires (level 24), one Fire Vampire(level 23), one Ice Vampire(level 23), and the coffin has Dagger of Wolf. The north door from Hall 5 has one Fire Vampire(level 23), one Air Vampire(level 23), and two Strong Vampires (level 24); the coffin has Dagger of Fox. Yet again we take the right hand door from the hallway to reach yet again another hallway. This is the sixth hallway(Hall 6). The south door from the Hall 6 has four Strong Vampires(level 24); the coffin contains Dagger of Lion. The north door from Hall 6 has three Strong Vampires(level 24), and one Fire Vampire (level 23); the coffin contains Dagger of Tiger. Take the right hand door from the hallway to reach the seventh hallway(Hall 7). The south door from Hall 7 has three Strong Vampires(level 24), one Air Vampire(level 23); the coffin contains DAGGER OF FALCON. The north door from Hall 7 has three Strong Vampires, one Ice Vampire; the coffin contains Dagger of Hawk. Take the right hand door from Hall 7 for a large room. YES, no more of these hallways. The only Dagger you need is the Dagger of Falcon. This large room has four Strong Vampires(level 24), and one Fire Vampire (level 23); there is also a book in here, and some coffins. Take the lower right hand door in this large room. This room is filled with nasty spikes. In order to avoid the spikes walk in a zig zag pattern. Go to the right about 4-5 spaces down, then the left another 4-5 spaces down. Continue until you reach the door. Go through the door to the south for a fire trap room. Same rules apply here as from earlier in the dungeon. Take the door to the left. Now we reach a series of eight rooms with a varying combination of Fire Vampires(level 23), Air Vampires(level 23), Ice Vampires(level 23), and Fire Vampires(level 24). Each room has four Vampires in it. After the eight room, take the door to the left for a hallway. Go north along the hallway, and take the door to the right. Another red carpets awaits you. Equip the Dagger of Falcon, and prepare yourself. The Vampire Lord(level 37) is in this room. He can hit hard, but the Dagger will kill him in one hit. Take the armor off of his body; you probably can not use it yet, but will be able to someday. You get a ton of experience and the quest is completed. You can go back and talk to Sir Jones if you like. KELLY QUEST 3 After completing the two vampire quests, and the Moonies quest go back and see Kelly. She will give you a new quest. They have lost contact with their outpost north of Aston in the swamp. You are ordered to go there and see what happened. To the right of the Park in Aston is an exit from the screen. Take this, and you are in the Swamp. There is a rickety bridge(broken up here and there) leading to the right. Stay on the right path(there is a path to the north that has Ruby, and tougher enemies later on). When the bridge breaks up, there is a Swamp Beast(level 24) waiting near the other side to welcome you. These guys are physically strong, but no magic. Stay on the right hand side of the bridge. Notice some bumps on the left hand side in the swamp? Those bumps are tentacles. You can't hurt them so think of them as traps. They can kill you quick, that's the bad news. The good news is, they only strike one direction, and one space in front of themselves. Do not go too far off the path. If you do, you might find your health draining fast, because of being too deep in toxic water. Be prepared when you see the outpost near the end of the path. There are at least two Swamp Beasts(level 24) waiting for you. You can outrun them into the outpost, but there is no safety there. Kill em. In the outpost is Clara. She will tell you how Swamp Beasts over ran them, and they had to fall back. She also tells you that sending reinforcements is not wise at this time. Head back to Kelly(she agrees about not sending reinforcements), and report. She will now give you money for Swamp beast heads, and tells you to report back to Clara to help her. So head back to Clara for... CLARA QUEST 1 Clara will thank you for reporting your message to Kelly. She will then tell you that there used to be a man in the northeast from the outpost that studied Swamp Beasts. She suggest you go find him. She also tells you that there was one Swamp Beast that their weapons could not hurt. So from the outpost head to the north(there is a bridge path). The path will turn to the right almost immediately. There is a fork in the road. One going north, and one going south. Be careful in this area, there are Brown Swamp Beasts(level 27). Take the path to the south. It is short, and eventually there is a structure to the right. Enter this structure(swamp dwelling). In the first room there is one Brown Swamp Beast(level 27). In the second room there are two Brown Swamp Beasts(level 27). In the final room there is a chest(some gold), and a some notes to read through. You find out the swamp beasts are not that bright. Some older now extinct people build the structures in the area. You are given a cryptic message about a warrior standing in a circle during the light time hours, and then still in it when the sun is below the stones. Finally he kills a swamp beast in the stone circle; and his weapon glows. Then he kills the head swamp beast. What you need to do is find the stone circles in the swamp, and kill a swamp beast in the middle of the circle between 0000 and 0100(midnight and 1am) game time. Finding these circles is the fun part. Head back to the outpost. Now take the bridge back towards Aston. Remember those tentacles on the northern side of the bridge? Get between two of them, the second coordinates is 156. There are two swamp beasts here to greet you. After killing them, head straight north. At the coordinates (187, 156) is the stone circle. When the time is right entice one of the swamp beasts near the stone circle to attack you. Run into the stone circle and kill it inside the circle. You will be told your weapon starts to glow. Check you weapon to see it is now level 12 Holy Weapon. Now head back to the