Soul Calibur 2
Nintendo Gamecube,XBOX,PS2
Rated T for violence and sugestive themes

Soul Calibur was the best fighting game to come out around the time that the Dreamcast was popular, and now the sequel has come to our favorite next-gen consoles. Basically, this game has no plot. The demon sword Soul Edge was shattered by the good sword Soul Calibur, and now everyone wants it. And to do so, they must mercilessly beat everyone out of their way. See, told ya the plot stunk.


The graphics for this game are average next-gen fighter stuff. There is nothing to make them particularly stand out, except when the characters do their special moves, which look really cool.


Sound is amazing. You can hear the weapons beat against each other. And also, before the match starts,they say some funny (though sometimes inappropriate) taunts.


There are a bunch of special combos for really big fighting fans, but I found it best to hit the Y button on the GCN over and over. It may be cheap, but it works well. This is a weapon fighter, so you can do stuff you couldn\'t do in normal fighters (swing an axe at your opponent\'s feet). Also, you can push your enemies off the arena. That is very cool.


This is where the game falters. For one thing, it is violent, like all fighting games. All you do it pound your opponent without mercy until they die. If you don\'t like sword and axe type violence, do not play this. Also, one of the female characters, Ivy, wears next to no clothing. The front of her tight leather outfit is 3/4 of the way open! And also, she wears a thong so you can see most of her rear. But,she does have an alternate costume that is perfectly acceptable. Also,in the XBOX version,Spawn (who is a demon and uses demonic attacks) makes vulgar taunts such as \'get the h--- out of my way\' or \'you are p------ me off\' and some comments such as \'I will devour your soul\'. I reccomend this to no Christian, except possibly the most hard-core fighting fan.

Graphics C Sound C Gameplay B Appropriatness D-

Overall: D+

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