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TURN THE TIDE IN THE PACIFIC The epic saga of World War II continues with Medal of Honor? Rising Sun. The war has shifted to the Pacific Theatre, and its outcome depends on you. Play as Marine Corporal Joseph Griffin in a far-reaching tale of two brothers that weaves its storyline from this title into the next game in the award-winning MOH franchise. As Japanese forces seek to expand their dominion over the Pacific, you must use stealth, commando tactics, and sabotage to turn the tide in your favor. Featuring real-life historical battles like Pearl Harbor and Guadalcanal, over 20 authentic WWII weapons, highly intelligent enemies, and a heroic cast of characters that fight on your side from level to level, Medal of Honor Rising Sun delivers the standard-setting experience for all Action games. *


Very fun. As said in the overview, you fight in many different battles, including Pearl Harbor! That one mission is one of the best. It is very detailed, though not the most accurate. Hey, it is a game. It\'s not supposed to be accurate. All of the missions are very creative, and the characters are interesting. Also, in one mission, you get to ride an elephant.

Good. Not great, but simply good. Some areas like the vegetation and scenery are very detailed. Other areas, like buildings and rubble (yes, rubble) aren\'t very detailed and look mashed together. Also, there are some bugs I want to talk about. As a friend of mine once pointed out to me, when the characters run, it looks like they are running slightly sideways.
Absolutely great! The gunfire and voiceovers are the best, in my opinion. The explosions, planes, and vehicles are good, too. The footsteps are the worst sounding sounds. They\'re not bad, though.
Unfortunately, this game is short. I beat it in about two weeks. The missions are pretty short, and the game ends horribly. I won\'t spoil it for you, though.

Ah, appropriateness. This is where the game falters most. At the beginning of the game, I believe there is a suggestive comment. Also, this game is very violent. You shoot, blow up, and club Japanese soldiers. Also, you and your fellow soldiers can be shot, stabbed, hacked with katanas, and blown up. No blood though. There is also some mild language. The worst I heard was the B word that has the longest amount of letters. This game deserves it?s T rating for violence, though it should have been rated for mild language, also.

There are about 20 weapons, including grenades. There\'s the classic Thompson submachine gun, as well as the M1 Garand and BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle.) They have included some useable Japanese weapons, also. The Type 11 light machine gun is one of them.
Very fun. Though the split-screen is confusing, it is still fun. Another downside of co-op is that you don\'t have the extra squadmates you would have in single-player.
Death Match/Team Death Match

My personal favorite part of the game. You can pick a variety of weapons, characters, and maps. Too bad you couldn\'t pick the music you wanted like you could in Frontline. You can play multiplayer by yourself, which is fun, though the AI is terrible. You can also play two to four players with a friend or sibling. That is extremely fun. Another good thing is that you can play with your friend or sibling and also have AI characters in the battle on teams! Up to seven AI characters can be in a multiplayer game by yourself, and six to four AI characters depending on the number of friends or siblings playing.

Final Rating
Gameplay - 4/5
Graphics - 3/5
Sound - 4/5
Longevity - 2/5
Appropriateness - 2-5
Weapons 4/5
Multiplayer 4/5
I recommend this game to teenagers and adults. It is fun while it last, despite the bad reviews it has been given by other sites.

* = Taken from official site.

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