bridge. Head back to almost the beginning of the bridge, and this time take the northern path. Head to the north, and it will wind around. Eventually you will come to a swamp dwelling. Enter it. Now take the lower right hand doors, and you will exit the swamp dwelling on the other side. Navigating through here is difficult since there is no path. If you get in too deep, walk back to where it was safe. Also do not try and walk too far away. The combination of a Brown Swamp Beast, and poison water can kill you quick. I used the tentacles in the area to help me navigate. First one I found at (101, 123). The next one was at (107,106). The third one was at (134,90). Finally I headed south to the stone circle at (147,88). Again wait for midnight to arrive, and then entice a Brown Swamp Beast(level 27) into the circle and kill him. Your weapon will then become level 24 Holy Weapon. Okay now it is time to find the third stone circle. From the Swamp Dwelling building we were at on the way to the second stone circle; I am going to give coordinates directions. These are a guide to where the land is safer to walk on. (115, 149); (101, 123); (107, 106); (73, 105); (164, 94); (51, 105); (37, 105); (38, 153). When you start heading north you will start running across White Swamp Beasts(level 30). Once you are in the stone circle you will have a White Swamp Beast(level 30) right inside the stone circle. No need to walk around to find one. Be very careful when approaching the stone circle. Just before you get there, two White Swamp Beasts(level 30) will jump you. Once you kill a Swamp Beast inside this circle, your sword will be a level 36 holy weapon. Go back to Clara, and then go north. At the fork, go to the north. Then follow along until a path to the north opens up{around coordinates (181,17)}. Continue north along this very broken up bridge. Around (138,17) expect to find some Green Swamp Beasts (level 32). Just a little north of them will be the Swamp Beast King (level 33). Kill him, and go back to Clara(she will give you some experience). She will tell you now that we know how to do it, go and kill him. So go back, and kill him again. Then go back and see Clara again for more experience. CARLOS QUEST 1 In Aston at coordinates (132, 171) is Carlos. He has a quest for you. Below the Crypt there have been some sounds, he sent an army to investigate. His army found a staff that kept these monsters alive. They brought the staff back to Aston. The staff has been stolen, and sounds are coming from below the Crypt again. Carlos requests you get the staff and bring it back to him. Head into Vamp 1, and then go into Vamp 2. After all the rooms with all the daggers you are in the one big room. Take the door to the right, and you are in a room with spikes. On the right hand wall is a door(Carlos's key works here). Open it for some stairs down. The coordinates are (232, 14). The enemies in this dungeon are annoying. They are seyans, and will constantly run from you, many times going into another room with another enemy. Take the door to the upper door to the left (both doors go to the same room). There is a Dragon of Death (level 30) in here. Kill him, and move on to one of the doors to the left(both go into a hallway). Take the door to the south, and enter a long hallway with a lot of doors, and a Dragon of Death (level 30) guarding the hallway. Dispense with the Dragon of Death, and take the upper left hand door. This room will have three rooms in it. Go to the last room, and enter it. Inside is a Dragon of Death (level 30). Kill him, and search his body for a Key to this dungeon. Now head back to the hallway with the Dragon of Death, and take the second from the top right door. There is a Dragon of Death (level 30) in this room. Kill him, and then take the door to the right. You will now be in a hallway with spikes. If you have not already, you need to put yourself in stealth mode(F7). Be very careful of the spikes in this room. Either have a torch with you, drop torches along the way, or walk a torch along. Once you reach the end of the spikes, you will enter a room to the right that is a little maze(with lava replacing walls). The easiest way to make it through this room is with stealth mode on(F7), and stay towards the north walking along, and then to the south on the far right wall. Kill the Dragon of Death's that are in your path, and go past the ones that are on other paths. With stealth mode on, you will hit spots where they will not fire on you; thus allowing you to recover your health. At the center of this little maze is a note about the teleport right there. Use the teleport. You are now in a hallway. Walk to the south part of the hallway, and on the bottom left hand wall is a secret door. Go through it. Walk around for another little hallway, and then open the secret door on the right. You will go through a series of secret rooms until the last room where one of the Dragon of Death's has a key on him. Take that key, and head back to the hallway. Continue along this secret hallway to the north. At the upper end on the right is a door. Take it, and continue on until you reach another spike hallway. The same rules apply. At the end of the spike hallway is another lava maze room. Do the same thing, and take the teleport. You are now in a room. Take the door to enter a hallway. Walk to the end of the hallway, and take the last secret door on the right. You will be in a room with a Dragon of Death (level 34). Kill him, and continue on to the next room. In here there are two Dragon of Death's (level 34). Kill them both, and one of them has a key on him. Head back to the hallway, and take the first secret door on the right from the room you teleported into. Kill the Dragon of Death (level 32) in this room, and then go to the next dark room for another Dragon of Death (level 32). In the lower right hand corner of this room is a secret door into another spike hallway. Same rules apply for this spike hallway. Know what's coming next? That's right, another little