I picked this game up out of the bargain bin, thinking it would be a good fighter. I was right, but the good fighter is buried under a hopeless control systems, and overly difficult A.I Game Play 9/20 Graphics 6.5/20 Sound 5.5/10 Stability 4/5 Controls/Interface 1/5 -There are more game modes than just arcade mode (Kumite, practice, and A.I.), but they are just slight variations, which I spent little time on. Overall this game was too frustration to play for long amounts at a time.

This game has control issues. The game uses the x, Square, Circle, Triangle, and D-pad. While giving it an old-school feel, the controls are frustrating. The square is used when hit by itself for blocking, and is also used in combos. This leads to me accidentally blocking instead of attacking, and getting creamed. The combos are also wicked hard to pull off. This game also has difficulty issues. The easy characters allow you to get through all fighters in the arcade mode hitting one button over and over and over, but when you get to the boss, you need to use several combos to beat him. After trying and retrying 20 times to beat the boss, you lose all interest in this game. The hard characters ramp up the A.I. to a much harder level, as if it wasn\'t hard enough, and all they give you to combat that are complex combos to memorize. This is fine, if you\'re a hardcore fighter who like combo memorization, but it\'s horrible for anyone else. Graphics are fair, but out dated, and the sound is average.

Overall, this game just isn\'t fun. However this game redeems itself by being the most clean fighter I have ever seen. There is no sexual content, although there is a character wearing a sports bra with *slight* cleavage, this is only noticeable in the character selection screen, because during the game the characters back is usually to you, and the computer character wears a different, modest outfit. The fighting is clean, and not as over the top as other fighters, with the defense system (as hard as it is) being stressed. The only other thing worth mentioning is two characters who have a fighting style called "Drunken Kung-Fu." Everytime the fighter defeats another fighter, he takes a swig of alcohol. This increases damage done in proportion to the amount drunk.

Violence 7.5/10 - Non Deadly Violence - No Blood - No Gore
Language 10/10 - No Foul Language
- No sexual dialogue Sexual Content/Nudity 10/10 - No Nudity - No Sexual Content
Occult/Supernatural 10/10 - There is no occult or supernatural environments in the game.  
Cultural/Moral/Ethical category 8.5/10 - No authority issues involved with this game. - No prejudicial bias in the game. - No gross humor in the game. - Poor value decisions are promoted through the game, but not required to progress.

Total 72/100

If your looking for a clean fighter, and are willing to learn the controls and combos, this is the game for you

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