Thank you Cartoon Network for sending us this DVD!

The Finn the Human DVD has sixteen episodes from various seasons and will entertain people of all ages for 176 minutes.  Here's a breakdown of the episodes:

1. The New Frontier - Finn dreams of Jake's demise; can he save him from his fate?

2. The Lich - The world is in danger and it's up to Finn and Jake to save it.

3. Finn the Human - The sequel for The Lich; Finn gets a wish granted by Prismo.

4. Jake The Dog - The conclusion of The Lich; can Jake's wish save Finn and the World?

5. We Fixed a Truck - With the help of Banana Man, Finn, Jake, and BMO repair and enjoy a broken down truck.

6. Blade of Grass - Finn replaces his broken sword with a cursed grass sword, but is it worth it?

7. The Red Throne - Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun reclaim the Fire Kingdom.

8. The Great Bird Man - Finn and Jake reunite with the former Goblin King.

9. One Last Job - Jake gets back together with his former thief gang for one more heist.

10. Little Dude - Finn's hat is brought to life and causes a lot of trouble.

11. City of Thieves - In an attempt to help a girl retrieve her stolen basket Finn and Jake enter the City of Thieves.  Can they stay virtuous or will they get corrupted?

12. Conquest of Cuteness - Finn and Jake must defend their home from Cuties.

13. Who Would Win - Finn and Jake vow to defeat the Farm; can they train hard enough to do it?

14. Ignition Point - Finn and Jake discover that the Flame King is in danger and try to save him.

15. Furniture & Meat - Finn and Jake decide to spend all of their loot and pay people to do random things for gold.  Hilarity ensues.  

16. Sad Face - Jake's tail has a mind of its own and works at a circus while Jake sleeps.

Even though a majority of these episodes are from season five, there are some from three, four, and six as well.  Since we own seasons three and four, I was glad that the conclusion to season four's cliffhanger The Lich was included in this collection.  The same juvenile potty humor prevails like in other episodes, and there's no shortage of fart jokes. Our whole family enjoys this show and it's good to see that it's still funny and going strong in season five and beyond.  I look forward to watching upcoming DVD/Blu-ray releases.

This DVD sells for $21 and includes a vinyl draw string backpack. The backpack is nothing special, but my son likes it. 


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