lava maze room. Use the key you just got to open the door in the center of this little lava maze room. Take the teleport. You are now in a room with a Dragon of Death (level 33). Why a weaker Dragon of Death? These Dragon of Death's in this area have a lightning magical attack. Open the only door in this room, and take the upper left hand door. Go along the rooms, and kill the Dragon of Death's (level 33). At the final room, that Dragon of Death has the final key to this dungeon on him. Take it, and head back. This time take the lower right hand door. Go through the rooms with a Dragon of Death (level 33) in each room. After a couple you will reach a room with a lot of skulls in it. There is a secret door to the upper right hand side of the room. Take it, and enter some narrow dark hallways. There are occasional Dragon of Death (level 33) guards. No problem as long as you are still in stealth mode(F7). Eventually you will come to a door. Prepare yourself for a fun boss battle. In this room is a Dragon of Death (level 33), and a Breath of Death (level 35). Kill them both, and the Breath of Death (level 35) has the staff quest item on him. Use a recall scroll to get out of here, or lag out back in the hallway. Go and see Carlos. He will congratulate you with a ton of experience. I did this quest with a level 36 Master Light Warrior(+13 mod to my four base skills). My immunity was base 46. It was no sweat at all. IMP QUEST 1 As you enter the forest(remember where that is right?); an Imp will appear. He will comment about you entering the forest, and wonders if you will be able to find the treasure. In case you forgot where the forest is. Go into the Swamps from Aston, walk past Clara, take the north path, and finally the right hand path to enter the forest. Be sure and complete the Clara Quest before even trying the forest. Continue on the path, and you will meet some Wolves (level 33). Take the first branching path. You will come to a game teleport, and a small building. There is a merchant here, be sure and buy two spades from the merchant. Talk to William (level 21). He will tell you that Imp asked for you to go east and then northeast to hunt some bears. So head back, and continue along the path; hugging the bottom of the screen. You will eventually come to some Bears(level 35). I wound up killing all of them in the area, plus a couple of them twice. I am not sure how many you need to kill. I stumbled across the Imp at coordinates (233, 61). He gave me experience for killing the bears, and sent me back to William for... WILLIAM'S QUEST Talk to William, and he will tell you that he has had a hankering for some praying mantisses(maybe he plans on making some soup). So head south, and then northeast, and then northwest. You will see an off screen to the town of Exorden. Take the path to the left instead, and continue to the north. You will find some Praying Mantisses (level 36). They are magical, and can freeze you, so only take on one at time; unless your level is strong enough. Kill one, and then take it's body off it's body. Now head back to William, and give him the body of the Praying Mantis. He will thank you with some gold, and experience. Now head to the main path, and right before you get there the Imp will appear again prompting you to do... HERMIT'S QUEST Okay from the off screen to Exorden, take the left, and then the immediate south. Continue on to the south, until a west appears. Head up to the west, and at the branch take the left hand side. You will come to a hermit's house (25, 113). The Hermit will ask you to take care of the Spider Queen to the south of the Skeleton ruins. He also tells you that you will need another stone circle to power up your Holy Weapon. So head back to the east, and then continue to the south until you reach the ruins. Walk around the ruins, you will see Ruby. Answer Ruby's questions, and then give her a spade. Continue along the path, and you will come to a fourth stone circle. Kill a wolf inside it during the hours of 0000 and 0100. Your weapon will now be even holier (level 42 Holy now). Head back to the ruins and take the path up to the west now. The trees will change, and you will start finding Spiders (level 36). On the left hand side there will be an entrance into a small enclosed area (25, 210). The Spider Queen (level 38) is there. Kill her, and then head back to the ruins. On your way, the Imp will appear, and congratulate you. He also offers his next quest. Go back to the hermit to get your reward. IMP QUEST 2 The Imp will tell you that you have now earned the treasure. He tells you to dig at the southern most stone near the lone Skeleton. Head back to the Stone Circle near the ruins, and continue along the path. To the south at the end of the path is the lone Skeleton (level 38). Kill him, and open the three treasure chests for some gold, and an immunity to magic potion. Dig just south of the rock, and you will get a note. Read the note to find out you need to dig at the middle of the golden table inside the ruins. So go to the ruins, and dig inside the middle of the table to fall down into the Dungeon of Bones. In this dark room will be a door to the south, and a door to the left. The door to the left leads to a hallway with three rooms, and the first room has a Skeleton (level 38) in it. If you are working on a Strike for this section, then kill him. Otherwise, take the south door. You will be in a hallway with four doors on the left hand wall. The first left hand door has two Skeletons (level 38). Skip the second door for now, we will come back to it. The third door has a Skeleton (level 38) with a note on his body. Read that note for a clue. The fourth door has a Skeleton (level 38) in it. Now head back to that second door. This opens into another hallway. The first south door has an empty room in it. The first north door has a Skeleton (level 38) in it. The second north door has three Skeletons (level 38) in it. One of them has a key on him. Get the key off his body after killing all three