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Tips to Pass CompTIA Security+ Certification & SY0-501 Exam


With massive data growth in every organization, the need for security is increasing every single day. Most companies face such security threats as data breaches and hacks that’s why the demand for qualified professionals that possess skills to protect company’s data has increased. Employers are ready to pay them high salaries, that’s why such professionals should be certified. If you wish to make a career in such a demanding and constantly developing field as security, having a certification is a real necessity for you. Among the certifications available here, the best way is to start with CompTIA Security+ credential, as it doesn’t require prerequisites. Being a vendor-neutral, it is one of the most demanding IT certifications in the field of security that after its completion grants you a number of benefits.

In this article, you’ll get to know the tips on how to gain this certification. So, to start with, you need to pass one exam, known as CompTIA Security certification exam or simply CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test Questions.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Overview:

The CompTIA Security+ test (SY0-501) is an online test that includes about 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions. You are given 90 minutes to answer all the questions and your task is to score 750 on the scale of 100-900 in order to become a CompTIA Security+ certified professional. The price for taking this test is 339 USD.

There are no prerequisites to take the CompTIA Security+ exam. And the skills you should master in include access management, cryptography, architecture and design, disaster management and risk management among many. Only being confident in your knowledge and being armed with hands-on skills you are able to pass the exam successfully.

Sometimes, the hardest part of studying is simply starting. This is because we often don’t know where to begin with, so we keep putting it off until the last minute. When there’s no other option, we start cramming—often with cataclysmic results. If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. The CompTIA exams have a reputation of being difficult, but it’s not impossible to pass. We’re taking a look at some tips and tricks to help you ace SY0-501 certification exam.

1. Create a Study Plan

After getting a good grasp of the test objectives, creating a study plan is essential for time management. Remember to allocate more time for difficult topics. Additionally, leave time for taking practice exams and revising problem areas. Most of all, stick to the schedule—there’s no benefit in cramming!

2. Recall Objectives of SY0-501 exam

This is plain and simple but too often overlooked. Take some time to read through the Security+ test objectives you can find on the CompTIA website (this goes for related qualifications as well). Reading through the objectives will leave you with a good understanding of the required objectives and steps needed to pass the test.

Not only will you develop a thorough understanding of what can be found on the test, but you’ll also have a handy roadmap to keep track of your progress throughout the exam. Knowing how far you are and how much is left is imperative since the exam is time-oriented.

3. Practice, and Practice a Lot

Practice exams and questions are extremely useful when testing your own skills and readiness for the exam. Additionally, you can focus your time and attention on areas that you have issues with. When reviewing your answers after SY0-501 test, you can figure out your problem areas and put some extra effort into them.

In addition, practice gives you confidence. There’s nothing like acing 10 practice exams in a row when preparing for your CompTIA exam. You may be spending a lot of money on this certification, so knowing that you’re truly ready is vital. Once you’re able to nail these tests, you can sit your exam with assurance that you have the ability to pass.

4. Braindumps

Using quality material to study, like official CompTIA textbooks and resources from certified industry professional is non-negotiable. Sometimes, real exam-takers post exam questions after taking a test, such files are known as braindumps. Still, these files should be approached with caution, since they usually include the answers as well, you must keep in mind that there is no control over these questions and the source could be unreliable. Moreover, simply learning the answers to an exam won’t bring you very far because you won’t understand how to apply the concepts in a work environment. To be sure that you use the actual braindumps, find reliable platforms on the internet, such as PrepAway, Exam-Labs, ExamCollection among many. These websites offer the most updated files checked by IT experts. What you need to know is to use these braindumps for your revision, as they are the best option to systematize your knowledge.

5. Choose your preparation method

The learning process of each individual is different. Developing an understanding of the best practices to help you retain information is one of the best things you can do for yourself—it could save a lot of time and help you get rid of unwanted frustration. Choose a perfect method that suits you most, for example, start making short notes, learn with flashcards, keep thing written, use diagrams and try to use maximum time. Eg. while traveling in a bus or when you are stuck in traffic, you can start reading your notes which will surely help you to get better score.

6. Join Online Community

To succeed in any test or exam a person must find as much prep material as possible. For that, you can search the internet to find variable resources, from books to large online platforms. What will help you more is the communication with individuals that are sitting for or already passed SY0-501 exam. Ask them questions, discuss your stumbling blocks and you’ll find the solution and enhance your preparation with additional valuable tips and tricks.

7. Tip to Tackle Multiple-Choice Question

Keep cool and think logically. Even when faced with those “all of the above” options, there are ways to allow yourself a fair chance. Firstly, eliminate any and all answers that are clearly wrong. This may leave you with a single answer or 50/50 odds (which are considerably better than flailing around in panic).

Then identify a keyword in the question and try to recall the relevant information. Capitalized words are uppercase for a reason. This may seem redundant but can be extremely effective—simply think of ways the retained information relates to the word.

8. If it’s too Hard, Skip it

If you find yourself spending too much time on a question and getting frustrated by the lack of solution, move on and come back to it later. This could save precious time and your subconscious will keep working on the problem while you’re away (or you may find the answer in one of the later questions).Keep in mind that CompTIA sometimes places beta questions in papers. If a question is completely out of left field, leave it for now and come back if you have time left. While these questions aren’t graded, it’s difficult to identify them so it’s best to write something down.

Even if you have no idea which of 4 answers are correct, you have a 25% chance if you choose one. If you leave it blank, there’s a 0% chance. Therefore, coming back to those difficult questions you skipped is imperative. And, remember to use the multiple-choice tricks to eliminate incorrect options before taking a random guess.

9. Stay Calm on Exam Day

Be rested, be hydrated, and be confident in your abilities. A large part of CompTIA tests is failed due to panic—not lack of knowledge. So, take a deep breath if necessary and leave the tough questions for last. This is necessary for a candidate to stay calm and more active on exam day. To stay calm, you should try Yoga or morning walk, as they keep you closer to the nature and give you positive vibes which boosts your mental power and help you to stay calm.

10. Stay Positive & Motivated

Yet another really important point is to stay positive about the exam, about the job and a better career ahead. People fall down after few tries. If you are really serious about your career, then always stay motivated and never feel negative about your failures. Keep learning and keep fighting, and this amazing spirit will one day bring you the real joy of success. Remember that there’s always a position that you can apply for after completing SY0-501 exam. The jobs that you can choose vary from systems administrator, security engineer to penetration tester. Show you dedicated nature, believe in yourself and success attend you!


So, we hope that the information we’ve gathered here in this article is important for you. Now, you know the SY0-501 exam details and what is waiting for you at the certification exam, as well as you find out why Security+ credential is valuable and sought-after in the modern world. You are equipped with the tricks that will help you stay active, ambitious and motivated before taking SY0-501 exam. Use the tips provided to pass this test, make the plan, and start riding Security+. After its completion, enjoy the benefits, that the certification offers you, just boost your career of a valuable professional in the IT security.







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