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Thank you for sending us review samples of the Sonic The Hedgehog Christmas Sweater and Star Wars ornaments!

Christmas shopping season is almost upon us! Chances are that you have at least one geek in your family that you need to buy some presents for. If you live in the UK, has free delivery. If you live elsewhere, they do ship worldwide. The US priced version is and offers free shipping on orders over $100.

Ugly Sweaters are pretty popular and to be honest, I find the selection offered on this site more attractive than ugly. You can find officially licensed Pokemon, Nintendo, Marvel, Star Wars, and many other movie franchise themed sweaters available for $29 - $45. If you buy one sweater, you can get the second for half price!

The Sonic The Hedgehog Christmas sweater is very high quality and comfortable to wear. It’s not itchy and is very warm. I like how it says “Merry Christmas” on it instead of “Happy Holidays.” I hope to wear this for many years to come!

The Star Wars ornaments are $15 for 3 TIE fighter and 3 X-Wings. The packaging is really durable and nice though the ornaments feel rather cheap and fragile in contrast. They are only silver in color as they are made out of plastic and have a chrome-like finish on them. I won’t deny that these ornaments look cool and they are bound to please any Star Wars fan. They just don’t seem very durable and would not likely survive any mishaps. If you prefer (fake) gold coloring, there’s a similarly priced set available in that finish as well.

Along with sweaters and ornaments, has keychains, mugs, t-shirts, rubber ducks, action figures, coasters, hats, magnets, pins, bottle openers, and more. Be sure to check out the latest offers and 3 for 10 or 3 for 20 deals too. The only thing I couldn’t find are gift cards. Fortunately, returns and exchanges are hassle free if any issues arise.

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