System Requirements:
CPU: 3.2GHz or 2.66 multi-core
Video: Nvidia 6800/ATI 1650 256MB with DX 9 pixel shader 3 support
HDD: 12GB of disk space
Sound: DX 9 compliant
OS: Windows XP/Vista

ESRB rated M for blood, drug reference, intense violence, sexual themes, and strong language

FarCry was such a success that it had two sequels in the works. Many gamers are familiar with Crysis which uses the Crytek engine. FarCry 2 uses a brand new engine called Dunia. FarCry 2 is such a completely different game that it’s more of an original game than a sequel. There is nothing to be gained by playing FarCry beforehand. The game take place in Africa. You play as a mercenary, hired (or, "who has been hired) to take out an arms dealer that has been supplying weapons to the feuding factions, promoting war and bloodshed between them. You know the trip is off to a bad start when you contract malaria on your first day in Africa. Then a war breaks out in the town you’re in. As you\'re laying in bed, dying, you\'re visited by your target (The Jackal), who leaves you alone, figuring you\'re good as dead.

Later, you\'re rescued by a member of the UFLL (United Front for Liberation and Labor) faction. To repay him, he asks you to do a couple of missions. The payment is in diamonds, the only valuable currency in Africa. After completing his missions, you’re free to do missions for gun dealers, buddies, or strangers who contact you from cell phone towers. The main storyline progresses as you complete missions for the UFLL and APR (Alliance for Popular Resistance) factions. To keep your malaria under control you’ll have to deliver passports for the underground in exchange for medicine.

Doing missions for gun dealers will get you access to better weapons. These missions usually consist of destroying the convoy truck for a rival dealer. It\'s better to buy weapons, instead of picking them up off the ground; older guns will jam up on you and eventually break. Older guns will jam up on you and will eventually break. FarCry 2 has lots of weapons and toys to play with, with a ton of weapons, including machine guns, pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, grenades and explosives. For those who like to find rare items, there are a few golden AK47’s to be found; I’m not sure if they jam up less or not. There are also 213 briefcases with diamonds inside, scattered across the 20 square miles of terrain that you can explore.

Since the game world is so huge, you’ll be driving instead of walking everywhere. Cars are pretty accessible and somehow they just all start up when you get in them, no car keys to find or anything! The nicer cars in the game happen to be Jeeps, too. If you’re too rough on the car, or if it gets shot at, chances are you’ll have to repair your car by lifting the hood and by tightening a nut on the radiator (who needs a mechanic?!). Boats are available and repair the same way too. At one point, I found a hang glider, and used that to bring back memories of the original FarCry.

As you’re exploring this wild country you’ll be attacked by EVERYONE. The missions you do for the factions are all under the table and you’re on your own. You will be attacked at check points, post offices, villages, and by anybody passing by you on the road. To be honest, it gets a bit tiresome. You can heal yourself by pulling out some bullets or injecting yourself with some sort of miracle drug. There are a handful of friends who will help and may even rescue you if you are downed in combat. You can lose your friends, and once they are gone they will NOT come back. Friends can offer you side missions like killing a car dealer that sold them a crappy car, or blowing up something to save innocent civilians. They also offer some alternative ways of completing storyline missions. It’s always worth giving their idea a listen; you can choose to do things their way or your way. If you do things their way your history with them will increase thus making them like you more. As you progress in the main story, you\'ll have to make some tough decisions and even decide on which friends get to live or die.

The story line missions are typically tit for tat battles to hurt the opposing faction. Many of the missions are assassination missions, based around control or greed. You will even be betrayed for power or greediness. Some of the missions you do affect innocents by destroying their water supply or medicine producing facilities. Although you won\'t the the direct results of you actions, your overall goal is to end this war at all costs. As you complete missions, you gain reputation points. The more of a reputation you have the more fear you will drive into your opponents.

Since you’re a mercenary, there’s no avoiding death and killing. When you shoot soldiers, you will see blood. You’ll hear them talking about you and cursing you when you’re nearby. Every swearword imaginable is used. There’s a lot of underground activity, such at drug trafficking and prostitution. When it comes to healing yourself or a buddy, you often see an injection in the neck or arm. You\'ll even see yourself removing bullets with pliers. It gets pretty graphic.

There\'s a lot to be seen, and the detail in the game is amazing. The environment is very realistic looking and is very believable. The vegetation, animal and human movements are superb. Things can, and do, catch on fire, and when they do, the fire will spread it’s actually kind of fun to watch things burn or explode. The people are very life-like, with a lot of different character models; sometimes, however, you\'ll see identical models shooting at you at the same time. The physics in FarCry 2 are great, too, with explosions and movement both looking very natural.

The sound effects are also very good. Different model cars have their unique sounds, and the weapons sound realistic. The voice acting is great and everything sounds believable. The background music changes based on the circumstances; you can tell by the music when you\'re in hot water.

This game is incredibly tough when you’re in a village or town and out numbered 20+ to 1. There are cheat codes available to disable your guns from jamming up and of course, the token god mode. When you\'re done with the single player campaign, there\'s multiplayer to try as well. With the amount of replay that this game has to offer, you\'ll definitely get your money\'s worth.

Many of the typical shooter multiplayer game modes can be found, such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Diamond (flag). One of the newer game modes is called "Uprising"; in this game type, you have to capture strategic points on the map and have the captain (of the team? of what?) occupy them for 20 seconds each. Once all the control points are captured, the opposing the opposing captain has to be eliminated to win the match. If time runs out, the team with the most control points will win.

There are a lot of people playing this game online, so finding an active server is pretty easy to do. When it comes to joining an online server, there are ranked and player match servers. Player matches allow for custom maps and the ability to customize the game. Ranked games keep track of player stats and only allow the original maps to be played. There are several character classes in multiplayer mode; each has specific weapons they can use.

  • Commando: A well rounded class specializing in assault and tactical maneuvers. Armed with assault rifles, a grenade launcher, Molotov cocktails, a silent MP5 and a .45 star combat pistol.
  • Sharpshooter: These are geared more for long range attacks. Uses sniper rifles, pistols and grenades.
  • Guerilla: Close combat and ambush specialist. Equipped with shotguns, a Mac-10 submachine gun, IEDs, and Molotov cocktails.
  • Rebel: Uses explosives for intimidation and suppression. Armed with flame throwers, grenades, rocket launchers and Uzi’s.
  • Gunner: Heavy weapons specialist that uses machine guns, rocket launchers, SAW heavy machine gun, and Molotov cocktails.
  • Saboteur: Equipped for stealth operations, uses poison darts.

My only disappointment with the multiplayer mode is the lack of a dedicated software package, making it more difficult for people to host a game remotely. I have no complaints with the single player mode. The Role Playing elements and the massive terrain to explore make this a worthy title to pick up for any FPS gamer. I agree with the ESRB rating. FarCry 2 is very violent, and should only be played by mature gamers.

Game Play: 18/20
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 9/10
Controls/Interface: 5/5
Stability: 5/5
Appropriateness: 34/50
-5 for killing in cold blood
-2.5 for blood spraying
-5 for swearing
-3.5 for sexual references (prostitution)

Overall: 81%

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