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I'm Your Bride - Donna Allen

Thank you Jones & O'Malley for sending us this CD to review!

Donna Allen has been making R&B music since the eighties and released a couple of CDs, "Perfect Timing" in 1986 and "Heaven on Earth" in 1988.  She released some singles in the '90s and her song "He is the Joy" appeared on the Precious soundtrack.  In 2010 she released the single "He's Got the Power" which is the final track in her latest CD: I'm Your Bride.

Those who watch the show, The Voice, may have seen her singing "You Are So Beautiful" and blowing away Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera.  

After seeing her performance, there's no denying that she has a powerful and great voice.  It's even more inspiring that she uses it to glorify God in her latest album.

There are ten songs with a variety of styles from R&B to dance, rock and some gospel/soul tracks.  I'm not a fan of the bride theme of the CD cover or the title song, but the CD itself is pretty solid.  The messages are spiritual and uplifting and many of them have catchy tunes. Though I haven't managed to sing to any of them or get any of the songs in my head.  My favorite song from the CD is Get Yo Bless'in which is very upbeat and talks about God's grace.  I think that song would be a good one to listen to while cleaning the house.  

The least inspiring song is Music is My Religion and I think the title pretty much says it all.  Music can definitely make us dance and sing and it can bring us closer or further away from God depending on what we're listening to. Thankfully most of the tracks on this CD are inspiring and God honoring.   If you like Christian gospel music, I'm You're Bride is worth checking out.

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