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Heaven Is for Animals Too: Hope and Comfort for Believers and Skeptics

Thank you Bohlsen Group for sending us this book to review!

When Melinda Cerisano, the author of Heaven Is For Animal Too, was ten years old she asked a Methodist minister if animals go to heaven.  He told her that they did not since they lacked souls and were not made in the likeness of God.  As a certified animal trainer, behaviorist, and accomplished equestrian, she was not satisfied with that answer and  set out on a seven year journey to prove that animals do indeed go to heaven when they die.

This 257 page book began as eight verses in the Bible that comforted Melinda and several of her friends when they suffered the loss of their pets.  After seeing how these verses (Gen 1:30, Hos 2:18-19, Pro 12:!0, Ecc 3:21, Joel 1:18,20, 2:22, Rom 8:20-21) affected her friends and even brought some of them closer to God, she embarked on her journey to write a book. While she doesn't claim to be a theologian, she does cite and reference various Bible translations, texts, and scrolls in their original language.  

The Bible translations used include the New King James Version, the Darby New Translation, the New Living Translation, the New International Version, the New American Standard Bible,  and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The Interlinear Bible is used for translating between Greek, Hebrew, and English.

I found it fascinating that most of the modern day translations replace the word "soul" for "creature" instead.  With the word soul in place, verses like Genesis 1:29-30 give animals more hope of joining us in heaven one day.  There is an entire chapter dedicated to explaining the word for word translation and its significance.  

In the chapter discussing the True Meaning of Dominion, Melinda interviewed a man with a PhD in Hebrew who shed some light on Judaism's take on Genesis 3:21.  This PhD suggested that instead of making skin garments for Adam and Eve, he clothed them with skins/ bodies that will now age and deteriorate over time.  It's certainly an interesting theory.  Animal sacrifices were required as a result regardless until Jesus became The Last Sacrificial Lamb which is the name of another chapter in this book. 

I have no doubt that God loves and cares for all of His creation as it is demonstrated in verses like Matt: 10:29 and saving animals along with humans in Noah's ark. However, I have no problems eating meat as many people in Bible times have done so.  Jesus fed his thousands of followers fish and bread in Luke 9:16.    Some of his followers were fishermen as stated in Mark 1:16.  While some of the hunters in the past (Nimrod and Ishmael) were not the best people, that certainly doesn't speak for the majority of them.  The author makes it clear that she's a vegetarian and approves of the Daniel diet (Dan 1:12) over most everyone else's.  

Despite some opinions that I don't agree with,  Heaven Is For Animals Too was an interesting read that was fairly easy to follow along with.  The paperback edition sells for less than $18 and the kindle edition is $9.99 on Amazon.  This would be a comforting book for anyone who lost a pet that was dear to them.  You might not want to give it to hunters though.

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