of them. The second south door opens into another hallway. There are three doors to the right in this hallway. The first right hand door has a Skeleton (level 38) in it. The second right hand door has three Skeletons (level 38) in it, and it has a nice throne in here. The third right hand door has two Skeletons (level 38) in it. One of them has a note on his body. Now go to Dungeon of Bones (70, 249). Go to the left for a secret room. In this secret room go north from Dungeon of Bones (63, 253). There is a huge chest in here. Open it for a good amount of gold. I found 176 gold. Then go back to the first secret room, and go south at Dungeon of Bones (71, 252). In this secret room there are four small treasure chests in it. I found 8.645 gold, 4.76 gold, 10.265 gold, and 0.55 gold. You have finished this dungeon, and you also have the answer to one of the notes(Is four greater than one?). EXKORDEN Once you are an Arch, or Seyan, around level 40, and completed the Forest quests(not mandatory, just a good idea) Exkorden is the next city to go to for new quests(if you are unclear how to get to Exkorden read William's Quest again). The guards will not let you enter the city however. So go to the building near the teleport orb. Talk to Sanwyn and he will tell you that the governor is suspected as to being dirty, and the thieves guild may be able to help you get into the palace to get information on the governor. There is a door behind the barkeep that has an entrance into the sewers. This is a small part of the sewer that just connects into the town. You can sneak into the town this way, but if you do, and a guard sees you; you could easily get killed. It is safer to pay the barkeep the 150 gold to buy a guest pass into the city. If you attack a guard, you will lose your pass, have to pay a fine, and then pay 250 gold to get another guest pass. It is not worth it. Enter the town, and go to coordinates Exkorden (81, 91). This is a sewer entrance. You can go north, or to the right. Head off to the right, and go through two doors. Before the third door to the right is a Weak Greenling (level 37). These are magical monsters so be careful. Go through the third door, and then continue on around, and then take the first south right after the two Weak Greenlings (level 37). Then fight another Weak Greenling (level 37) and go to the right again. Work your way around, and at coordinates (232, 31) you will find a door. Enter the door, and talk to the guard. He will demand a fee of 100 gold. Pay a fee, and you will now be a member of the thieves guild. Then go right through the doors to meet the Thief Guild Master. THIEF GUILD MASTER QUEST 1 The Thief Guild Master will comment on how you are green as a thief. He wants you to go and kill as many of the robbers in the eastern part of town. They have moved in, and are not paying dues. Go to Robber Section I, and kill all 22 Newbie Robbers (level 35). You can then go to Robber II, and kill all 17 Apprentice Robbers (level 39). Now head back to Thief Guild Master, and tell him you are all done. He will give you experience, and a lockpick. You can use the lockpick to open many of the doors in Exkorden that you could not previously access. This is a really handy item that you need for future quests. THIEF GUILD MASTER QUEST 2 The Thief Guild Master will give you Quest 2, after completing Quest 1. He will tell you that a certain merchant has been very bad, and is not paying his dues. It is not important which merchant it is. He wants you to go to an area in town near the palace that has a lot of barrels in it, and burn them all down. This will punish this merchant. So go to the area right off the main road. It is between the palace, and Robber Section I. Turn a torch on, and use it with each of the barrels. I went into stealth mode, and waited for the roaming guard to be away to ignite the barrels(I am not sure if the guard would throw you out of town or not, but why take the risk). Once you burn down all the barrels, head back to the Thief Guild Master's place. Note the barrels respawn, and that's okay. The Thief Guild Master will reward you with some experience, and Sewer Key 1. THIEF GUILD MASTER QUEST 3 The Thief Guild Master suspects that all the merchants in town have gotten together to fix the prices. One of the merchants is Culd. So your quest is to sneak in at night, and get evidence of this, and the price listing. So go to Culd's shop between 0000 and 0600. He will be in the back room. You can now use your lock pick to unlock the metal door. Be sure and pick the lock when the roaming guard is not nearby. Otherwise you will lose you pass, and have to pay a fine. Get the secret trade agreement from the box. Go back to the thief guild master, and give him the trade agreement. He will give you Sewer-key-2 as a reward, and experience of course. THIEF GUILD MASTER QUEST 4 The Thief Guild Master will tell you a sad story about how one of his thieves lost their golden lockpick close to the Greenling King. Find it, and bring it back to him. So head back to the ladder, and this time take the north path. Right after going through the door you will be attacked by two Greenlings (level 38). Dispose of them, and keep going. The keys from the prior quests will be opening doors along the way. Once you use the Sewer Key 2, expect to start running across some Strong Greenlings (level 39). At coordinates (221, 18) go north. Then at coordinates (208, 11) turn left. There is an immediate north and south choice here. If you go south you will find an endurance orb. The north path is the one for the quest. So, go to the north, and then it winds around and you will face three Greenling Guards (level 41). Dispose of them, and then continue on to the left. In a small little room past where the guards were on the left is the Greenling King (level 44). Be sure and be inside that room. The fight against him will be tough, and any of the guards that will respawn could spell disaster for you. That is why you need to be inside the room, so