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6 Best Tinder Alternatives


Lack of time, a constraint on personal acquaintance, the desire to find love with the same interests are just some of the reasons why modern people resort to online dating applications. However, how to find a simple and secure mobile application with informative questionnaires and real photos? We offer the best Tinder alternatives that will help you to find true love.

  1. Badoo

Badoo has a huge user base. You can find people who are nearby or with whom you have crossed paths before. By the way, to see the profiles you are interested in, you don’t have to open them. You can make gifts, communicate in a chat (by reciprocity), and look for the "lookalikes." This is a secure application that works correctly and safely.


- encrypted data transfer;

- verification of photos;

- informative user profiles and advanced interaction with the questionnaires;

- search for "Lookalikes;"

- attractive design;

- integration with social networks.


- a small number of search filters (3 out of 10 main ones: by gender, age, and network status);

- notifications with useless information;

- high subscription cost.

  1. Mamba

In this application, there is a well-developed system of filters and very informative questionnaires. A profile you like can be added to favorites. Also, there is a verification of photos. However, to use all the features of the application and disable the limit of likes, you need to purchase a paid subscription. Moreover, this application does not have integration with third-party services.


- informative profile card and advanced profile management;

- verification of photos;

- a large number of search filters (8 out of 10 main ones: there is even a filter by the presence of bad habits, level of education, and language skills);

- ease of use;

- encrypted data transfer.


- limit likes per day;

- paid common chat;

- the absence of the “Help” section.

  1. Mylove

Here you can search for users from different countries, filtering profiles by gender, age, region, network status, and dating goals. You can start a chat with any user and, if you wish, add him to your favorites. In addition, profiles can be viewed on a map of the city. Also, Mylove transmits personal data in an unencrypted form.


- informative user profiles;

- verification of photos;

- the ability to cancel the last action;

- statistics and rating of profiles;


- lack of encryption of personal data;

- demonstration on the map the exact location of users.

  1. Wannameet

Here you can find people nearby. The application has a well-developed system of filters (there are even bad habits and the presence of children) and advanced statistics with information on the rating of the questionnaire, the number of visits and likes. Text chat opens only by mutual sympathy. The application is easy to use. However, it does not control the visibility of the questionnaire and sends useless notifications.


- A large number of search filters (6 out of 10 main ones);

- encrypted data transfer;

- advanced statistics;

- informative user profiles;

- ease of use.


- lack of verification of photos;

- lack of questionnaire visibility control.

  1. Flirt Chat JAUMO

In this application, there are also many filters for user profiles (there is even a filter by appearance). Moreover, questionnaires can be viewed without any registration. Also, it is possible to chat with any user. There is integration with social networks and a map with the approximate location of users. However, the application does not have a computer version.


- a large number of search filters (7 out of 10 main ones);

- encrypted data transfer;

- integration with social networks;

- the ability to assess the database of profiles without registration.


- lack of verification of photos;

- extra advertising.

  1. Loveplanet

The application allows you to communicate in anonymous chat rooms, search for users nearby, and give users not just gifts but service opportunities (for example, Premium). However, to use all the functionality, you need to purchase a paid subscription. Also, there is no verification of the photos. But the application is safe and works correctly. Moreover, there are a lot of very beautiful women for marriage, so you will definitely find a loved one.


- informative user profiles;

- encrypted data transfer;

- anonymous chat;

- advanced statistics.


- lack of verification of photos;

- the high cost of a paid subscription.

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