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8 Interesting Uses for Drones in Society

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If you think that drones are just a quick fad or gimmick that makes a fun Christmas present, you're very much mistaken. They've actually got tons of uses in big industry that you might not be aware of. The drone industry has exploded in recent years, with growth in many different areas. There are industrial drones, public service drones, commercial drones and much more.

We're going to look at eight different drones you might not be aware of. Each of these could have a big impact on a number of different industries.

  1. Ambulance drones

These have been trialed in The Netherlands recently. While they can't offer emergency care on the level of a trained professional, they can help professionals carry out their duties. They can also deliver supplies and equipment much more quickly than an ambulance that has to beat traffic. As well as that, they can relay real-time video back to someone in an emergency call center, who can provide expert advice to the public before a real medical professional arrives.

  1. Security drones

Allowing the police and other security professionals the ability to get an aerial view is a huge benefit to them. While surveillance planes and helicopters have been around for a while, they are expensive and are therefore out of reach for smaller police forces or security companies. With the right surveillance drones, your neighborhood can be made much safer. has more on home surveillance drones.

  1. Delivery drones

You might have seen the trials Amazon has been running for these recently. But they aren't just for books, you might soon start seeing pizza delivery drones. You can get the items you want quicker and cheaper than when using traditional delivery drivers.

  1. Internet drones

If you live in a remote area that's hard to reach, you might have had to rely on satellite Internet. Companies like Google have started looking into hovercraft-style drones that sit in the sky above areas which have previously found Internet access difficult. They act as Wifi beacons that send the signal down and allow people in remote areas the chance to get online. This type of drone could be helpful to you if that's been an issue in the past.

  1. Window-cleaning drones

Getting up high-rise buildings to clean the windows has often been an unsafe, difficult and time-consuming job. With the right drone, window cleaning companies can now take a controlling role rather than actually getting up a ladder or pulley.

  1. Traffic analysis drones

Again, this is something planes and helicopters have done for a while. But again, these solutions are very expensive. Now you can get more up-to-date information in smaller areas, and at a fraction of the cost, with the right drone.

  1. Farming drones

Drones are starting to change the way farms work. They've made it much easier to spread pesticides and water crops, and much less labor-intensive.

More and more industries are starting to see the benefits drones can bring. If yours hasn't yet maybe it will soon.

  1. Drone gaming

Drones have also had quite a big impact on the gaming industry. Not only are there real-life drone competitions, there are also more and more games that incorporate drone use as part of their gameplay. Whether you want to fly your own drone or enter a virtual drone environment against others, drones look to have lots of new gaming applications over the next few years.

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