they will not come after you. Once you kill the Greenling King (level 44), search his body. On his body you will find the golden lockpick. Take the golden lockpick back to the Thief Guild Master. He will give you the Palace Key 3. Congrats thats all the Thief Guild Master has for you right now. SANWYN QUEST When you first got to Exkorden Sanwyn gave you the quest to find dirt on the current governor. After completing the thief guild master's quests; you now have everything you need in order to be able to complete Sanwyn's quest. One note, please bring some gold with you(say 200g to be safe). Go into the Exkorden sewers just like when you were going to the Greenling King. However you will be taking some different branches. Do not turn left at coordinates (208, 11); instead go on to coordinates (223, 32). From there go to cordinates (224, 11); and then on to (243, 4), and you will find a ladder at coordinates (250, 4). Go up the ladder to be inside the governor's mansion. Let me warn you right here. If a guard catches you in the mansion, he will warn you three times to leave. If you are still not out of the mansion(or at least back into a hidden room), the guard(s) will attack. This could easily lead to your immediate demise. Okay, at coordinates Palace (55, 4) there is a secret door. Open it and enter a room with a maid. You can talk to the maid, and/or pay her a bribe. Paying her the bribe will give you a hint about which area of the palace to avoid. Exit the room for Hallway 1. The far right room is empty, the middle bottom room is empty, the left bottom room has the Cook in it. Bribe the Cook(50g) to find out what kind of pie the governor likes. I do not know if it is random or not, I was told strawberry pie by the Cook. The far left door leads to Hallway 2. The south door has an empty room, the bottom left door, has guards in it, the upper left door has guards in it, the upper right door also has guards in it. The bottom right door leads to Hallway 3. The north door from Hallway 2 leads to a hallway as well. We will call that Hallway 4. In Hallway 4 the first left door is an empty roo, the second left is an empty room, and the north door leads to an empty throne room. So the way to continue is in Hallway 3. In Hallway 3, the first south has a dresser in it which holds the contract(part of the quest items). The second south door has a Maid in it. Bribe her with 50g to get some info, and Palace Key-2. You need Palace Key-2 to complete this quest. Okay so back to Hallway 3; the third south is an empty room, and the far right is the Storeroom. Go into the Storeroom. Use the mouse(Shift + Left Click) on the left wall to see a secret door. Open that door for a dark secret room. Continue to the left for a door that brings us to Hallway 5. The far right north room is empty, the far left door has guards behind it, the left south door has a dresser in it with a note inside(another of the quest items). Back into Hallway 5; the middle south door has a Maid inside it. Bribe her with a kiss. She will give you important info, and she gives you Palace Key-1. Just like the other Palace Key, you need this one. Back into Hallway 5; the left north door leads to Hallway 6. There are two doors in Hallway 6; right leads to guards and the north door leads to guards. Use your mouse(Shift + Left Click) to open a secret door at coordinates Governor's Palace (23, 20). Go through this door to enter a secret passage. It goes around the rooms, and comes back around at coordinates (13, 10). Walk through this secret door to enter Hallway 7. There are three doors here, if you pick the wrong one, you can enter the secret passage to make the guards go away. From Hallway 7; the left door leads to guards, the south door leads to the main man himself - the Governor. The room you want is the north door which is the Governor's private room. The Governor's private room has the diary of the Exkorden governor in it. Which is the last of the quest items for this quest. If you are curious you can say hello to the governor. He will tell you that you do not belong there, and will call for guards. Anyways, head back to Sanwyn, and give him the three items. He will give you experience for each of them. CERVIK'S QUEST Cervik is in the building across from the palace. You do not need a lockpick to open his house. Talk to him, and he will tell you that he needs some Poison from the Red Spider's down the hole near the teleporter. So head just outside of Exkorden, walk around the bar, and behind the bar amongst the trees is a hole. Enter that hole. Go to the south to meet two Collector's (level 45). Each Collector will have one cure poison potion. I would recommend waiting for them to respawn a couple of times(at least) to build up a stock of cure poison potions. I personally stocked myself up to eight of the potions before going deeper. After these two Collector's go to the left, and then to the north. You will see a Collector (level 45) fighting a Spider (level 45). Let the Collector do all the hard work for you, then finish him off. At coordinates (113, 214) go to the left. Work your way around, and through the Spider's (level 45) that come out. At coordinates (116, 234) go to the left. Then go to the north, and left; get to coordinates (198, 242). In the next room with multiple path's take the lower right south; which is coordinates (105, 249). You will notice some stones at coordinates (127, 246). At this point you will start to meet some of the Red Spider's (level 45). Follow the path around, and then take the upper of the two path's; which is coordinates (147, 245). Then take the right path; at coordinates (143, 219). You will enter a room with multiple path choices. You need to take the upper right path; which is coordinates (131, 202). It was at this point that the Red Spider's (level 45) had a Poison Leaf on their bodies. Take one, and then bring it back to Cervik. Cervik will give you a Security Potion, and experience of course. UNDER THE LIBRARY The library is the huge building on