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What It Means To Be A Christian Gamer

Christians, the first things that come to our minds are people devoted to and believers of God.

On the other hand, a gamer is someone who spends a significant amount of time playing video games. If someone is a Christian gamer, it must mean that they are believers while playing games from time to time.

Now, depending on one's devotedness to the Lord, people often view Christian gamers as hypocrites. Video games have some content that is not really in line with the Christian belief, bluntly, evil, such as profanity, extreme violence, etc., which pulls them farther away from God. 

This is true, but not 100% true. After all, God did not say not to play games. Howbeit, there are countless principles and words of wisdom that God imparted to us humans to guide us to the right paths — including distancing ourselves from evil games.

So, what does it exactly mean to be a Christian gamer? 

What It Means To Be A Christian Gamer

A Christian Gamer Knows What Games They Should And Should Not Play

You can't call someone who plays evil video games "Christian". A true Christian honors God.

So, if you call a person a "Christian gamer", they are in control of their overall standing in life. A gamer doesn't necessarily need to play popular games to be called a "gamer" — they can be anyone who plays any kind of game.

Christian gamers only play safe and evil-free games. There are plenty of Bible verses that tell every believer to stay away and resist evil. 

This is why true Christian gamers only play games with a good moral compass.

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A Christian Gamer Maintains A Good Relationship With God

Oftentimes, gamers can be easily tempted to play trending games that may be potentially not good which can ruin their lives as Christians. A dedicated Christian gamer keeps in contact with God by constantly praying and reading the Bible. 

They ask for patience, peace, protection, and constant guidance — this way, they are guided and will never be swayed no matter what temptations come their way.

A Christian Gamer Prioritizes God Over Anything

Games can get engaging, enjoyable, and addicting if not regulated. Even if the games have good content, if they end up only getting addicted to it, it's still meaningless.

This is why a Christian gamer always prioritizes God over their games or anything. Because of this practice, they will always be reminded of what's important in life. 

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A Christian Gamer Is Responsible And God-fearing

Playing video games without limits is an indication of irresponsibility. A true Christian gamer sets boundaries and is responsible for whatever they do. Even though they play, they must still dedicate their time to God. 

Avoiding evil and popular games is God-fearing. They don't want to be covered in darkness with measly video games and get exposed to ungodliness because they think of themselves as someone striving to be holy, as God is.

This is a good reminder for Christian gamers that games can be a way for the devil to reach the minds and hearts of humans to corrupt them.

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A Christian Gamer Stays Humble With God-given Wisdom

Some people continue to play negatively influential games, saying that it won't affect them and it's just a game. However, this is not true. This is just them being prideful and overly confident in themselves that nothing will get through them just because they say so.

A Christian gamer stays humble and always abides by the wisdom of God. They know that these games will influence and brainwash the hearts and minds of the people. 

In the book of Proverbs chapter 6 verse 27, it says, "Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes not be burned?" Evil will always cause us to stumble and stray further away from God. Evil must be resisted and avoided at all costs, no matter what form it may be in.

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What It Means To Be A Christian Gamer


Christian gamers must always live with God's guidance and discernment to keep themselves in check, even when playing games. This way, they will not lose track and forget the meaning of life, which is to live according to God's will.

What It Means To Be A Christian Gamer

They use the Bible as their compass to stay close to the Lord, even if they are gamers.

They always remember that they cannot serve two masters at the same time and know very well that God is their inspiration and motivation, not the games they play.


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