the left hand wall side of the town of Exkorden. It is locked by order of the governor. Be sure that roaming guard is nowhere near you when you try and pick the lock. I would also recommend lagging out, or using a recall scroll when finished with this quest. When you are leaving it is impossible to see if the guard is nearby. Once inside, head to the far left. Go into the first room and read the book on the farthest middle table. In that name will be a color. Write that color down. Go back to the main hallway, and go to the right. Do the same thing in the next room. Read the book on the farthest middle table, and write down that color as well. Do this all the way to the end. You will have five different colors; and this changes and is random for each player. For me it was Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue{thanks to Scoorg for the tip on how to get the colors}. Since we are at the far upper right of the Library, select the bookcase at coordinates (12, 58). This will open a secret door. Walk through this door, and then go down the ladder to enter Below the Library. Walk to the right, and notice the colors on the floor. Walk across your first color, and then enter the door to the right. There are two doors here; the first door has a Statue (level 44) in it. The second door opens to an empty room with another door. Take that room, and door for a Statue (level 44). Please note the Statues are magical, and will use freezing, and lightning on you. Once you dispose of the Statue, enter his room, and take the other door for a dark hallway. Go down the hallway for a door, and another dark hallway. Head to the left, and you will be back in the main hallway again. Time to pick your second color, and walk through it. Then take the door to the left. You will be in a dark hallway with two doors. Near the south end of this dark hallway is a Statue (level 44) waiting for you. Take care of him. The first door to the south has a Statue (level 44) in it. The second door to the south is empty. Take that empty room and go south through it. You will be in a room with two doors. The southern door has two Statues (level 44) in it; and an Orb Spawner. The upper door continues the path in another empty room. Once you pass through this empty room you will open the door into a large lit room with two Statues (level 44) in it. Take care of them, and then take the next door for another dark hallway. At the end of this dark hallway is a door. Open it for a Statue (level 44) waiting for you. Take care of him, and then head up this hallway to a door that leads to the main hallway. Time to use your third color, and then take the door to the left. You will be in another dark hallway. Open the door at the end for a room with two Statues (level 44). Open the next door for a Statue (level 44). Let me give you a tip on these rooms too. Make sure that you go one space into the next room to make sure that the Statues in the room behind you do not respawn and come after you. Then open the door to go into the third room for a Statue (level 44). Open the door to the south for a dark hallway. Walk up the hallway for a door that leads back to the main hallway. Time to use your fourth color. You know the drill by now right? Take the door to the right. You will be in a dark hallway. There are two doors in this dark hallway. The first north door has two Statues (level 44). The other door has two Statues (level 44), and a door to the north. You will then be in another dark hallway. The door to your right has an empty room. Then the door to the north has three Statues (level 44). Take the southern far right door for a small room with one Statue (level 44), and an Orb Spawner. Head back to the last dark hallway, and head left for the main hallway. Time to use your fifth, and final color. Take the door to the north. There is a dark hallway with two Statues (level 44). Take care of them, and then take the door to the right. Be sure and enter this room. Inside it is a Big Statue (level 48). He can be tough, so you do not want the two Statues respawning and complicating matters. Once you take care of the Big Statue, search his body. He has the key to the library on him. Now head back to the main hallway, and use the wrong color. This will warp you back right near the ladder(entrance to Below the Library). Take the ladder, and then go into the library to where the locked bookcase is. Forgotten? Well the coordinates are: (14, 75). Open the locked bookcase with the key you got from the Big Statue for 'The knowledge of Ages by Ishtar'. You will get a massive ammount of experience for doing this side quest. SKELETON'S LAIR The house near Ruby in Exkorden is where the Skeleton's Lair is housed. If you touch the skeleton, it crumbles. No worries though, because it will return. Go down the hole/ladder. Go through a couple of doors until you reach a choice of three doors, straight, right, and left. Take the left door, and kill the Skeleton (level 48). Stand in the next doorway for a room with seven Skeleton's (level 48). Kill them as quickly as possible. Each of them has a bowl of old blood on them. Grab those bowls, and get out of there, as fast as you can. Head back to the room with three choices. Take a left turn, and take what originally was straight. Go through some rooms with Skeleton's (level 48) in them until you reach the room with the green floor. You can use the bowl of old blood on the skeleton's in this room to revive them. They become Raised Skeleton's (level 48). The one seated in the upper far corner from the door is the one with the green key. Take that green key back to the original room with three choices, and take what was originally the right choice. Go through a room for a room with two Skeleton's (level 48), and two doors: a red door, and a green door. Go through the green door. Go down the hallway, and ignore the first hallway you meet. Instead go down and take the second hallway. Open the second door on your character's right. The floor will be red. The coordinates are (63, 244). Now take the red key back to the red door, and go through that door. Go through the rooms until you reach a choice of three rooms. The last room(bottom one) will have a Skeleton (level 48). After you dispose of him, search his body. On his body will be a cross. Head back to the beginning of this level. Remember that skeleton up the ladder? Use a bowl of old blood on him. He will raise, and tell you he was governor, and was killed. He wants to rest in peace, and needs the cross to do so. So give him the cross, and receive your reward of experience. ZOMBIE LAIR After you have given the dead governor some peace, walk through the wall behind him. Go through the hole here to enter the Zombie Lair. You will be facing Zombie's (level 48) in rooms, sometimes two. There are two doors here, one to the south, and one to the east. Head straight through the south door. Keep heading south through doors until you reach a long hallway. Then walk through the wall in the east through a fake wall. There will be three doors here. Open the middle door for an orb. Head back to that hallway, and take the last north door. Keep working your way north until a room takes a turn to the west. Go through that door, then take the door to the south. Now take the door to the west, and then north. You should now be in a hallway with two easts, and a north. Take the last east. Ignore the door to the north, and take the door to the east. Prepare yourself because you are about ready to face four Zombie's (level 48), and a Zombie Lord (level 50). The Zombie Lord (level 50) is going to challenge you. Because of respawning, you may want to take this out in the hallway a little bit. After beating the Zombie Lord (level 50), get the key off of his body. Now head back to the ladder at the beginning. Take the other door, and work your way through a few rooms. Use your key on the locked door, and read the diary to find out about the governor's murder and mistakes the fake governor made. Also go to the other door in that hallway for a room with two orbs in it. FOREST TO BRANNINGTON From the entrance of Exkorden, keeping walking down that main street. At the end of the road is a door. Open it to enter the Forest. This forest is the way to Brannington. You can only enter Brannington when you are level 50 or higher. You can easily make it there before level 50, however the guard will not let you in. There are a lot of Forest Bears(level 54) in this forest. Surprisingly they are extremely weak(in my humble opinion). To the right of where you enter the Forest you will notice a NPC. Walk up to him for... YOATIN'S QUEST Meet Yoatin, the brother of Yoakin. Yoatin is not very brave, in fact bears scare him. Which explains why he is not fulfilling the quest that has been given to him. He needs to kill the bear that killed the son of people in the next town. Guess what that means? You get to hunt down this bear, and kill it for him. After doing that, he wants you to bring him proof. As you face him, head towards your character's left, and walk past Yoatin going into the trees. You will face some Forest Bears (level 54). If they are a problem for you, then you should level up before trying to do this quest. I was a level 50 Arch Warrior, using my LW mod, and little else as mods. Before long you will arrive at a cave entrance, coordinates (100, 197). Time for some form of light. You will also be facing Forest Bears (level 54) in the cave. You should be able to handle two to three at once without a problem. If not, head back; it only gets harder when you find the right bear. There are some twists and turns in this cave, along with some dead ends. Here is a list of coordinates that should guide you to the boss. At (56, 186) you go left. Go right around (67, 197). Go south around (77, 201). It will open up to a large cavern with quite a few Forest Bears (level 54); and a Forest Bear (level 58). I found the Forest Bear (level 58) at coordinates (86, 230). Take care of this boss, and then search his body for a Bear's head. Take that head back to Yoatin. He will give you a nice chunk of experience, and a belt of hunter. ARISTOCRAT'S AMULET From Yoatin, head to your character's right. At coordinates (195, 23) you fill find a bonfire. Break out the marshmallows :) Near the bonfire, at coordinates (195, 231) is an Aristocrat (level 59). He will tell you his tree hugger story of watching the local wildlife near the lake, and somehow his Amulet got stolen by these passive docile beasts. He promises to reward you for taking time out of your busy schedule to return his Amulet to him. So head to the northeast from him for a lake, and a dock going out into the lake. Time to go underwater. Have your character walk off the dock, right into the lake. Quite a few fast respawning Lake Beast's (level 45) will happily greet you. Oooh we can't breath underwater like they can. The good news is that each Lake Beast (level 45) has a small vial of oxygen on them. Collect some, and definitely use one as soon as your air runs out from the last one. Head straight into the lake, and at the end wall take a right. At coordinates (212, 22) you will find a cave with air inside it. Inside this cave are some Cave Beast's (level 45). Okay so nobody has ever blamed Ishtar of having original monster names. Go around the dark part of the cave to some light, and head to the north (187, 8). After that go to the left to get the Magical Lake Stone. Time to head back underwater. Head back towards the dock, and find another cave at coordinates (248, 69). Follow the path in this cave until at the end you run across a fun little boss - a Lake Lord (level 57). Dispose of the Lake Lord, and use your Magical Lake Stone to unlock the treasure chest. Open the treasure chest for the Aristocrats Amulet. Hurry away from the chest before the Lake Lord respawns. Head back to the Aristocrat, and give him his Amulet. He will reward you with 1,000 gold, and a nice chunk of experience. ===================================================================== CHANNELS ===================================================================== 0 : Announce - Announcements from management. 1 : Info - Requesting staff help, technical, and gameplay questions. 2 : Gossip - Talk about Life, the Universe, Everything. 3 : Auction - Buy and sell stuff. 4 : Version 2 - Good old mercenaries. 5 : Clan - Public channel for clan related matters. 6 : Grats - Grats on leveling! 7 : Clan 2 - Channel only visible to members of your clan. 8 : Area - Channel only visible to people in your area. 9 : Mirror - Only visible to those in your area and mirror. 10 : Games - Discussion of computer games. 11 : Kill - Playerkiller related topics. 12 : ClanA - Channel only visible to clan members and allies. 31 : Staff - Staff members private channel. 32 : God - Ye false gods private channel ===================================================================== ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ===================================================================== SELFISH PLAYERS You will most likely come across selfish players while playing Astonia 3. One of the best places to run across some is in the level 38s pents. Here are some ways to deal with them. They will falsely claim a right to be in an area and no one else can be there. There is no such right. It is a lie used by selfish players. Here are some tactics you can use to defeat them: 1. Put yourself in stealth mode. That way anyone trying to steal your pents will have no idea which way you are going. Most players ignore their perception(a mistake you can exploit); and if you have built up your stealth; it is a brilliant tactic they can not counter. Be warned you will not fight as well in stealth, but the trade off is worth it. 2. Do not argue with them. They are most likely trying to bait you. Their goal is to have negative karma given to you. Do not break the rules in an argument with them. Use the /complain, and /ignore commands. Do not return their rudeness, and threats with some of your own. Rise above them, and you will defeat them. 3. You can always walk out, and change mirrors, and come back; if you have the luxury of time. Hopefully you will run across nicer people on that mirror in the pents. 4. Logically point out, you are not breaking any rules, and they are the one not sharing. This will come from their false accusation that you are not sharing with them. 5. Do not let them intimidate you. If they call in their clan to harass you, and be rude to you; put them all on your ignore list. I have defeated clans with members twice my level. The trick they try is to call in a clan member with a level way higher than yours. Use #1(stealth mode), and also stay in the same area as they are. The product is the highest level person will be taking more pents from their clan friend than you are being accused of doing. In other words, they will be only doing more damage. 6. You can leave if you choose, but I advise against it. Your leaving will only encourage them to be rude, insulting, and threatening to the next person. Together all of us can beat them. 7. Stay strong and they will give up and leave. I have seen this happen everytime; being stubborn pays off in this case. Do not gloat. They will most likely throw out some parting insults. Let it go. You defeated them. Pointing out that fact will only encourage them to stay. Enjoy your victory in silence, and keep penting(or going about your business). ===================================================================== +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ===================================================================== THANK YOU ===================================================================== First and foremost I would like to thank my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Without him nothing would be possible. Secondly, I would like to thank my wife for all of her love and support. Third, I would like to thank my parents for all of their love and discipline throughout the years. Fourth, I would like to thank my brother. Fifth, I would like to thank Intent Software for making this game. Sixth, I would like to thank Eviloffender for assistance with which dagger to use on the second Vampire Lord. Seventh, I would like to thank you the reader. So many of you emailed me asking for this FAQ to be completed, that I kept working on it for ya'll. Finally I would like to thank CJayC for creating this site, and publishing me. God bless you CJayC. Quote: "I am Biblically correct, not politically correct." ===================================================================== LEGAL SECTION ===================================================================== This FAQ is copyrighted by Family Friendly Gaming. Any use of anything in this FAQ must acquire my express written consent, first and foremost. Nothing from my FAQ(s) can be used without my written consent. This FAQ is intended for people to use to help them get through the game, it is not intended to make anyone any money at all. You can contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I can also be found on some of the boards. I am Wyldcard. Tell me what you think of my FAQ :o) The only site(s) on the internet that are allowed to show this FAQ/Walkthrough are: ======================================================================= RELATED LINKS: ======================================================================= #################################################################### ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #################################################################### 09.11.01 Day of the attack on the United States of America. The thousands of lives that were murdered will not be forgotten. The guilty parties will be brought to justice. #################################################################### ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ####################################################################

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